Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally Here!

I'm very excited to post this picture, one that I've wanted to take for a very long time!

I've wanted chickens since we moved to our place 9 years ago. Due to mant factors, the time and space just was right for us to have poultry. This didn't stop me from ordering chicken magazines and books on the subject. Over a year ago I bought a book with coop plans! I knew the building aspect was beyond my talents but I happen to know a guy who is darn handy with a saw and excellent with measuring, numbers and calculations. The challenge is finding a time when he's not busy. His wife has him really busy most of the time!

I am delighted and thrilled after years of hoping and dreaming to FINALLY have chickens. And chickens mean eggs, my mouth is already watering! I find it amusing that I rolled out of bed @ 5 am to catch the Orscheln's sale......I did NOT do this for any Christmas sale!

I honestly think the cleaning and clearing efforts helped bring this goal closer. With less things to clean and take care of, with everything in its place, I'm able to maximize my time and spend more of it doing what I really love! I'm super excited to sit on my little garden bench, a glass of iced nettle tea in hand, watching my chickens peck and scratch!

In about 20 weeks this assortment of Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Americauna, and Cuco Marans will be giving us delicious, fresh eggs! If they all live, we'll have a lot to share!

We're about to head home and get these sweet chicks placed. More pictures soon!

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