Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Here!

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Yep, I’m still here and still kicking. Well sort of. With the help of copious amounts of coffee and Matevanna tea! It’s necessary in weeks like these. The end of the month finds me swamped as usual. I have the August monthly ki previews that I am kicking out (am delightfully amazed at how fluently these have come together!). I also have a fridge full of beans and cukes that are ready to process. My garden is way, way behind so thanks to my dear friends I was able to secure a load from the Eustis farmer’s market!

We have a slurry of to-dos in the next week, so much that my head is already spinning and it’s only 9 am. I’ve come to accept that this is my lot in life, for the time being. I suspect it won’t always be this hectic, or at least I hope it wont’ be. There’s enough to do that I have had to prioritize and focus my energies. I am now getting up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30……without an alarm, if this tells you something?! For long term blog readers, you may recall my extreme detest of early morning? That too has passed. In the last month I’ve started a new program of getting up early to have coffee, do chores and sit in stillness before the chaos ensues. It’s working! I’m actually looking forward to and enjoying the early morning hours. Gee, not even a month in being 39 and I’m already accomplishing more than I did in the previous 38 years! (again, chuckle, chuckle!)

My goal is to update at least once a week. (Thanks to all you AWESOME peeps that have inquired about me and asked for more blog posts, I really appreciate the interest!) The next week is filled with appointments and client sessions, swimming lessons and a final push to bring things in order before the school year begins. As my outer world has got very busy, my writing time has been diminished. The good news is I have TONS of content for when things slow down enough for me to post more regularly!

Thanks for sticking with me and do check back for more updates. I will be teaching several classes, covering Feng Shui and Clearing Clutter come fall. I have offerings in North Platte, Imperial, Lexington and Kearney! The classes will be super fun and will include new content that I’ve been working on this summer.

Have superb day and a sunny, fun week!

Friday, July 15, 2011


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Cowboy Quote of the Day: “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance”~ Anonymous

I’m dancing today. In my tye-dye shirt and within my heart I am dancing and throwing a big party. I’ve been on the planet to experience 39 years of sunrises and sunsets. I’ve felt rain on my cheeks, sunshine on my skin and joy flowing through my heart.

I never know which direction the road will take me next and doesn’t this makes for a grand adventure?!?! Of all the situations I’ve experienced in my time here, the most amazing and powerful is LOVE. Love for self, for family, friends, animals, the earth, moon and stars. My spirit is soaring today in recognition of the rich abundance that continually surrounds me. It’s my deepest prayer that I can reflect that which is joy, peace, light, love, passion, beauty and grace to all those who are connected to me.

I’m sending rainbow colored balloons of laughter, appreciation and BIG LOVE to everyone today! It truly is a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thank you for being in my life, for supporting me, inspiring me, guiding me, laughing with me, loving me and sharing this journey together!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


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I might possibly be the most artistic clutz that I know. I say that because I am the last person to pull of a creation that is in anyway perfect. Most of the things I find and repurpose or make from scratch have flaws, many of them. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me but every now and then it scratches and pokes like a hidden burr in a sock.

Today was the day I designated to paint the counter tops in my bathroom. We have two more steps to complete before I retire from further bathroom updates. Counter tops and floors have been on the list for the past year. Since my finances are being channeled in other areas, home improvement ventures have taken a back seat. I thought a little paint would change the look of the room. Boy, was that right! It also has changed the look of the floor………

I wasn’t far into the painting when I went to unplug the ipod doc and move it. I lost my balance, tripped and over went the paint can. Yep. That’s how I roll. I have become masterful in the art of turning disasters into masterpieces or, er, well, at least something other than the original intended purpose. I lamented awhile, though I wasn’t heart broken; the carpet has its share of stains and was on its way out as soon as I could corner Chad long enough to cut and install tile.

Scrapbooking has helped me hone the art of mistakes. Applying my philosophy of “there are no accidents” (Kung Fu Panda) I started spreading out the paint…..and then I took more paint and just started playing. I then did something very brave and showed my kids, how their not-so-perfect Mama had decided to redecorate the floor. I got mixed reviews. The eldest was sure that it was a sun, the youngest was sure it was a giant turtle (her latest obsession) and we should add star fish to make it look like an ocean. The middle child just came up and patted me on the back, I’m sure he was thinking, THANK GOD it wasn’t me that spilled it!

I liked the idea of star fish. This is where my art gets abstract or….cave man like?!?! I can’t draw to save my bacon and I’m pretty sure star fish aren’t taupe. At any rate, I dove in and started painting. I doubt I’ll have to live with it long. My husband is NOT into abstract art of any kind, let alone that which has appeared on the bathroom carpet floor. This could be the motivation needed to help him drag the saw and tools out of the barn and back to the house though.

The counters didn’t turn out too bad. I did find a great way to add texture for any of you DIY’ers out there. It’s a mystery ingredient that is sure to cause wonder and awe. Here are the steps:

1. Randomly spill a large quart of rustoleum paint (the really smelly kind that stick to everything, including skin).

2. Next take the large blob of paint and swish it all over the floor or in my case carpet. As you notice this large puddle, simply dip your brush into the mess and apply to your counter top. Paint as fast as you can before the paint dries.

3. Here’s the kicker: The carpet has fuzzies, lots of them. When you dip your brush into the carpet paint, you’ll transfer these fabulous fuzzies directly to your counter top thus creating a very unique “texture”. And you don't have to do a thing but keep on painting!

4. Before you are done, be sure to take your brush and make fun designs all over the floor. This is sure to please your spouse, kids, pets and even guests. And remember there are NO MISTAKES, or ACCIDENTS, these are simply opportunities to exercise your cre8tive genius and showcase new disaster pieces (I’m sure they’ll increase your home's value)

Let me know if you have any questions, or comments. I’m sure that I have just earned my spot on the next segment of Home Improvement. I mean, who wouldn’t want to employ this unique talent?!?! And God forbid it go untouched, unused and unappreciated!

Happy Painting!

Master of Disaster

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feels like vacation?

If I didn't know better, Id say my body/mind must have decided to take a mini vacation today. Try as I might, I can't force another task to be done. I've taped the walls and sinks in preparation for counter paint. Perhaps tomorrow? This is rare for me, as if I've run out of energy, drive and motivation.....all at once! What's quite interesting/disturbing is.....Im not bothered in the least. The kids have been hounding me to watch a movie with them and today....they got their wish = Mama time! Harry Potter whatever whatever is about to start. I think they've already seen it a dozen times. No matter, we're all hanging out together and Im soooo good with just 4:30 in the afternoon (*rare) Im throwing the anchor overboard for now. More from the deck later. Perhaps I will learn a house clearing or stop-the-kids-from-fighting spell?! My only question, since I'm on vacation is who is going to cook us supper tonight? Wait....I suppose there's a spell for that too!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So cute!

I adore the old illustrations!
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I won't be cutting these illustrations out. I did buy a couple of books specifically for some decoupage projects. Birds are my selected subject matter and the older the book the better! My favorite buy of the day is a 1936 book with feathers on the cover and delightful colored illustrations. It was a whopping $2.00 score!

I'm not sure what the finished project is going to look like; I cannot wait to get started! I'll post as I go for those who are still with me!

Bird books!

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Bird cage!.

I bought this to put in the bathroom. My intention was to paint it yellow, but I sure do like the vibrant orange!
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Newest (old apron)

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I just had to add this to my collection. I didn't have a cheery yellow one. (Yes, someday I really need to learn how to sew!)


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Hi Friends,

If I have any blog followers left, let me just say thanks so much for tuning in and checking back. This has been my busiest summer on record. I’m not sure if it is the combination of my children getting older and being involved in more activities, or if it’s some wiring issue in my brain that makes me think I have more time than I do, to get in all the tasks that I need to. Perhaps it is a combination of both? I don’t remember being this busy ever. In the midst of all the actions, I’ve noticed my dreams and personal visions have shifting in discernable ways. Three years ago I was really into knitting and all things domestic. I jumped in and embraced by agricultural background. I grew a garden and learned how to preserve food. I brought in chickens for eggs, goats for milk. I made meals from scratch, unpacked my suitcase and put it in storage. I put down roots, deep ones.

Everything changes, this we know. Sometimes we may not be fully aware of those changes but they continue with, or without our conscious awareness. We can feel these shifts and even look to the outside to confirm that we are indeed in the midst of changes, yet, I think it’s normal to still not have a clue of how exactly situations are going to turn out, let alone what they will shape up to be until we are fully in them.

I thought by this year I’d be selling my goods at the Farmer’s Market, stocking my kitchen with an array of baked and preserved goods. I’d watch the chickens peck and turn the soil while I sipped my morning coffee. I’d make delicious goat cheese and soap. My garden would be plush and thriving. Perhaps I’d finally have a clothes line and a garage with ample storage, maybe even a back yard that wasn’t decorated in knee high weeds?

My reality though has shifted significantly. I still have chickens and goats. The girls are slacking off in their laying and the goats have escaped milking for the most part. We’ve been so busy that we hadn’t even made it to the garden to reclaim the onions that were planted in April. Our lives seemed to hit fast forward and for the entire month of June, it was all we could do to hang on.

This week is offering me a much needed opportunity to catch my breath. I ponder all the changes, shifts, jumps, bumps and dives that we’ve experienced since January and especially since June and I’m truly in awe. The busy times are forcing me to identify priorities. In the midst of laundry, dishes, housework, child care, animal care, writing, client sessions, golf, baseball and rodeo (not listed in prioritized order) there hasn’t been much time for me. “Me time” is important and yet it can be one of the easiest aspect of my life to push back.

Yesterday I rediscovered my love for creative ventures and old treasures. After the errands and orthodontist appointments we hit the used book store and antique shop. I’ve had several craft projects in mind, yet the time hasn’t been supportive to “dabble”. I love to let my heart lead my mind and wander about looking, appreciating and thinking of all the ideas that arise within me.

We found some great treasures; small, old bottles, a yellow and white apron, some great old bird books and a super nifty orange and yellow bird cage!

This week I’ll be repainting some old furniture that I salvaged from a discard pile. I also aim to paint my bathroom counter tops. I have some twigs that I plucked from a fence clearing mission back in April that will be painted canary yellow to go in the bathroom. That is if everything today goes as planned. So far so good.

Oh how I LOVE to decorate with old things. I’ve always known that about myself but yesterday seemed to solidify something deep in my soul. I had a vision refurbishing an old building and setting up my own antique store. I do not fancy myself as a business owner, I have no aptitude for sales or crunching numbers, let alone worrying about how to make rent. What I would love is the thrill of “hunting”, the joy of renovating an old building and decorating it with vintage and flea market finds. I know where my talents lie, perhaps I need a business partner that enjoys the more linear aspects while I exercise my talents in the astehtic and appearances department?! I’d want an old building with great character, soft comfy chairs and a place to read and drink coffee. Anyone care to join me here?!?!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of yesterday’s fabulous finds!

*Pictured above are the cute litte bottles we scored. I added the guinea feathers and dried rose. These bring a smile to my face as they perch on the kitchen window ledge.