Friday, March 5, 2010

Flung Shui 101

One of the first places that you see when walking into our abode. Yikes. This is why I'd really like to have a garage someday. Five of us trying to fit our gear in here is more than a challenge. Add laundry, winter clothes, basketball gear, cowboy boots, snow boots, caps, hats, gloves, mittens backpacks, Marley's home, and whatever else Chad unpacks.

This is Pryce's room. I was not kidding on Facebook the other day. The room was in need of serious attention. Do you see why the show Hoarders about got a call?!

This is the office and one of the most important areas of an efficient and organzied home. You can image what life's been like with an office in such a state. You can see the office also became a temporary clothes drying room and catchall for most of the junk.
And finally.......the kitchen. this only gives one shot but trust me, there was no "Oh I love this place, what can I cook today" kind of feeling that came through. I thought of packing up and running away or how much would it be to just torch the place, or who could I hire to fix this? Of coarse those were completely irrational but it took a good week before I rolled up my sleees and dove in. I cannot show pictures of the fridge it would scare anyone.

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