Friday, March 26, 2010

Green Tea a bargain and cards

Since the sun is not shining and March appears not to have gotten the message that spring is here.....I had to add some heat!

Normally I'd set my pitcher on the deck; today I fired up the stove and a kettle so my tea would brew more quickly.

We'll have friends here this afternoon and possibly a campfire tonight! (Its almost time and I can't wait to incorporate this ritual into my weekend routine!

I'm also excited to re-season my decor. I love all the bird decor that is cropping up. I am not one to go out and buy but when I find a great deal and I know I can use the item for many seasons I will bring it home. This little treasure was a $2 clearance special! It is the inspiration for a series of spring/mother's day cards I'll be designing.

Next week I'll be excavating and organizing my craft room! Big job but will be worth it---my creative energies are jazzing right now! For anyone who desires homemade, unique cards for Mother's Day, won't have time to whip them up, or prefers home crafted to store bought, give me a shout! I have some FUN story card packets (you send me the pics and I work my magic!)

One of these days I'll post pics so you can see what I'm up to. Friend discounts apply if you read this blog!

Here's wishing you a lot of Spring in your step!!!

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