Monday, March 29, 2010

This is no ordinary piece of trim!

This may look like a really boring picture but there's a lot to tell.

We started a home improvement project last year that included puting in new floor, painting the wall, ripping out trim and replacing it with a higher quality version. A year later, the last piece of trim was nailed in place tonight while I was teaching class. YAHOO!

I've lived with this unfinished project, silently loathing the blasted angles and curves which make putting up trim a huge chore: measuring, cutting and measuring again. My ki energies are NOT conducive to such detailed, precise work, that's Chad's department! I'm very happy that the things have come into alignment and this project is now complete. Check.

Next phase is to add the quarter round between the ceiling and the wall, which will complete the top level. I am bouncing with joy! This is the motivation to tackle the depth coming on that one. The basement will take my organizational skills to the next level, or cause me to host a radical garage sale on our property (which is not out of the question!)

I'm celebrating this completed task by sitting on the couch staring at a wall and floor, there's never been one that's looked better to me!

I am grateful to have such a talented, handy husband. If left to me, I promise that trim would never have fit nor would it be even! I know where my skills lie and measuring sure aint one of them!

I have another full day ahead. I kind of feel like a steam-roller this week and tonight, after an awesome 9*ki class I'm definitely ready to recharge. So is my carpenter. By the way, have you hugged your handyman (or woman) lately?! I just did!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Normally I would cringe over taking my youngest to a long production but her bff is here and she's so excited (and entertained)!

This is the break in our day, which was supposed to be a lazy Sunday! Ok so much for that; the warm, gorgeous weather activated my hubby into high gear and we spent the two hour gap betwen church breakfast and Easter Pagent putting up trim in the kitchen! (Its only been a year, right?!) I am amazed at how splendidly that little piece of wood "finishes" the spaces in between the cupboards.

I certainly hope the momentum continues, we still have much to wrap up before its time for outside projects; time is of the essence.

I have a BUSY and exciting week ahead of me, maybe that's why I was wishing I could be lazy today?!?!

As soon as the pagent is over we'll likely finish the trim. I'm guessing we will run out of daylight before we run low on supplies. Chad will far outlast me in terms of energy and motivation. I do make an awesome cheerleader though!

I have so many projects popping up, it is definitely Spring, isn't it?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cowgirl Latte

I love coffee. If I were any closer to NP, I'd drive by my beloved Winfields and have an Irish Cream every day.

I live too far though so this is what I do; brew a very hot cup of Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee, add half n half and a good dose of agave nectar. Ahhhhhh. Staying awake has never been easier.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Green Tea a bargain and cards

Since the sun is not shining and March appears not to have gotten the message that spring is here.....I had to add some heat!

Normally I'd set my pitcher on the deck; today I fired up the stove and a kettle so my tea would brew more quickly.

We'll have friends here this afternoon and possibly a campfire tonight! (Its almost time and I can't wait to incorporate this ritual into my weekend routine!

I'm also excited to re-season my decor. I love all the bird decor that is cropping up. I am not one to go out and buy but when I find a great deal and I know I can use the item for many seasons I will bring it home. This little treasure was a $2 clearance special! It is the inspiration for a series of spring/mother's day cards I'll be designing.

Next week I'll be excavating and organizing my craft room! Big job but will be worth it---my creative energies are jazzing right now! For anyone who desires homemade, unique cards for Mother's Day, won't have time to whip them up, or prefers home crafted to store bought, give me a shout! I have some FUN story card packets (you send me the pics and I work my magic!)

One of these days I'll post pics so you can see what I'm up to. Friend discounts apply if you read this blog!

Here's wishing you a lot of Spring in your step!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Bye Dr. Pepper.....forever!

In light of our recent travels my life-long habit of soda guzzling is over. Normally I wouldn't post this because of fear of backsliding, but I have completely lost the craving for the sugary concoction.

The addiction reaches back to my early elementary years, spanning most of my adult life. Dr. Pepper was my 2:30 pm salvation during nine yrs of public school teaching.

Its been a long haul. One of the coaching techniques I use with clients (and myself) is to use time away from daily routine to incorporate a new habit or pattern. Upon returning home, rather than picking up the old habit, its a great time to align with a new supportive one(s). This is the first of many new changes I'm introducing. The spring energies have provided a wonderfully fresh platform to make shifts (don't look to the weather and temps to confirm this.)

Since 2:30 seems to be my "temptation" hour I've replaced the habit of popping a top with brewing a pot! One Yerba Mate Chocolate is an old favorite and I've purchased a new box. Today at lunch I had a wonderful (cheap) refreshment. It totally hit the spot. No aftertaste, no headache and no self-guilt!

Please note, I make no judgements toward others who have tango with soda, its truly a tough dance to step away from. It is a personal change I've wanted to make, one notch in the belt, many more to go.

Does this mean I'm leaving behind coffee? Don't be silly! I prefer gradually stepping down! I could possible break an ankle with out my java!

The cool side-effect is that my kids noticed and they are excited in joining me (power and support in numbers!) They are wild about green tea. We even brewed some on the deck this afternoon.

So this farewell DP. Its been "sweet". I won't miss you. In fact you rarely cross my mind at all these days. Don't worry, there are thousand who adore you, I saw you sneaking out with another woman in Wal-Mart today. Apparently you are already over me too, so I don't feel bad. Here's to a fresh start.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Proper Balance

Here's a full view of the decor on the mantle. Do you notice/sense/feel the balance?

I can hear the ooooo-ing and awwwwww-ing now. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

CC Decorating

I'm pretty sure the waitress at the T-Rex cafe had no idea that I'd be using a $13 drink glass in my decorating scheme (well at the time, I was thinking of it either!)

For those of you who follow the blog and my sometimes whacky cowgirl antics, you may appreciate the touch of creativity (just a touch) and be inspired to craft your own theme as well!

When the weather warms and the wind goes down, the lovely T-rex image will be covered with a fresh coat of buckskin yellow (dinos just don't go aling with the wester scheme!)

For now though I wanted to do a test run. I really like the shape of the glass and any good Feng Shui consultant knows that two of the same items brings instant balance to the mantle! Something was missing though.....and as I was putting away the whole wheat noodles, inspiration struck! The noodles were "icing on the cake" so to speak. I'm also seeing wheat and some little red vine to make this display pop!

You get the idea! I hope inspiration and creativity find you today, when you least expect it, like when you are cleaning out a cupboard!

Feel free to share what inspired you to today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Joy of Airports

The hurry up and wait begins. We rush to the airport and then stand in line and for security and wait for the flight back to Denver.

This has been a great trip. What I have most loved is getting away from my routine and responsibilities for a while. I sure haven't missed doing housework, laundry and constant cleaning; time's up though and I'll soon pay for my break.

What I won't miss is the begging and incessant desire to purchase every blasted stuffed animal in the Disney area. Thanks anyway.

I do love the green, living vitality of this location and that part is hard to leave. We head back to a land where it is possible to have a blizzard in May. Joy.

Ok, we are ready to go through security now. Hopefully the lines moves faster than what it looks like its going to.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Penglins' Pryce'4 favorite bird'

Maybe I should double check that?! At least I think that is the correct classification for this species; you know it could be a tomato, is really a fruit kind of thing!

We are learning a lot here at Sea World. Two of my three children want to become dolphin trainers! I don't blame them, its all I can do not to jump right in there and swim with them. I actually remember playing "Flipper" in the bath tub. Yes, that tv show is wayyyy "old school" as Pake tells me!

That kind of job would be pretty cool, but probably not going to happen living in NE!

Maybe they'll be doctors and laywers or......truck drivers and such?! Anything but a penguin poop-picker-uper!!
(I'd still love em if they'd do that though!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Posh Diggs!

Pretty much sums it up!!!

I found this on a do not disturb sign.....and I should've bought it! The Rock N Roll Rollercoaster was a TRIP! Wild fun, man! Most of it was completely dark and or in blacklight! I'm pretty sure we were inverted and upside down but I can't say for sure because it all happened pretty fast!

This ride, Toy Story and Indiana Jones Stunt Show were the highlights! Pryce loaded up on Tink stuff (I so totally caved!) The boys built custome light sabers which are clanking in the back seat.
Mr. Sunshine decided to make a very welcome appearance. Between you and me, I was wondering if he was going to show up at all! Its the first day I've taken of my coat. Friends from home have informed me that it was 70 yesterday and a blizzard in NE, what can I say?!

Today is the last day of our park pass. Chad is perfectly ok with it! I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind just going to Epcot and sitting in foreign country. We didn't get to do that this time......there were no rides so the kids were NOT interested.

We are on our way to the room. The boys are on a mission to swim before we attend the silent auction. Tonight we'll put on our Husker baseball jerseys and join in the ICBA fun.

I'm not getting much sleep so maybe I can sneak in a nap when I get home. Ok, probably not, but since I'm in fantasy land, I can dream, right??!

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Anyone know this dude?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buzz Buzz Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

We are waiting to get Fast Pass tickets. I am happy to report whatever fear any of my kids had about rides and wwqtons of people is now a thing of the past. Joy!

Even the littlest in our party threw her hands up in the air on the last roller coaster ride. What have I done, what have I done????

I'm happy to report I finally shed my jacket today, finally!
I can handle this. I think I could handle it ALL year. I HATE (strong word, I know!) cold temps. Boo.

On a brighter note this is a pretty magical place---I'd really like to take a peek in that castle but not sure which door to sneak in! Maybe I will see if I can scale the balcony; won't Cinderella be surprised?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Ice Cave

After a fun day of Everest Expedition, the Lion King Show and Nemo, we were hungry explorers! Venturing to Downtown Disney we scoured for a food joint and found T-Rex cafe.

This is a HUGE place to dine. We are in the Ice Cave right now. It really looks like one too, minus the freezing temp, (which is great by me!) Parker thought the restrooms were great....HE-rex and SHE-rex! Oooo the blue ice cave just turned pink! Man I wish we had one of these at home, it would be a cool place to hang out!

Hope the food gets here soon. We are so hungy I think we really could eat a dinosaur!

Mt. Everest

I forget how much I would love to travel the world and experience other cultures.

There is something within my soul that is deeply touched and stirred by the notion of traveling to far away lands. I'm certain I would have made a good explorer at some point!

When its time to travel, I'll be ready. First stop would be Ireland and then Tibet. Africa is on the list and so is Australia. The Inca Trail has always intrigued me. Well, heck, I guess I'd go about anywhere.....

I forget how much I like to travel until I am actually doing it! It takes a huge force to uproot me from my little spot on the earth and it feels like it takes too much energy to pack and go. I do miss my canyons incredibly and I love my home, more than words can say. I sure am glad I place to call my own and loving, supportive people to go back to.

Some day, I do believe I will indulge those exploration vibrations. Not sure where the wind will take me but I'll be ready when it starts to blow! Happy Trails!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today's highlight was the gianormous hullk roller coaster! It was brilliantly scarry! I have NEVER ridden anything this huge that went upside down and dropped in a second, never in my 37 yrs.

I wish I could say this was my idea but it wasn't, Parker wanted to go. I would never have wanted to ride something like this @ 8yrs old! And I wasn't going to let him ride it alone, NO WAY!

While waiting a couple of other young boys told us this was their 3rd time, "it's awesome" they shared with big grins. I made them promise I wouldn't die, then jumped aboard!

Good news, I'm still here!

Oh Spidey! U da Man!

This has been voted as the boys' favorite ride of the day, Pryce's least favorite! Thanks to tech issues they got to go 3 times! Yay. What awesome fun! Still haven't made it to the big daddy loopy rip roarin roller coaster. Time is tickin.....park closes soon :-(

My Sherpa!

For reasons unbeknown to me, Pake loves carrying the backpack! Cool. Ok better go, we're about to get twisted!

Stop 1 on the 'Universal Tour'

Pretty amazing techno here!

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Just got spit on by a BIG dragon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cat In The Hat Ride

We successfully managed to scare the b'jules out of Pake right off the bat with the Spiderman 3D ride. The kid may need some therapy by the time we are finished!

The other two did just fine. Our middle one appears to have inherited a serious thrill-seeking gene. We were quite proud of his request to "go again" (because his parents wanted to also!

It was unseasonably chilly but being the sun-starved freaks that we are we opted for the short lines on all thw water rides! Perhaps not our brightest move (my hair is still wet at 6pm) but it was a blast. Ask Park about the Jurassic Dino....he screamed like a little girl!!!

We did tone it down a bit by visiting Seuss Landing. If was 4 again, I would have been in heaven....Pooh sure was! She actually wanted me to take a picture, which. Is huge for my camera shy spryte.

We are on our way to find some food and then rest our feet awhile. I am hoping to hit some shops downtown tonight but the kids are insisting on hitting the pool. If I can find a hot tub they may get their way!

We'll be back at Universal tomorrow--we have a date with a mummy and some aliens to eliminate!

Sunshine n warmth

Just a reminder for when I get home and forget what sunshine and warm weather felt like!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back at the Ponderosa

We are back at the motel now. We spent a peaceful evening at the beach, playing in the water and collecting "treasures" (sea shells!) The kids were ready to be back at the room, not sure why, maybe the 4 am wake-up call? This is their "suite". It is pretty cozy in there! I'd love to go explore a bit more but it looks like I'm getting out voted. PJ's are on and they are enjoying their space. Sounds like we'll head to Universal Studios tomorrow. Here comes a yawn, maybe I am right where I need to be! :-)

Jelly Fish on Cocoa Beach

Near Kennedy Space Center

Our first glimpse of water! U don't see this in NEBR! Kids are wondering where the beach, sand, n sea shells are?


Road Trippin to the beach!

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Checked into our motel. Wow, its so green! I LOVE the palm trees. Kids are impressed with their "suite". Had to peel then out of their room! Food then the beach
Wow! Shortest time ever @ baggage claim! Had a great flight, with the exception of a few bumps--Pryce loved it and said it tickled her tummy!

Waiting for wings!

We r all pretty impressed with the big airplane! Do we look like hicks? I sure feel like one! U just don't see the colorful array of people on the Rafter Lazy H!
Ready to get on the plane. Very easy with on-line check in, quick security check, even with 10 shoes on/off! Not too bad for such an early morning!


Heading south!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Greeley! Time to unpack so I can repack. Our friends have supper waiting and boy are we ready to chow! And get out of this vehicle for a while
On the road after a brief stop. Chad wrapped up a loan and I wrote a NAJPA article. We have 3 very excited kidlets who are ready to get on a plane NOW! Sunshine
First leg of the journey. Its been so long since I traveled that I forgot how to pack. We were late so I just shoved things in bags. Will have to repack later!

Good Bye Muddy Roads

Why I am going to FLO-rida--good bye crappy weather!
We leave in 1/2 an hour....still not packed!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cure for Flung Shui

And now the big "reveal". I've discovered two factors that have contributed to my flung shui disaster, being in a hurry and not picking up after myself. If you want to be a "flung shui expert" simply walk in the door, throw stuff on the floor and try your hardest to fill up every square inch of your space. It is easier to do than you might think! To become even more proficient, simply keep doing it day after day, every day and invite everyone in your family to flung a little here and there and never, never pick up anything again. Warning, this may cause; lost shoes, homework, lunch boxes, missed payments/bills, lost checkbooks and food items being stored under the bed. It may also cause severe fatigue because it will appear too daunting and too overwhelming to try and clean it all up.  You have two choices, keep living this way or bite the bullet and start somewhere..................

I choose the later. It took a week but I survived. I know how nervous you all must have been (and thank you for all of you who's sweet notes supported me during this process, I really mean that and for once, I am not being sarcastic! You know who you are and I appreicate you!)

Perhaps by posting these words and pictures it will serve as a consicous reminder for me to 1. pick things up and put the away immediately  2. be aware of how easily junk, clutter and messes accumulate. One really has to be diligent here. 3. watch the offspring in the house and teach them the same thing (saves time and possibly will deter their flung shui tendencies when they are older?) 4 luxuriate in how wonderful it feels to have a clean, neat, tidy and organized space!

My goal is to keep this up because after spending a week trying to find the top of my house, I see that I could be using this time to do things I really enjoy instead of continually cleaning all the time. Dusting, dirty floors, dishes and laundry are not going to disappear anytime soon, I know this. Yet by following a more orgnaized routine maybe, just maybe I can get to some of those cre8tive projects I fall alseep dreaming about.

Drum Roll are the results of cleaning week, Fung Shui style:

The Office~ a huge improvement. I actually WANT to be in here.
Wow! Pryce can actually see her room and she impressed Mama by putting all of her Barbie toys away........without being told! (HUGE!)

Hardly looks like the same kitchen. Cre8tive Cowgirl Cookin' coming up! Tonight homemade herb butter!
It is still a tiny space though I am attempting to keep up with the laundry this drastically reduces the tight, cramped, cluttery feeling. Training everyone to hang up their coats and put their muddy boots on the floor mats will be this month's goal. No matter how clean it is, it only lasts as long as the door is locked....this is mud season; it will be a long, long time before these floors aren't covered.

Although I am often the one that contributes to the messes around here, I am ALWAYS the one that can't stand them so I eventually clean them up. I do love to have a clean house. I am the first to admit I could be a little OCD about it too. I've been this way all of my life. I couldn't do homework in high school or college until my room was picked up, bed was made and the environment was organized. I do believe in the connection between the outer and the inner, this is why Feng Shui makes so much sense to me. If my environment is in chaos, its a pretty good sign that is how I am feeling inside as well.  When my house is organized, my head seems to follow suit. It may sound crazy but life seems to be a lot more enjoyable when I am not dodging clutter and frustrated because I can't find something! My work is far from done. I still have the basement and that will an even greater challenge. I do think I'll take a break for now and let this accomplishment sink in for a while. I am all about resting on my a$colades!

Flung Shui 101

One of the first places that you see when walking into our abode. Yikes. This is why I'd really like to have a garage someday. Five of us trying to fit our gear in here is more than a challenge. Add laundry, winter clothes, basketball gear, cowboy boots, snow boots, caps, hats, gloves, mittens backpacks, Marley's home, and whatever else Chad unpacks.

This is Pryce's room. I was not kidding on Facebook the other day. The room was in need of serious attention. Do you see why the show Hoarders about got a call?!

This is the office and one of the most important areas of an efficient and organzied home. You can image what life's been like with an office in such a state. You can see the office also became a temporary clothes drying room and catchall for most of the junk.
And finally.......the kitchen. this only gives one shot but trust me, there was no "Oh I love this place, what can I cook today" kind of feeling that came through. I thought of packing up and running away or how much would it be to just torch the place, or who could I hire to fix this? Of coarse those were completely irrational but it took a good week before I rolled up my sleees and dove in. I cannot show pictures of the fridge it would scare anyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cre8tive Leftovers

Inspired by Katy Wolk-Stanley at The Non-Consumer Advocate, I crafted this fab salad with leftovers from the fridge. If you've been following Cre8tive Cowgirl, you know that I am knee dip in clearing the crap around here. I worked on the upstairs bedrooms today and by night's end, the top will be done, IT WILL BE DONE! I have to pump myself up because what I really want to do is flop on the couch with a good book and sleep..........for days. What?~ Oh yes, back to the blog.........

Normally I would toss whatever little tid-bits remain in the fridge by the time I get to the great disaster. I hate fridge cleaning, hate it. I am changing my ways though and in an effort to be more efficient and cook with what I already have. I concocted this little number and it was truly delicious. I think it will go in the books people, its a keeper. The eggs Chad whipped up for breakfast, along with ham roast from the other day, lettuce, dried cranberries, a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and ranch dressing voila~ I feel like Paula Deen, well not quite, but close!

Tonight is pizza night. I found three jars of sauce opened and with all the hard work that I went to canning them 'maters I was not about to let those go to waste. I made a 2lb batch of dough this afternoon which will soon be popped into a hot over for the hungry basketball players that showed up tonight.

After eating and clean's back to the living room for my final "sprucing". I am sure it will all feel great when I wake up tomorrow morning but right now, I just gotta quit thinking about that couch............
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunrise on the Rafter Lazy H

Truly this is what I live for. I am not a morning person by nature but after three kids and two dogs in the house, I am slowly being excavated from my past patterns of "sleeping in". Oh for the days when 10 am was "early"! I am lucky to ever sleep past seven o'clock. The first thing I do upon waking is go directly to the kitchen and gaze through the sliding glass door to see what sceneMamma Nature has cre8ted in her dawn portrait. This is one of my favorites. It was taken a couple of weeks ago. This view is what makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face all day long.

I've always lived in the country save a 7 year stint in the village while looking for land and during any major educational endeavors. I didn't appreciate the solace and tranquility until I got older. Now its so deeply engrained in my blood I have a hard time sleeping anywhere else.

Are you a morning person? What do you look forward to when you get out of bed? What brings a smile to your face? (keep it clean, there are kids reading  this!)

Wishing you a peaceful sunnday from Rafter Lazy H