Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cure for Flung Shui

And now the big "reveal". I've discovered two factors that have contributed to my flung shui disaster, being in a hurry and not picking up after myself. If you want to be a "flung shui expert" simply walk in the door, throw stuff on the floor and try your hardest to fill up every square inch of your space. It is easier to do than you might think! To become even more proficient, simply keep doing it day after day, every day and invite everyone in your family to flung a little here and there and never, never pick up anything again. Warning, this may cause; lost shoes, homework, lunch boxes, missed payments/bills, lost checkbooks and food items being stored under the bed. It may also cause severe fatigue because it will appear too daunting and too overwhelming to try and clean it all up.  You have two choices, keep living this way or bite the bullet and start somewhere..................

I choose the later. It took a week but I survived. I know how nervous you all must have been (and thank you for all of you who's sweet notes supported me during this process, I really mean that and for once, I am not being sarcastic! You know who you are and I appreicate you!)

Perhaps by posting these words and pictures it will serve as a consicous reminder for me to 1. pick things up and put the away immediately  2. be aware of how easily junk, clutter and messes accumulate. One really has to be diligent here. 3. watch the offspring in the house and teach them the same thing (saves time and possibly will deter their flung shui tendencies when they are older?) 4 luxuriate in how wonderful it feels to have a clean, neat, tidy and organized space!

My goal is to keep this up because after spending a week trying to find the top of my house, I see that I could be using this time to do things I really enjoy instead of continually cleaning all the time. Dusting, dirty floors, dishes and laundry are not going to disappear anytime soon, I know this. Yet by following a more orgnaized routine maybe, just maybe I can get to some of those cre8tive projects I fall alseep dreaming about.

Drum Roll are the results of cleaning week, Fung Shui style:

The Office~ a huge improvement. I actually WANT to be in here.
Wow! Pryce can actually see her room and she impressed Mama by putting all of her Barbie toys away........without being told! (HUGE!)

Hardly looks like the same kitchen. Cre8tive Cowgirl Cookin' coming up! Tonight homemade herb butter!
It is still a tiny space though I am attempting to keep up with the laundry this drastically reduces the tight, cramped, cluttery feeling. Training everyone to hang up their coats and put their muddy boots on the floor mats will be this month's goal. No matter how clean it is, it only lasts as long as the door is locked....this is mud season; it will be a long, long time before these floors aren't covered.

Although I am often the one that contributes to the messes around here, I am ALWAYS the one that can't stand them so I eventually clean them up. I do love to have a clean house. I am the first to admit I could be a little OCD about it too. I've been this way all of my life. I couldn't do homework in high school or college until my room was picked up, bed was made and the environment was organized. I do believe in the connection between the outer and the inner, this is why Feng Shui makes so much sense to me. If my environment is in chaos, its a pretty good sign that is how I am feeling inside as well.  When my house is organized, my head seems to follow suit. It may sound crazy but life seems to be a lot more enjoyable when I am not dodging clutter and frustrated because I can't find something! My work is far from done. I still have the basement and that will an even greater challenge. I do think I'll take a break for now and let this accomplishment sink in for a while. I am all about resting on my a$colades!

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  1. IT LOOKS WONDERFUL!!! GREAT JOB!!!! And your daughters room. What a good girl!