Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feels like vacation?

If I didn't know better, Id say my body/mind must have decided to take a mini vacation today. Try as I might, I can't force another task to be done. I've taped the walls and sinks in preparation for counter paint. Perhaps tomorrow? This is rare for me, as if I've run out of energy, drive and motivation.....all at once! What's quite interesting/disturbing is.....Im not bothered in the least. The kids have been hounding me to watch a movie with them and today....they got their wish = Mama time! Harry Potter whatever whatever is about to start. I think they've already seen it a dozen times. No matter, we're all hanging out together and Im soooo good with just 4:30 in the afternoon (*rare) Im throwing the anchor overboard for now. More from the deck later. Perhaps I will learn a house clearing or stop-the-kids-from-fighting spell?! My only question, since I'm on vacation is who is going to cook us supper tonight? Wait....I suppose there's a spell for that too!

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