Monday, November 15, 2010

Cre8tive Craft Idea #1

As promised, I have a Cre8tive Christmas Craft to share today! This is one of my favorite and most simple gifts to make. Several years ago I found this recipe holder in a magazine. I would love to give credit to the inventor but alas, I do not know his/her name! I do believe that fabulous ideas are meant to be shared and so I am passing this along to the Cre8tive Cowgirl Blog of charge!!!!

I scoured Goodwill stores and several garage sales to find stray forks that could be repurposed for recipe holders. With a set of needle nose pliers, Chad bent the outer tines in a forwad motion, ends curled and the inner tines, to the back for balance, ends also curled. This was the last one left. I keep it in a drawer with my recipes and pull it out often. I also use it to display any bills or letters that need quick attention on my desk. The goal is to have my desk (like my counters) free of excess clutter, papers and debris. I am happy when my little letter holder is EMPTY (and that doesn't always happen!)

To add a little jazz and pop, one could tie this with a bright red ribbon, set into a basket of homemade bread with a handwritten jelly/jam recipe included. Use your imagination and cre8tive, crafty skills to dream up something superbly fun!

I'll be writing down all kinds of ideas AND taking pictures, so who knows, by next year at this time, perhaps I'll have an official "book" to share! If you have a craft or Christmas idea you'd like to pass along, to be posted on this blog,  please send an email to! We are now just under 40 sleeps 'til Christmas!

Tomorrow, I'll feature a really cool, Feng Shui Elements quilt, handcrafted by Mitch Shulte. If you are in the market for a personalized handmade quilt, he may be the guy you've been looking for!

I am watching with amusement as the clouds have come over the canyon, gotten very dark, rained like crazy for two minutes, quit and now the sun is shining brilliantly! I can see the goats romping in their pen and the duck quacking nearby, telling them all "how it is!" I've just finished drawing/coloring several "masterpieces" with my girl. She confidently plastered the "new" copper fridge with her creations. In spite of me directing her to the terrific "art board" just outside her room, desinged for displaying said pieces, she ALWAYS chooses the fridge! We really must have a talk about this...........someday!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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