Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buzz Buzz Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

We are waiting to get Fast Pass tickets. I am happy to report whatever fear any of my kids had about rides and wwqtons of people is now a thing of the past. Joy!

Even the littlest in our party threw her hands up in the air on the last roller coaster ride. What have I done, what have I done????

I'm happy to report I finally shed my jacket today, finally!
I can handle this. I think I could handle it ALL year. I HATE (strong word, I know!) cold temps. Boo.

On a brighter note this is a pretty magical place---I'd really like to take a peek in that castle but not sure which door to sneak in! Maybe I will see if I can scale the balcony; won't Cinderella be surprised?!

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