Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Afternoon Snack and Another Gift Idea!

Last night I cooked up several acorn squash. I love these perfect little veggies, nothing hits the spot on a cold, windy night like the aroma of a baked gourd coming from the oven.

While scooping out the halves, II had the inspiration to save the seeds, which I usually don't do. I am often in a hurry and it's enough to just get the seeds out! I've never toasted acorn squash seeds but we do it with pumpkin so I figured....why not?

I swirled in a bit of olive oil, sprinkled on some cinnamon, nutmeg and coarse sea salt and then popped them in a 350 degree oven. In less than 25 minutes, I could not figure out what the strange popping noise was! (So I have very short term memory loss?!)

Chad is the one that made the discovery and pulled out the baking sheet. I would say 15-20 minutes were probably adequate. We had a good laugh though because it reminded us of popping corn and.....the seeds were delicious!

If you have squash or even pumpkins left, this may make a simply, tasty Christmas treat. Pair a treat bag of seeds with a favorite mug and cider mix or bake a pie and share the seeds in a decorated glass jar.

They make great little snacks. This bowl was filled to the rim and it doesn't look like it will last 24 hours. I guess that means, "it's a keeper"!

PS, I'm working on the cheese bread recipe...I know it's around here somewhere....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Farm Fresh!

I was so excited to see two dark brown eggs in the nest yesterday! It appears that at least one of the new girls has the egg laying bit figured out. She just started, hers are the gorgeous dark ones.

Camo, the sole survivor from this summer's debacle, has been laying steadily since she moved into her new "digs". She's giving us such fun; her wing was damaged so unlike the reds, she does not fly up to the nesting boxes. Instead she builds herself a warm little spot on the floor, under the boxes, to leave her daily treasure. Yesterday, Pake and I were giggling as we uncovered three that were hidden in the pine shavings. (It is still like an Easter egg hunt with her, and just as exciting, because I have no idea where she's hidden them!)

I must say, this is the boost that I needed. Egypt's milk output has severely diminished, which is probably normal, given the cold and dark conditions. I'll put it this way, I have enough for my cowgirl latte tomorrow and maybe a splash for my chai oatmeal!

We are down to the last three store bought eggs. This is nearing a major milestone, as I've been dreaming of farm fresh eggs for a LONG time! It has become an inspiration for a Barnyards and Backyards article. I'll share the link when it's posted.

Maybe it's time to start collecting egg recipes?!

The North Pole?

Sure feels like it! I was out earlier and did chores as fast as I could. We have an incredibly strong north wind today and man, is she vicious. This is a "screen door killer" for sure. Ours is already hashed and in need of replacement, so it doesn't bother me when it slams hard enough to knock the glass out! It's been re hinged three times already. It's got character now so we'll likely keep it on until spring!

We're settling into our routine after a fabulous time in Durango with family. Though I love Nebraska and always will, the mountains are calling to me, and I am having a hard, hard time staying put. I want so badly to load up and head west. I've always felt this way, but the older I get, the stronger that urge becomes! I LOVE waking up in the mountains, my outlooks shifts, my cares lighten, and I find myself better able to relax.. My ideal location is where I can ride my bike until it snows and then....skii. I'm not a fan of snow and cold, but if that is present, there just as well be a mountain in view!

I'm working on at least two hiking expeditions next summer and possibly a flight to the northwest so that helps. For now, I have plenty to keep me occupied. My month is already filling and I do need to focus. I'll spare you the details except to say that I'll likely be living out of my REI daypack for the next four weeks. I will be home most nights, tucked into the comfort of my warm, cozy bed, but the days will be full, full, full!

Tomorrow I'll post a recipe for the best darn cheese bread this side of the rockies! You're peeps are sure to love this! It goes great Husker Football and chilly (right Zeb, Nell, Jess and Jeni??!!) It's also fabulous for Christmas and New Year's gatherings.

If you have a recipe you'd like to share, consider posting it in the comment section below or send me an email!

Stay warm!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Angle!

Retro Christmas Decor

This holiday season is already looking and feeling different. Remember seeing all those images/posts of clutter moving out the door last spring?

It has paid off; We are down to only two totes of decorations (quite a feat since there were six before!) I've significantly downsized using the same strategies that I present in my "clear clutter" classes. The basic premise is as follows: live only with what you LOVE! I can sure tell a difference; we have quality over quantity in terms of holiday decor.

Something I discovered about myself is that I appreciate the well used and sentimental above the fresh, shimmery and new decor. While I think Grinch green and red are fabulously fun, they look better in a knitted scarf, than on my tree!

I've always had a soft spot for vintage Santas and Christmas decor. I'm known to scour antique stores, tag sales and auctions in search of all things cool and old! This tablecloth was a find at my favorite antique spot in Hill City, SD. I saw in during a July trip to the hills and knew it had a place in my home.

My favorite display this year is my champagne colored tinsel tree. Tucked underneath is an adorable little antique sled, a teddy bear made by my Grandma Ruth, a Snoopy-Jack-In-The-Box, and a tin top that were mine when was little, a wooden train that Chad when he was little and a train that we got for Pecos when he was a year old. (Notice no plastic items!) The display makes me smile every time I walk by.

Our family tree will be downstairs this year since our basement is nearly finished. We'll celebrate with a yummy supper and.....non-alcoholic wine, of coarse!

What's your favorite Christmas decoration/ display? What is the one item (s) that you love and display every year? Please share in the comment section below!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Made Your List Yet?

Apparently my children think they are on the "good" list this year?!? The night I taught the Happy Holidays  class, each child penciled in this year's desired items. Chad played "scribe" for the youngest, who's list coincidentally, is the longest. These items really tickled us and I wanted to share them my blog readers.

I warn you, there could be a chuckle or two arising from your within. Keep in mind, this is the actual, UN-EDITED list. Here' goes:

Parker's list: 1. skateboard 2. bottle of non-alchoholic wine (*insert my first laugh here) 3. arrows 4.backpack 5. french roast extra bold coffee (*insert a gasp and giggle here) 6. a knife 7. size 4 boots. the ones that goes up to your knee and black and square toe (Mom's interpretation......just like Wyatt Earp on Tombstone) 8. fake mustach 9. punching bag 10. Hank the Cowdog cd 11. ipod

DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?!?! non-alcoholic wine? coffee? fake mustache? (roaring now!) please note I thought the spelling was cute on his list so I didn't change it when I typed it here

Pake's was just as funny. Here's his:
1 Dove care men's body wash 2. 2 bottles non-alcoholic wine (must not be outdone by siblings!) 3. french vanilla roast coffee (I seriously don't know who had the idea and who borrowed it. Doesn't matter I guess......my boys drink coffee???) 4. more tech deck's with a big ramp like the barn you got us last Christmas (correction...that was Santa that got it.) 5. wii fit plus 6. Colorado Rockies baseball cap 7. Back To The Future I, II, and III (economizing the list, that's smart) 8. mp3 player


And last, but certainly not least, here's the youngest's list. Prepare yourself.....it's long
1. bull whip (what for?) 2. clothes (definitely not the kind Mom would pick out)  3. sleeping bag 4. dolly 5. cat 6. catfish 7. turkey 8. bling bling boots 9. fashion gloves with sparkles 10. rearing up black stallion 11. bling bling hair clips 12. non-alcoholic wine (her too????!!!!) 12. nail polish 13. lips (translation, lip gloss, I hope........) 14. monkey spray (what???) 15, books like Rudolph 16. Rudolph movie (no economizing here) 17. skate board kit (she doesn't have a skateboard!) 18. headgear and retainer for the dolly (huh?!? when did THAT become cool?) 19. stuffed animal Maxy (like on the Grinch movie) 20. Tinkerbell fairy dolls (too numerous to mention!)

Santa has is work cut out for him, wouldn't you say?

I'm still laughing about the non-alcoholic wine, fake mustache, Dove care men's body wash, and.......a turkey!

I'm off to make my list. It's pretty simple (relax!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Early Christmas Present

In addition to the wonderful gift, of the removal of the blue storage unit away from the picture window, my coop was finished last!!!!

This is a picture of the view directly as one enters the door; Chad built this cool shelf, enclosed the wall and added a door to get to the hens. This is like my "big girl playhouse"....I LOVE it! By Spring, I hope to have old metal garden chairs and a little table right near the pen. I can't think of a better way to relax with an ice cold glass of tea!

Already the chores are easy. Grain and hay for the goats is right inside. The hydrant is footsteps way. The coop has electricity and even an adorable little roost, (also added last night!)

We now have five hens with more on the way. I hope to be in the egg selling business soon, time will tell.

I'm happy to have a warm place for my hens, we didn't get this done any too early. Temps have been in the 20's, tonight it's a balmy 18 degrees. Yuck. I am not a fan of cold anywhere except inside of freezers. Outside feels just one. I hope the sun shines more soon.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Just In....

After a two year relationship with a big blue storage unit, I'm moving on. Good bye, "houser of my stuff". Thanks for keeping the mice out and for keeping supplies and tools dry. We'll both be happier with you new location, and I'll enjoy this lovely view of the canyon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Accessory Redux

Remember yesterday I mentioned that I love hats?! Little did I know I'd be sporting this purple, feathered beauty!
Do I look like I am ready to try out for a part in Burlesque?!

This lovely headdress (and fab photo!) come from dear friend and "Bunco Babe" Heather! We met up last night for our monthly dice throwing contest. I'm happy to report that I WON.....for the looser's category. I somehow managed to roll the "1, 2, 3" combination 16, count 'em, 16 times. In Bunko, this is NOT the goal because you loose ALL the points for that game. It doesn't matter if you have five, fifteen or fifty, if your dice show up with a 1, 2, 3....the points are gone and you start over. Yeah....I'm that GOOD.... or bad, depending on how you look at it!

The purple "showgirl hat" goes to the lucky gal who can roll all three dice with sixes on top. I did have the honor of donning it twice last night, both times fleeting! Peggy had the "fastest Bunko on the west" I think I sat at the head table for a grand total of five minutes. Good thing too, with Belle ringing the bell, I was nearly deaf! (She's got quite the arm on her! I have a feeling the neighbors all knew when the rounds ended!)

All in all it was GREAT fun and this bring me to my 3rd cre8tive gift suggestion.....forgo gift giving and opt for quality time spent with friends! What a better way to pass the time during deep autumn and winter evenings! Yes, we all lead busy lives. Yes, we always have all kinds of obligations, responsibilities and to-do's that go on for miles. It may not be easy, convenient or something you feel you can justify time doing and that is JUST THE REASON to take time out to be with friends! It is the people, the human connection, the laughter, the joy, the fun that feeds our inner fires and keeps us going. Without our favorite "peeps" where would we be?

Make a date to celebrate a winter festival with friends. Build a bonfire and sip cider outside under a quilt, watch a movie, whip up a new recipe, play games in front of the fire....the possibilities are endless. Focusing on the experience and time together is truly the greatest of gifts we can give and receive!

And if you're very lucky, maybe you too will end up with a lovely purple head-piece to parade around in?!?!

Hat's off to you Bunko Babes...thanks for the great time!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Accessories

Three of my favorite fashion accessories are 1) hats 2) scarves 3) purses.

My least favorite is a single black boot, the kind I am sporting on my left foot. I do not like. I do not like it one bit. I am ready to be done with it forever. It does not go with ANYTHING!

I am on my way to find out how much longer it has to be a part of wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Addition....

Here's another view if the T-bag. In addition, it could be used ffor a kid's book bag or overnight bag.

For a child's gift, fill a fun bag with favorite story books, coloring books, markers, colors or other age appropriate art supplies.

For an overnight bag, fill with a new pair of pajamas, cute slippers, and/or a stuffed animal.

If someone on your gift list has a green thumb, fill it with bulbs, seeds packets and/or garden tools.

Do something similar for your your favorite "foodie".....adding a flavorful recipe, spatulas, spoons, loaf of bread, kitchen towel and tea bags!

The ideas are limitless. For more information on "how to" you can request it at your local library or order through your favorite bookstore. There are many other fun ideas worth looking into.

Have fun!

Care To Join Us For A T-Bag?

Blue Sparkle happily agreed to be my model for today's blog post! She's a big fan of T-bags and can now spot a stray t-shirt miles away (atta girl!)

This idea came from a book titled "Simply Sublime Bags". It was my answer to recycling t-shirts and making something purposeful/useful and best of all I got to play with duct tape and staples! (Last year at this time I wasn't as comfortable with the machine in my craft room as what I am now!)

I've since made several bags in a wide array of colors and sizes. I recently converted a cute little 2T Halloween/bat shirt into a mini-sized trick or treat bag. The purple "Julius and Friends" t-shirt, shown here, is one of my favorites! I like the small size, though it's still roomy enough for a water bottle, snacks, notebook, books, scarf, etc. It also quickly converts to a lunch bag.

I have a larger size I use for grocery bags. It actually stores all of my "green bags". It's bright neon green and grabs my attention when I throw it in the front seat to remind myself to take it into the store. (Am I the only one that remembers that I brought bags when I'm ALREADY IN the store? Uggggg!)

Duct tape comes in all kinds of colors, including purplr plaid and tie-dye! The colored versions are a little higher price than the good 'ol original, but they provide fun bursts of color within the bag's lining. This bag spots a bright yellow interior, which I adore!

These bags can be whipped up in less in an hour. They make a great gift and even a fund-raiser or silent auction item. I made several of them with 2nd graders last year.

Small to medium sizes are the easiest to work with. If using large of extra large, make sure to have at least a couple of roles of tape on hand.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold Weather = Quilts!!!

One of the things I LOVE to do in the fall and winter is wrap myself in the luxurious comfort of a handmade quilt. There’s something deeply comforting when surrounding oneself within such an artistic creation. In the organization efforts of early spring, I realized just how much I love blankets, throws, quilts, etc because I found more than enough of them for myself, the members of my family and any friends who come to visit!, I’ve kept them all too. Nearly everything else went: plastic bottles and cups were recycled, the clothes sold or given away, the decorations donated but the blankets stayed……..you just never know when one will be needed for a road trip, or to throw on a lap while sitting by a campfire. Extras can always go in the horse trailer, the camper, tent or (and this is THE most important one) for building a forts in the living room!

I’ve been a long time fan of the handcrafted. When possible, I prefer to purchase such items as there is definitive vibration that goes missing when the item is mass produced. I am in awe of those who can sew and quilt. I am learning to sew on my grandmother's sewing machine but it is a slow process. Though it is fun, and I enjoy it, I am certainly not as "hooked" on it as I am knitting. I definitely admire those who can take a piece of fabric and turn it into something wearable, useable and beautiful. Quilting nearly blows my mind! I am always amazed at the final result. I've never quite figured out how seemingly contrasting pieces of material can come together and coordinate in such elegant masterpieces.

These quilts are the creations of Mitch Schulte, the brother of my dear friend Shelly. Yesterday, during our visit, Shelly brought this amazing Five Elements Quilts to show me and I knew that I wanted to share it here. It's safe to say that I'll likely NEVER make a quilt! I don't have the drive or the passion for it, though I LOVE that other people do! I don't know Mitch, but I am already a big fan of his talents! (He also created the Star Quilt picuted above!) If you are interested in having Mitch design/create a custom made quilt for you or for your holiday gift giving. Please send me an email. I’ll be happy to share Mitch’s contact information and how you can get in touch with him! What a great idea for a family heirloom, a gift that can be enjoyed for many generations!

In addition, if you have a talent that you'd like to share through this blog, send emails and pictures to cre8tivecowgirl@gmail.com I'll be happy to pass along your offering. Tomorrow's easy, peasy, cre8tive craft idea.......T-bags!

And don't forget..............Cozy Craft Afternoon this Saturday at my place!

Here's to honoring and celebrating the homegrown and handcrafted! Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cre8tive Craft Idea #1

As promised, I have a Cre8tive Christmas Craft to share today! This is one of my favorite and most simple gifts to make. Several years ago I found this recipe holder in a magazine. I would love to give credit to the inventor but alas, I do not know his/her name! I do believe that fabulous ideas are meant to be shared and so I am passing this along to the Cre8tive Cowgirl Blog Readers.......free of charge!!!!

I scoured Goodwill stores and several garage sales to find stray forks that could be repurposed for recipe holders. With a set of needle nose pliers, Chad bent the outer tines in a forwad motion, ends curled and the inner tines, to the back for balance, ends also curled. This was the last one left. I keep it in a drawer with my recipes and pull it out often. I also use it to display any bills or letters that need quick attention on my desk. The goal is to have my desk (like my counters) free of excess clutter, papers and debris. I am happy when my little letter holder is EMPTY (and that doesn't always happen!)

To add a little jazz and pop, one could tie this with a bright red ribbon, set into a basket of homemade bread with a handwritten jelly/jam recipe included. Use your imagination and cre8tive, crafty skills to dream up something superbly fun!

I'll be writing down all kinds of ideas AND taking pictures, so who knows, by next year at this time, perhaps I'll have an official "book" to share! If you have a craft or Christmas idea you'd like to pass along, to be posted on this blog,  please send an email to cre8tivecowgirl@gmail.com.! We are now just under 40 sleeps 'til Christmas!

Tomorrow, I'll feature a really cool, Feng Shui Elements quilt, handcrafted by Mitch Shulte. If you are in the market for a personalized handmade quilt, he may be the guy you've been looking for!

I am watching with amusement as the clouds have come over the canyon, gotten very dark, rained like crazy for two minutes, quit and now the sun is shining brilliantly! I can see the goats romping in their pen and the duck quacking nearby, telling them all "how it is!" I've just finished drawing/coloring several "masterpieces" with my girl. She confidently plastered the "new" copper fridge with her creations. In spite of me directing her to the terrific "art board" just outside her room, desinged for displaying said pieces, she ALWAYS chooses the fridge! We really must have a talk about this...........someday!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do You Know What This Means?!?!

I can FINALLY have friends over!!!! (Actually, friends and family are, and always have been welcome with open arms!) This means NO MORE TRIPS UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS to use el bano! I'm terribly excited too, its been a long time coming.

Chad moved all the tools and extra boxes of tile out of the bathroom this weekend. We picked up cups and toothbrush holders as well as towel racks: our "loo" is fully functional~YEE HAW!

To commemorate this wonderful milestone, I'll be hosting a Cozy Craft Afternoon for anyone interested in working on craft and/or holiday projects. I know it can be a pain to load all the supplies up and go somewhere else but it can also fun and relaxing to connect with other crafty cre8tors! I'll have hot cider and coffee ready so feel free to bring a favorite snack to share. We'll have the basement to ourselves, plenty of seating and great music (Christmas music optional!)

And if you aren't into crafting, feel free to come over and just hang out. Maybe you'd like to organize holiday menus or even browse through the array of books on my shelf for ideas? I'm in the holiday mood and I have a feeling it could be contagious! Let this be your warning!

Doors to the craft room open at 1 pm and will stay that way for whoever wants to cook me supper! ha! (Just kidding, though I'd never turn a delicious meal down!)

If you are thinking this sounds like fun, send me an email, text or phone me with your name and number of peeps in attendance! And remember, there's now a fabulous loo on this level, so no running about! Yay!

Here's wishing you all a cozy evening and the start to a productive, enjoyable week. (Ahhh, can you tell I got out of the house today?!?!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank Goodness for Books and Knitting

I'm spending my Saturday the same way I spent Friday: in the recliner in my living room. The child that was so sweet and loving yesterday has bounced forward into her own recliner and is commandeering the dvd. It's not a good situation.....I don't think I can stand to watch Trumpet of the Swans ever again, four times was plenty!

My foot feels about the same today. It's sore but not unbearable. I'm trying to keep my mind busy so that I don't think about it. This is a great time to catch up on my knitting and reading. I seem to have a lot of books "saved up" so I'll be in good shape in that department. I'd love to get out the broom and sweep this floor or start tearing into all the laundry but I dare not. I feel good and I know its a bit early for all of that.

I am trying to enjoy the "down time" I really am, I just so badly want to get up and go....without this "robo cop" left boot!! Ok, ok, enough of the complaining already, that's certainly NOT what this blog is about!

The boys are off hunting. This is their first time going and I dare say, the younger two didn't sleep much last night. I have no idea what time the eldest crashed, I'm know I was sawing logs before he shut his computer and new GPS "toy" down.

I've gotten words that Pecos missed a 2x buck and that a doe ran away before Park got his shot off. He also informed his dad that he's ready to come back to the house for a civilized meal and he's about to get tired. He'd also like to warm his toes! (Hummm not sure he'll stick with this hunting thing, time will tell!) Pecos on the other hand could go all day without eating (if he really had to!) And if he were cold, you'd never know it. Hunting is in his blood. He loves it and has aspirations of following in the footsteps of the many great hunters in our family! We have no doubt that he'll stick with it. Little sister gave them all a speech last night, informing them she's like to have deer steak and jerkey, so they better pay attention! I have a feeling she'd like to be shooting something too! Like her Mama, she doesn't love the cold, so for now, we're pretty content to sit in our easy

So, back I go to my knitting. I have several scarves I'm working for gifts. I have some fun "blingy" pins and ribbons I'll be adding to jazz them up. I was pretty delighted yesterday to see all three of my children donning scarves I made them last winter (without me telling then to wear them!!!) If my kids like them, I'm pretty sure my friends will!

There may be another post coming this afternoon. I'm working on gathering ideas for easy, fun, cre8tive Christmas crafts! I've promised the Happy Holiday participants that I'd do this and I'm very excited to share! If you have a favorite Christmas dish, craft or tradition to share, please email me or share in the comment section below!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Slowing Down Sister!

Good Frosty Morning! I write to you today from the ultimate, cozy, comfort of my recliner. It's rare that I ever have my bottom here, but today, its necessary.

All this runnin' and gunnin' was so I could take it easy for a few days. I had a huge bone spur removed from the top of my foot yesterday. I knew it was coming so I've had time to prepare myself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Surgery went very well. I've taken the bare minimum of pain meds and believe it or not, I think I could've gone in and substitute taught for my favorite school today. I know I could have! I love to sub and would have had a great time with the adorable 2nd graders, however, Dr. H. and husband gave out a resounding "NO!"

As much as I've planned for this down-time, it's not easy for a "girl on the go"! I love to be out and about, I love to be doing something productive and I really enjoy connecting with others, so when all my going comes to a screetching hault, it takes a bit to align!

It's easy to do with a cute little chick on my lap and a fluffy grey dog by my side. I have a slew of books and magazines to read and more than enough ideas to fuel this blog, the NAJPA newsletter and December Ki Previews! There's never a time when I'm bored.....EVER!

And what a perfect day to stay in and snuggle down. There's snow on the ground, its cloudy, cold and droopy......but I'm not!
I'm feeling incredibly bright and sunny. I have amazing support in my family and friends. My body is healthy and strong. The "unknowns" that I've been working with are still here but they don't contain the edge they did last week. I'm breathing in and out and for today, that's really all I have to do.

I'm not used to "taking it easy". I didn't get where I'm at today by sitting in a recliner! I am driven and I like to be busy, so this is more of a challenge than I may want to admit. And......I'm sure there are beautiful, brilliant lessons here for me to experience.

PS--- Don't be surprised if you see a lot of blog posts coming up, it looks like I'll have some time for writing!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Many Miles Many Blessings

Just a quick note to my sweet blog readers to let you know, I'm still kickin'!

I've gone well over 1400 miles since last Friday. I'm feeling a little tired but it isn't dampening my joy and sheer delight in the many blessings that I've experienced in the last week! I've had the opportunity to facilitate Journey processes, connect with wonderful friends, and students, hang out with fabulous kids, teach a Holiday class, travel, do some Christmas shopping, and most of all, experience unexpected opportunities to receive. Today, I was honored to meet a Lakota Grandfather, Sibby LeBeau. Sibby was a code talker in the war. His humor, stories and giant heart just made my day! He gifted me his manual, "The Medicine Way", How to Live the Teachings of The Native American Medicine Wheel. I can't wait to sit and read Sibby's wisdom. I hope to do this soon! In about five minutes, I'll dash over and get the boys and we'll head to the spaghetti feed at the Community Hall, in
honor of Veteran's Day.

I have much to share and will do so as soon as catch my breath! For now though, these shoes are ready to walk on!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 'New' Fridge!

Here's a picture of yesterday's cre8tive project. The kids absolutely LOVE it and they've praised my efforts.

I'll agree it is is fun! The shiny coppery look really adds to the space. It needs one more coat, but I'm out and I won't drive 60 miles round trip to go get more!

Today is my last day at home until next Wednesday. I need/want to make it count. I have a coop to clean, herbs to cut, hang and dry, plants to re-pot, and a tile floor to grout. I also have four new birds to settle in! They arrived this morning.

Much to do, much to do, much to do! Here I go, here I go, here I go!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is It Safe?

NO! Say good bye to "boring white"!

Check Out the Hood!

I've dreamed about having a large copper hood in my kitchen for years.

So rather than pine for something that is not in my budget, I applied my craft cowgirl can-do abilities and painted the existing hood. I used hammered copper Rust-oleum hammered paint, which is very sticky and a little hard to get even. Granted I'm a sloppy painter (no carpet is safe with me around!)

The copper instantly changed the look of the kitchen. Part of what makes it so bright is the white surfaces and appliances, coupled with the sky light. I loathe the white counters. They show everything such as the scorch marks from the last canning episode. It is interesting to note how the copper color warmed the room, making it seem a bit cozier than the stark white.

I'm contemplating slapping some paint on the fridge. I'm not sure yet.....stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day~ Confederate and Union Soldiers

This is a pin given to me by my Grandmother Ruth. She and all of my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, teachers and friends have always been proponents of "the right to vote".

I do feel I was "raised up right", to vote, to support my country and especially those people within it. It is easy to support neighbors and friends and the people we get along with and like. What I've learned is it is just important to stand tall when things aren't going the way we like them to. When the economy, the government and other aspects seem to be headed in the wrong direction, instead of complaining about it, I've learned that we become active and do something.......anything is better than sitting around doing nothing. Voting is an important action, it is what makes us a democratic nation. I'm pretty sure I am "preaching to the choir" as I post this! It's a good bet that regular blog readers are already active voters and safe to say, "Ya'll are my kind of people"!

I am kind of chuckling as we've been talking a lot about politics and history in our household. For Halloween, the boys dressed up as Civil War Soldiers. One from the north (he likes blue) and one from the south (he thought grey was cool!) The oldest knew what was behind the color, the youngest hasn't been in fifth grade American History class. He was absolutly horrified that people would have ever fought to keep slaves. He felt bad about his choice of hat color; this is a kid who is a genuinely LOVES people and animals. He's the humanitarian of the family, without a doubt. We explained that this was an important point in our past and that at times, when it gets really bad and people can't get along, that there are fights, really, really bad fights, like the one going on in Iraq right now. It is hard for a nine-year-old to fathom the concept of war, fighting and killing. We did the best we could to explain honor, standing up and fighting for freedom and the importance of Democracy.

I don't know that I was as clear as I could have been but Paker was ready to go vote at the end of the speech. Of coarse, he was crushed when I explained that he had to wait until he was 18. "Geeze I have to wait until I'm 16 to drive and 25 something to have a cell phone, so its just like everything else, you have to be OLD to have any fun!" 

That made me laugh because my thought, at age 38, is quite the opposite! Did you remember how "cool" it would be to vote someday? Did you wait with joyful anticipation for the day when you could cast your ballot? I had parents, grandparents and one awesome History teacher (thanks Mr. Tuton) that made sure I knew what a privilege it was to do so! I'm very grateful for their positive influences!

So here's to a day to honor our roots, our traditions and most of all to exercise our rights as American citizens! Let's Vote!

Monday, November 1, 2010

And We Have Potatoes

The boys are helping in the garden today, on their fall break. They swear there are "at least 500"!

What I do know, is that I'd better start collecting potato recipes! Looks like we'll have plenty to get through winter with!

Happy Harvest!