Friday, April 16, 2010

This is me letting go....

12, Count 'em 12 bags of clothes, shoes and video tapes out the door today!

Only 6, yes 6 totes stand between me and freedome from clutter! The finish line is near and the toughest leg of the journey will be today. What stands before me? Memorabilia, collected since 8th grade. I'm not looking forward to it but I figure I can at least sort while sitting down. I covered a lot of ground yesterday, my feet still hurt.

Around the corner is the coveted basement bathroom. Chad will cut and glue tiles, I'll do the grouting. We'll pop the throne in and be one step closer to completion. Future projects include sink, cupboards, shelves, built in entertainment center and base trim. We'll work on those as time, energy and our budget allows. We are nearing the busy season though and soon, garden, goats and chickens will be the focus.

My final cleaning act is today. I'm going to steam the carpets. We only have three rooms upstairs left with carpet, so it shouldn't take long.

I've come to realize there is always going to be more to do. It is up to me to blow the time-out whistle and right now I'm just driven! This is due to where my ki energies are, working with themes organization and transformation. I've been waiting a long time to "feel" like doing this work. Even though I am physically exhausted, it feels really good to let go of so much clutter. I've had such a fill of it, I am also going to be ruthless in what comes in the door from now on!

Like all themes this one won't be around forever so I am aligning with it fully right now. And yes, it does appear to those around me that I am obsessed! That may not last long either.

Ok, time for me to wake up a little more! I'm hitting the shower and then on to the basement! Tally ho!

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