Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunrise on the Rafter Lazy H

Truly this is what I live for. I am not a morning person by nature but after three kids and two dogs in the house, I am slowly being excavated from my past patterns of "sleeping in". Oh for the days when 10 am was "early"! I am lucky to ever sleep past seven o'clock. The first thing I do upon waking is go directly to the kitchen and gaze through the sliding glass door to see what sceneMamma Nature has cre8ted in her dawn portrait. This is one of my favorites. It was taken a couple of weeks ago. This view is what makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face all day long.

I've always lived in the country save a 7 year stint in the village while looking for land and during any major educational endeavors. I didn't appreciate the solace and tranquility until I got older. Now its so deeply engrained in my blood I have a hard time sleeping anywhere else.

Are you a morning person? What do you look forward to when you get out of bed? What brings a smile to your face? (keep it clean, there are kids reading  this!)

Wishing you a peaceful sunnday from Rafter Lazy H

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  1. Beautiful! Being a morning person, I truly appreciate the sunrises. No matter what happens, the sun will rise and set, and bring on a new day of wonder.