Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty much sums it up!!!

I found this on a do not disturb sign.....and I should've bought it! The Rock N Roll Rollercoaster was a TRIP! Wild fun, man! Most of it was completely dark and or in blacklight! I'm pretty sure we were inverted and upside down but I can't say for sure because it all happened pretty fast!

This ride, Toy Story and Indiana Jones Stunt Show were the highlights! Pryce loaded up on Tink stuff (I so totally caved!) The boys built custome light sabers which are clanking in the back seat.
Mr. Sunshine decided to make a very welcome appearance. Between you and me, I was wondering if he was going to show up at all! Its the first day I've taken of my coat. Friends from home have informed me that it was 70 yesterday and a blizzard in NE, what can I say?!

Today is the last day of our park pass. Chad is perfectly ok with it! I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind just going to Epcot and sitting in foreign country. We didn't get to do that this time......there were no rides so the kids were NOT interested.

We are on our way to the room. The boys are on a mission to swim before we attend the silent auction. Tonight we'll put on our Husker baseball jerseys and join in the ICBA fun.

I'm not getting much sleep so maybe I can sneak in a nap when I get home. Ok, probably not, but since I'm in fantasy land, I can dream, right??!

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