Monday, March 29, 2010

This is no ordinary piece of trim!

This may look like a really boring picture but there's a lot to tell.

We started a home improvement project last year that included puting in new floor, painting the wall, ripping out trim and replacing it with a higher quality version. A year later, the last piece of trim was nailed in place tonight while I was teaching class. YAHOO!

I've lived with this unfinished project, silently loathing the blasted angles and curves which make putting up trim a huge chore: measuring, cutting and measuring again. My ki energies are NOT conducive to such detailed, precise work, that's Chad's department! I'm very happy that the things have come into alignment and this project is now complete. Check.

Next phase is to add the quarter round between the ceiling and the wall, which will complete the top level. I am bouncing with joy! This is the motivation to tackle the depth coming on that one. The basement will take my organizational skills to the next level, or cause me to host a radical garage sale on our property (which is not out of the question!)

I'm celebrating this completed task by sitting on the couch staring at a wall and floor, there's never been one that's looked better to me!

I am grateful to have such a talented, handy husband. If left to me, I promise that trim would never have fit nor would it be even! I know where my skills lie and measuring sure aint one of them!

I have another full day ahead. I kind of feel like a steam-roller this week and tonight, after an awesome 9*ki class I'm definitely ready to recharge. So is my carpenter. By the way, have you hugged your handyman (or woman) lately?! I just did!

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