Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details

We've had a FUN, family weekend and tonight, I'm reflecting on the joy of being with my family---away from home, work, computer and phones (sort of!)

I love our home. Our home is also the busiest place to be sometimes. There is always much to do and I don't often take time to just sit and relax (though I'm workin on it!)

Our weekdays fo fast. Each night we cover as much ground as we can; chores, homework, baths, supper, clean-up, reading, laundry, and......more homework. We follow a strict schedule, so weekends are a refreshing and delightful break. We all need space when Friday rolls around.

So today's DYNAMIC detail is a hats off and high five to breaking our routine and having fun as a family!

*taking an overnight trip to play
*finding craft materials on sale
*my mom's visit
*having the energy to clean up from Friday
*having the energy to put everything away
*feeling the flow of cre8tive juices
*getting ready to SLEEP in my own comfy, cozy bed.....

Here's to the beginning of a DYNAMIC week!

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