Thursday, April 8, 2010

Compost This

                                                           My Compost Buddy!

Been Waiting a long time for this!
The CHALLENGE: Keeping these two out of trouble.................a FULL time job!

Back in the saddle once again! After taking nearly two weeks to recover from our travels, I'm back to updating the blog. Thanks everyone for the messages and reminders that I hadn't posted in a while. You'll are awesome! Things have been busy here on the Rafter Lazy H.....spring does that. Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done in.

One of the intentions I've had on my list for a long time is to buy and actually use a composter. I do have a compost pile behind the barn, which is really a shorter way of saying "Robyn's dumping ground for things that didn't get used in the fridge in time". Its a fine pile that the dogs and a few brave coyotes LOVE to forage through. The wind speads the seeds and occassionally I will get a renegade squash decides to grow.

I'd been looking at several options for composting. Specifically I wanted one with a lid and one that was small enough to go on my deck. I knew that it would have to be handy, otherwise I would not use it. Our garden is close to the house but time is precious folks and if I get behind, its just way to easy to put scraps in the trash can rather than a compost bucket that takes up space on my counter (and we all know how I feel about having cleared, free counter space! see previous flung shui post if you're new to this blog or if you need a refrehser!)

In my search for chicken and goat supplies I came across a compost jr. This is just what I was searching for and cheaper than most of the others that I'd seen on the interet. Tractor Supply $119.00. The best part is that I can dump my days scraps, walking out only a few steps from the kitchen. When its full, I can roll it right through the living room, out the front door, down the steps and straight to the garden. Cool!

The best part is that the kids are involved. I have a list of compost items that go in, though they are really good about asking first. I also purchased a mini-paper shredder (for a paper making project/future post) that helps to recycle homework papers and credit card offers. In addition, we are composting cardboard, toilet paper tubes, tissues (thank you pollen!) coffee grounds, veggie peelings, tea leaves and egg shells. Some of our cooked food scraps go to our outside dogs and cats, though the idea is to use up our leftovers. I want less waste and less processed foods. I only work outside of our home on occassion so I have no excuse for convenience foods. Its not like I don't know how to cook, my challenge is planning ahead.

Within a month or so, we should have wonderful compost to bring to our garden in about 4 weeks. I'll share the experince, including any mistakes along the way. It can't be that hard to make dirt, can it?
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