Sunday, April 11, 2010

This isn't the half of it!

I don't know that I've ever been as relieved for nightfall as I was tonight. I spent the entire day sifting through and sorting out 16 yrs woth of collections, clothing, toys, and various other items, way, way, way too numerous to mention!

The big blue box car in front of my house is now much emptier thanks to the effort. I dare say I thought about torching it more than once. I am overwhelmed with all that we've saved over the years. There were good intentions as I figured someday I'd have a use for all these things but the day has yet to arrive!

I've held on to a lot simply because I'm sentimental. I know I'll never wear my high school rodeo jacket that says, "Robyn--Goat Tying" but heck, I still think it's a cool item. I also won't part with the Great Grandmotherd old hats and purse. I never met the woman but from what I can see, she had excellent taste!
And then there's the baby stuff: Dear God, what memories. I feel like I'm throwing my babies out with just the thought of pitching the wee little cowboy boots or the darling pink poodle coat. I just want to put the kids in those items one more time and then squeeze the daylights out of them! I actually tried today and I can also report, I've reaffirmed that their questioning of my sanity. Those tears falling down my cheeks were not just a result of allergies, I miss those precious baby years. I don't miss loosing sleep!

I wish I could report that I am nearing the end but I'm not even close. My plan tomorrow is to attach the myriad of totes and go through each one. I am dreading the Christmas ones the most. Again, too much has accumulated and at the end of every season I just plunked it all back in. Yes. I am paying for my shopping sins......all month perhaps.

I will go through every room in the house by the time this is done. Life is to shoet to be cleaning around all this stuff all the time. My plan at the end includes very little. I want spaciousness and I will be living ONLY with what I love. The top level has been relatively easy to clean and organize after the last detox.
My wish is the same for the lowe level. I have visions of hanging out with the kids, crafting and creating with the girls, putting puzzles together on the table, entertaining friends on a Friday night, watching a movie and best of all sneaking downstairs to stretch out on the couch with a great book!

What aspirations, huh?! I am looking forward to being able to do this without having to navigate through trails of clutter! And who knows, if I get REALLY lucky, there just might be a little white jewel at the end!!! Its been hiding in a box for over a year......most people call it a toilet, I'll refer to it as a throne! Its installation will no longer require steps up the stairs through the house and back down the stairs again (shouldn't I be a smaller jeans size by now?) Enough distractions already, I've got to get this deal done!!!

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