Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Way I Like to Spend My Day

This is the kind of day that my body and soul needed~no schedules, no deadlines, nothing that HAS to be done this minute kind of deal. It's been glorious I must say.

I've sorely missed cre8tive time so I made time today to be in my craft room. It's funny. I've wanted a room like this for my entire adult life and when I finally get it, the rest of my life hits hyper-space and it becomes a place to dump all the collections that I glean throughout my days, weeks and months. I'm actually shocked at how long its been since I've cracked open a scrapbook page, once one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

It took me the majority of the day to sift through stacks and piles of papers (dare I throw away a precious Kindergarten art piece! *gasp*) but really I see that ALL of the pages can't say, they'd probably be best used as kindling for coming bonfires~

Puttering in this way, no matter how seemingly insignificant is truly therapeutic. I see parts of my life coming together and even the act of cleaning, clearing and reorganization is deeply grounding. I'll need that solid ground. It'll be a good long time before I have this many days at home so I'm savoring it.

This is a picture of the kid' cre8tive endeavors today. We couldn't hold back the eager egg dyers for a minute longer. They had fun and then, they split! It is a nice day so I don't blame them. Normally I'd be out too but something about photos and completing the task at hand seems more important today.

We'll be kicking back with a movie, delicious chicken corn chowder soup and a lovely glass of Poker face. Should be nice relaxing evening.

Wishing you and yours a glorious Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring's Arrival

I thought I'd share one of our unexpected signs of spring...Pryce found this outside and shrieked with glee. I too was a bit surprised. I thought these bulbs were dug up long ago with Chad's "dig to China", which resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Long story short we had to seal our basement because every time it rained, we ended up with a pool in the basement (not cool).

This served as a lovely reminder that unexpected delights abound, especially when we approach life with wonder! I'm in the mood to clean and reshape my space so I need to go with that "unexpected delight" right now...