Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank Goodness for Books and Knitting

I'm spending my Saturday the same way I spent Friday: in the recliner in my living room. The child that was so sweet and loving yesterday has bounced forward into her own recliner and is commandeering the dvd. It's not a good situation.....I don't think I can stand to watch Trumpet of the Swans ever again, four times was plenty!

My foot feels about the same today. It's sore but not unbearable. I'm trying to keep my mind busy so that I don't think about it. This is a great time to catch up on my knitting and reading. I seem to have a lot of books "saved up" so I'll be in good shape in that department. I'd love to get out the broom and sweep this floor or start tearing into all the laundry but I dare not. I feel good and I know its a bit early for all of that.

I am trying to enjoy the "down time" I really am, I just so badly want to get up and go....without this "robo cop" left boot!! Ok, ok, enough of the complaining already, that's certainly NOT what this blog is about!

The boys are off hunting. This is their first time going and I dare say, the younger two didn't sleep much last night. I have no idea what time the eldest crashed, I'm know I was sawing logs before he shut his computer and new GPS "toy" down.

I've gotten words that Pecos missed a 2x buck and that a doe ran away before Park got his shot off. He also informed his dad that he's ready to come back to the house for a civilized meal and he's about to get tired. He'd also like to warm his toes! (Hummm not sure he'll stick with this hunting thing, time will tell!) Pecos on the other hand could go all day without eating (if he really had to!) And if he were cold, you'd never know it. Hunting is in his blood. He loves it and has aspirations of following in the footsteps of the many great hunters in our family! We have no doubt that he'll stick with it. Little sister gave them all a speech last night, informing them she's like to have deer steak and jerkey, so they better pay attention! I have a feeling she'd like to be shooting something too! Like her Mama, she doesn't love the cold, so for now, we're pretty content to sit in our easy

So, back I go to my knitting. I have several scarves I'm working for gifts. I have some fun "blingy" pins and ribbons I'll be adding to jazz them up. I was pretty delighted yesterday to see all three of my children donning scarves I made them last winter (without me telling then to wear them!!!) If my kids like them, I'm pretty sure my friends will!

There may be another post coming this afternoon. I'm working on gathering ideas for easy, fun, cre8tive Christmas crafts! I've promised the Happy Holiday participants that I'd do this and I'm very excited to share! If you have a favorite Christmas dish, craft or tradition to share, please email me or share in the comment section below!

Happy Saturday!

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