Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Hi Friends,

If I have any blog followers left, let me just say thanks so much for tuning in and checking back. This has been my busiest summer on record. I’m not sure if it is the combination of my children getting older and being involved in more activities, or if it’s some wiring issue in my brain that makes me think I have more time than I do, to get in all the tasks that I need to. Perhaps it is a combination of both? I don’t remember being this busy ever. In the midst of all the actions, I’ve noticed my dreams and personal visions have shifting in discernable ways. Three years ago I was really into knitting and all things domestic. I jumped in and embraced by agricultural background. I grew a garden and learned how to preserve food. I brought in chickens for eggs, goats for milk. I made meals from scratch, unpacked my suitcase and put it in storage. I put down roots, deep ones.

Everything changes, this we know. Sometimes we may not be fully aware of those changes but they continue with, or without our conscious awareness. We can feel these shifts and even look to the outside to confirm that we are indeed in the midst of changes, yet, I think it’s normal to still not have a clue of how exactly situations are going to turn out, let alone what they will shape up to be until we are fully in them.

I thought by this year I’d be selling my goods at the Farmer’s Market, stocking my kitchen with an array of baked and preserved goods. I’d watch the chickens peck and turn the soil while I sipped my morning coffee. I’d make delicious goat cheese and soap. My garden would be plush and thriving. Perhaps I’d finally have a clothes line and a garage with ample storage, maybe even a back yard that wasn’t decorated in knee high weeds?

My reality though has shifted significantly. I still have chickens and goats. The girls are slacking off in their laying and the goats have escaped milking for the most part. We’ve been so busy that we hadn’t even made it to the garden to reclaim the onions that were planted in April. Our lives seemed to hit fast forward and for the entire month of June, it was all we could do to hang on.

This week is offering me a much needed opportunity to catch my breath. I ponder all the changes, shifts, jumps, bumps and dives that we’ve experienced since January and especially since June and I’m truly in awe. The busy times are forcing me to identify priorities. In the midst of laundry, dishes, housework, child care, animal care, writing, client sessions, golf, baseball and rodeo (not listed in prioritized order) there hasn’t been much time for me. “Me time” is important and yet it can be one of the easiest aspect of my life to push back.

Yesterday I rediscovered my love for creative ventures and old treasures. After the errands and orthodontist appointments we hit the used book store and antique shop. I’ve had several craft projects in mind, yet the time hasn’t been supportive to “dabble”. I love to let my heart lead my mind and wander about looking, appreciating and thinking of all the ideas that arise within me.

We found some great treasures; small, old bottles, a yellow and white apron, some great old bird books and a super nifty orange and yellow bird cage!

This week I’ll be repainting some old furniture that I salvaged from a discard pile. I also aim to paint my bathroom counter tops. I have some twigs that I plucked from a fence clearing mission back in April that will be painted canary yellow to go in the bathroom. That is if everything today goes as planned. So far so good.

Oh how I LOVE to decorate with old things. I’ve always known that about myself but yesterday seemed to solidify something deep in my soul. I had a vision refurbishing an old building and setting up my own antique store. I do not fancy myself as a business owner, I have no aptitude for sales or crunching numbers, let alone worrying about how to make rent. What I would love is the thrill of “hunting”, the joy of renovating an old building and decorating it with vintage and flea market finds. I know where my talents lie, perhaps I need a business partner that enjoys the more linear aspects while I exercise my talents in the astehtic and appearances department?! I’d want an old building with great character, soft comfy chairs and a place to read and drink coffee. Anyone care to join me here?!?!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of yesterday’s fabulous finds!

*Pictured above are the cute litte bottles we scored. I added the guinea feathers and dried rose. These bring a smile to my face as they perch on the kitchen window ledge.


  1. i so love and adore your depth of your heart and soul......your longing to continue to be the amazing woman that God made you......oh how i cherish your thoughts, words, imagination, creativity and wisdom.......keep blessing us with your light.........my love surrounds you always in ALL ways <3

  2. Yes, we're shifting. Of all people, you will know how to go with the flow. It's quite an undertaking to manage all the irons in the fire: daily tasks, finances, marriage, child-rearing, property upkeep...but you are up to it.

  3. Thanks for the great comments! Im so blessed by this amazing support! Love and friendship are the truest treasures! Xoxox RJ

  4. The pics were uploaded to the blog, not this post. And the bird cage is orange and white!

  5. Comfortable chairs baskets of yard and a stack of good books. Nothing better, mind is working on an old building. Old tables a coffee pot some where and a kitty. yep that pretty much does it. make room<3

  6. thats yarn not yard.

  7. ooooo YES! Love those descriptions. Forgot all about yarn, that's a must too! RJ