Friday, July 30, 2010

Isante, My Trusty Steed

 I normally don't ride this guy but I wasn't in the mood to get dumped. We'd had a missing calf since Monday and though I worried the little stinker was dead, I needed to saddle up, and ride around to find him. I usually ride George, but he was really jumpy, nervous and hasn't been worked with so I nixed that plan. I saddled up Isante and started looking for proper headgear. We have an entire wall of headstalls, bits and reins. Though I am in and out of that tack room daily, I had no idea which one to use! After several text pictures to Chad asking which headstall and bit was the right one, I finally figured it out!

 *Duh* I can say that I really don't know crap sometimes. I also think this is a perfect attribute to have as my children head toward their teen years. It's down the road, Pecos will be 12 in October, Sparky is 9 and Blue Sparkle is 5; by the time they are teenages, I will be perfectly content with not knowing s*&@! 

After what seemed like hours, I headed south to the electric fence. Together, me and my short, but trusty steed  began the search. I was really glad no one had a camera, my feet were not all that far from the ground. As quickly as I had gotten on, I dismounted to disconnect the electric wire. I had mistakenly let go of the reins as I let down the electic fence. As I turned around, this seemingly calm pony jumped away from me and ran bucking back to the barn! It would have scared me if it had been a big horse, but instead I was.........humored. He didn't go far.

So, back to the barn I walked. I grabbed his reins and jumped back on. The little bugger wasn't going to buffalo me! I was on a mission and no little punk of a pony was going to scare me out of it. After a bit of juggling, additional gate opening and the penning up of one annoying dog that thinks he's really helpful (but he's really not), we did locate the baby calf and reunite him with his Mama. He was one hungry dude.

As I was riding over the hill, with the plastic sack holding vet supplies,  I had the fabulous opportuity to practice my saddle bronc skills! I do believe my Uncle Neri and his son Wyatt, would be really proud of this 'ol cowgirl. Granted, I didn't have far to fall but I totally "missed him out" When I realized that he was trying to buck, I dug my feet into the stirrups, pulled up on the reins and somehow managed to stay in the saddle throughout the four bucks (probably more like hops!)  I bet it didn't look pretty and I'm positive I didn't get a high score but I stayed on! (I was darn sore the next day too!) Little ponies are deceiving! I got on this horses because I KNEW George was going to buck with me, I didn't expect Isante to!

All in all, it's been an eventful week as ranch manager and I am hoping I get fired very soon. I got hung up in on fence. Somehow I ran a barb in my skin and it stayed there. My helpful daughter ran to the house to get plyers so I could pull it out. That is, she got plyers AFTER she took time to get a drink of water and pet both of the dogs! She asked me later if I knew what had taken her so long? Obviously, I did not so I was quite surprised when she shared this!

I'm happy to report the garden is alive and thriving, the cows and calves are all accounted for. The horses, goats, chicken, duck and guineas all appear to be in good health. I made it to Friday. Yay me! And the best news of one had a camera to take a picutre of my bronc ride!

I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I may or may not take a road trip to the east. I may or may not be driving a different car tomorrow. I may or may not be going on vacation in a week or two. Stay tuned! I still haven't made it to my beloved hammock though I have more incentive now than ever. My friend gifted me  an amazing book that I can't wait to dive into, "Old Jules Country" by Mari Sandoz. It is a collection of her stories. She is one of my favorite authors and her work always inspires me. I have a big project that I want to work on this fall. I'll share more about it as it comes to fruition.

For tonight...... here's wishing you happy trials, calm horses and a cool place to sleep.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bargin Find!

While ambling along in a certain mall store, I found this most adorable hat!
I had promised a certain child that if she was really good at the dentist that I would buy her new earrings. Normally I don't "bribe" my children in this way but this situation called for it. We needed her to sit still and not wiggle or else the procedure would require surgery, a MUCH more expensive option.

Though I did my best to hurry her along, she dodged me and headed to the back of the store to snoop around. That is when my little eye spied this treasure! It was like at first sight and I began seeing a knitted purple, olive and gold scarf to match!

I sent this picture to my boys who are in Deadwood SD having fun on the rodeo trail! Would you like to know what their response was? They asked me how I liked living in Sherwood Forest? Yeah, that's what I get for showing my uber-cool hat to a bunch of cowboys! It's a good thing I am confident and secure in my creative, fashion vistas!
I'm ready to grab my needles and yarn and whip a scarf and pair of mittens right now. I absolutely DISLIKE winter and cold but I do love wearing hats; I'll look forward to wearing this one.

There was a time that I would have bought it but never wore it. It could be age, it could be that I follow my heart and go with what I love or it could be that I am more willing to take risks to see what IS around the corner. Heck, maybe I'm up for a good laugh more than I used to be! Laugh away boys.......... I'm wearing this hat!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Book

I think I missed my calling as a librarian! I love books, mainly resource books though. I have a hard time sitting down to read novels. I used to, in the b.c. times (before children).

I have a deep love of plants, and I dearly enjoy reading about their healing properties and remedies. I once pestered my father so long and hard about his "weed" book (with GREAT pictures) that he give me his water damaged copy. Its a favorite!

Most people see weeds as well, weeds! I don't, with the herb classes and personal training I've experienced, I see weeds as an outdoor pharmacy! Nettle for example is an amazing healing plant. Though cursed by golfers, it is one of the most refreshing "green tea" drinks around. I usually have some on hand as it will quickly restore the body after heat exhaustion from weeding, chasing goats and children! (I speak from experience you see!) Raspberry leaf tea is another divine treat, infused with lemon and honey, it makes me feel little as happy as a buzzing bee!

Other favorite subjects include folklore, cooking, crafting and decorating. My personal library is pretty predictable.

I was excited to find this one, though I have several others on the subject. This "feels" like a great book. How can I tell? I always let the good ones find me! I walked into Ft. Cody, where my boys had spied Billy The Kid and Doc Holiday guns that they "just has to have"! As I turned the corner, this title jumped out at me. I thumbed through it and took it home with me.

It will be a perfect motivational treat. I have a kitchen and laundry room to tidy up and several hours of ki readings to complete. The boys ditched me and went on holiday with their cowboy father. They are going to my one of favorite places in the universe---The Black Hills! I so wanted to go but I'm not about to leave the goats and garden, at least not until I find someone willing to do chores.

So the girls are camping out this week. I've got an office to reorganize, a daughter's room to find the bottom of (trash bags coming soon) and a craft room that's been calling my name for months. Tomorrow is town/errand/appointment day. We'll sock up on a few supplies and then burrow down here at home. The way I have it figured, we won't have to leave again until next Monday when Pecos gets his braces off! My hippie-hermit vibrations are kicking in. I do LOVE not having to go anywhere, though there is talk of a vacation coming up. The boys want to head to Tombstone, I kid you not. Mama wants to head to the island and hang with the dolphins and sea turtles, Pooh wants to go back to Yellowstone and hugs wolves, Dad wants to hit a few more rodeos. Isn't it wonderful the diversity that exists in this family! Truly laughable when you get right down to it!

We'll see what shakes down. Maybe I'll come up with a creative plan from the hammock? I still have hopes of laying in that thing......

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Found: Four Red Romas

As I was watering the tomato tanks tonight I encountered a lovely sight.

Four red orbs of bright red, tickled the tastebuds in my head.

We've waited with anticipation for just this sight,
it was really no problem to hide my delight!

"Maters," I shouted to the goats and kids,
plucking the Romas from where they had hid.

There's nothing like a garden to delight the heart;
stick a seed in the ground and watch it start.

Reaching its way, right to the sky,
bursting with colors that please the eye.

A treasure was not what I expected to see,
but oh! How glad I am that the finder was ME!

Had it been my darling girl, I'm afraid to say,
that nary a mater would have seen the next day!

She eats tomatoes like apples, without second thought,
if asked why she didn't bring them in the house, she'll shrug sheepishly and say "I forgot?"

"They were just too yummy Mama, I couldn't help it, says she with a grin"
as I spy the red juice running down her chin!

So for now these babies are safely in tow
and straight to the fridge for tomorrow's salad they'll go!

We have more coming on, the crop is not bust,
thanks to the goat that severly dampened my trust!

Forgive the excitement over our first find,
in two months from now my words of tomatoes will not be kind.

My kitchen will be filled, all counters piled high,
with 'maters bursting right up to the sky!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Full Moon Night

I usually have a picture with my posts but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't turn out tonight. I'm outside, in the reclining lawn chair with a 5-year-old sprite dozing on my lap.

The campfire is about to go out, the moon is full and bright, the coyotes are annoying Bo....its pretty close to heaven!

We've had a full day; 12 quarts of green beans canned and supper guests! No matter how much I do in a day, I relish closing the evening or in this case early morning by fire-light.
There's something deeply comforting and grounding in this ritual. No matter what stress I've carried throughout the day, five minutes meditating on those flames and my frustration melts. Truly this is one of man's greatest discoveries!!!

May the flames be burning brightly wherever you are!

My Bean Snapper

The horses were loaded and the boys hit the road for the next rodeo. My girl and I are having a bean snapping party!

We've already filled one big bowel and we're on to the second. I think there will be at least four or five altogether.

We had to stop for a "little snack" a Hershey's bar that will never become a s'more and raspberry tea. We have Alice in Wonderland plugged in. (Its a very strange movie, says Pryce. I totally agree!)

This is how we're spending our lazy Saturday afternoon. At this pace, we'll be canning 'til midnight!

Ready for Market

I've been on the east side of our garden with a watchful eye. One of the first veggies in the ground this season were onions. We've never been on the ball that fast before so when they actually lived and started to grow, I had to do some research to find out when and how to harvest and store them!

The boys, though not thrilled with their extra Saturday chore helped us pluck, clean and hauld the onions to the deck. As far as I can tell, it makes a perfect drying rack as the air will be able to circulate and it gets loads of south sun. What ever would I do without this deck? Remember it also serves as my cowgirl clothes line?!

I've been thinking about hauling our goods to a couple of farmer's markets. There's no way we'll eat all of these onions....and these are just the ones that were plucked to give the others more room!

We are now getting a steady supply of cucumbers, a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes, lots of beautiful basil and dill. We have peas and beans though we tend to eat and can most of them. The peppers are starting to come on too. Pake picked brought a long HOT one at lunch. He and his father are fans, so we'll add it to fresh salsa tomorrow.
The kitchen is all set up to process green beans. The boys head to another rodeo this afternoon so BS and I will be here snapping, blanching and canning away!

I have a lot to do outside and inside for that matter but when its time to can, everything is dropped and has to fend for itself (husband, children and pets included!)

If you are in the area and are interested in farm fresh veggies, herbs, or raw milk, stop in! We always have a fresh pitcher of tea on the table and homemade ice cream in the freezer! (The goat milk ice cream is awesome. I'm going to see if my dad will write a review for me! He enjoyed eating it during his last visit!)

Looks like the water is boiling, I'd better get moving!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning Munchies

One of my morning rituals is to walk out on the deck (in my pj's) and greet the day.
I never know what I'll see; sometimes a beautiful sunrise, sometimes a flock of turkeys, sometimes my dogs following a trail. I don't feel fully awake until I take several deep breaths of morning air and just stand there admiring the handiwork of the Creator. Spring, summer and fall invites me to linger a while, usually with my steaming hot Yellowstone mug, full of coffee. This is the time in my day I try not to hurry. I usually have a stack of to-do' that begin with milking Egypt, cleaning the tank, feeding and watering the chicken, duck and guineas, feeding the dogs and pulling weeds.

The earlier I get up, the longer I can linger, which is a challenging concept for a girl who lives to watch the moon! I come alive at night, its been that way for a long time. Though I'd love to plop in bed at 9, it seems virtually impossible during summer, at least not when I can light a campfire, watch lightening bugs and view the splendor of a full moon!

Thanks to the goats, I am learning to appreciate the solitude early mornings offer. I do feel that I get more done and I'm not as rushed into my day. Often it is the only time that I have to myself and to me, that is also........sacred.

This morning, its not what I saw, its what I heard! The cows were LOUD! I could hear the munching from the front door, where I snapped this photo! I had to giggle a little, the Mama in me wanted to holler, "Chew with your mouth closed," (like they would have listened!)

Normally the girls and their babies don't spend the summer in this pasture; several were late having their babies so they haven't gone down to the east canyon yet. We've certainly enjoyed their company!

The house noises have beckoned me back to the present. There is bickering over "who's doing what chores" and it makes me wonder what is in store today? Maybe I should just hang out with the cows a little longer?!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Say Cheese!

I hardly recognize this little cutie! My how the time flies. This is my little Sparky! He's three in this picture. We were on our way home from the Rapid City Stock show. I realize today that I've been doing a lot of moving and shaking and I really haven't stopped yet to "smell the roses" or enjoy spending time with my kids. Indulge me, please, I seem to be having a sentimental day! Parker just turned nine and though the dimple and the big brown eyes are still there, many of those teeth are long gone!

I do lead a busy life. I have a lot of goal, projects and plans to get done. I confess, I don't always take time to play with my kids and be totally present to them. I am about to shut off the compter, grab them and make them sit in the chair and read a book with me. The 11-year old is not excluded. He's going to whine and wiggle but that's tough. I am the Mama and I don't care!

Here's an invitation to my beloved blog readers. Stop. Take a deep breath and give your children the most amazing HUG you've ever given them. Look into their precious eyes and tell them you are glad they are here and that you love them beyond the moon and stars. See what happens next and feel free to share in the comment section! If you children are somewhere else, find them with a phone, that counts too!
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disaster Zone...

This is just one of the many rooms I'm working hard to "refurbish".

I think I need a break.....

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First Fruits

My day has drastically improved! I survived the trailer ride (sweating profusely and looking quite pale by the time we arrived at our destination!)

Chad made a nice run in the steer wrestling with a 4.4. We went to church and then came home. I've been reading some great cook books on using fresh garden produce and had my plan set on plucking some potatoes for dinner. One of my first stopswas the garden and it wasn't to harvest either. I had six head of horses that found their way over from the barn. Chad had gone to get steers in and the rest of the "boys" were in the cool AC. After a slight freak-out, yelling and cursing and the equine, (none of which actually phased them) they were rounded up and dumped in the round pen with a huff and a puff.  (Again, totally unphased!)

I then headed to the garden to pluck our meal fixings. This isn't Mickie D's or BK, good food takes a bit of time and I warned the fam. If they were hungry they'd have to scrounge around the cupboard and see what they could find until lunch. This would actually help my cause and make them appreciate lunch because the cupboards are BARE!!!!! The kids played, Chad did some outside work and I dove into the prep and cook mode.

First was the peeling and slicing of cucumbers, which were then accompanied by onions and marinated in apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar.

Next I added potatoes, rosemary and salt to boiling water. I added peas later into the boil. During this time, I melted butter, chopped fresh basil, added licorice basil, garlic powder and pepper to the butter. After about 30 mintues, the potatoes and peas were drained then covered in herbed butter and a bit of sour cream. OH MY GOODNESS! I should have taken a picture, it was really quite beautiful but as you can imagine, by this time we were so darn hungry, we didn't really care.

These dishes joined the burgers that Chad grilled and surprisingly there were no complaints or protests. If you want your kids to eat all their lunch, without fussing and complaining. Get them up at 7 am and starve them for a while! Ok just kidding,!For anyone new to the blog, that may not get my sense of humor, I will say that the kids did have "eats" at slack; if you count Hot Tamales, sunflower seeds and Barbie fruit snacks, as food, then they were not starving.

So now for the really FUN part of my day........finding the laundry room. I'll post a picture just for fun so that you can see what I am up against.

I also have pictures coming of my fab birthday boots, and treasure hunting finds. I'd really like to just write all day...........or read, or nap or..........ok ANYTHING BUT WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO! Pray for me!

On the road

Its not your eyes, the picture really is that blurry. My head feels about the same. I'm riding in the horse trailer with the kids to watch their cowboy father this morning at slack.

I wish I was happy about this but I'm not so joyous; the road is bumpy and I've just spilled coffee on my caris. I look like I didn't make it to the can in time.
That and the fact that I get motion sickness very easily is not helping. I lasted 5 minutes before ralphing on a catamaran cruise in Hawaii. This is worse.

Sorry. I'm pretty sure you didn't want to read about vomit on a leisurely Sunday morning. If nothing else let it be a reminder that staying home IS A GOOD THING!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lunch! Just kidding!

Since I am an adult and I just had another birthday, I'm indulging in the sin-filled act of eating sugar/ pastries at anytime of the day that I fancy.

I am sure with humidity and heat index, I'll have no problem sweating it off. Holy goodness. Hot enough to roast peppers!

I'm sure there are other things to talk about besides the weather. Its just what's "hot" today! Pardon the pun. Heat is getting to me. I'll do my best to regaon composure here in a minute. It could be the loud boots I got for my birthday. Pictures coming as soon as I am home, rested, cooled off, may be a while!

Here's to havin a cold one tonight! Cheers!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday Sunset

Its been a FABULOUS 38th Birthday!

I'll share details and pics soon. For now just want to share that I feel like the luckiest cowgirl in the universe. Loving family, great friends, delicious food, and a beautiful day have kept me smiling all day. My heart is happy beyond belief. I feel amazingly blessed.

Thank you God! This is one I'll remember for a long time to come. I especially liked sitting on the deck tonight with a hot cup of coffee and watching the sunset. I'm a huge fan of your handiwork!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy Cow--Its HOT!

I don't think my temp is accurate. Its reading 107. It is on the south deck where the heat is most intense right now.

I just came in from weeding and mulching the garden. A wise woman would be in at sunrise and done by 10 or 11, but not me! Oh heavens no! I love to sweat buckets, as I catch up from being gone this am. I took another nine holes in and I don't feel at all guilty. Slight behind in my work load but try as I might, no guilt. Yep, checked again; not here!

I've checked and checked and it appears the garden is far behind. I may be canning in October. I canned a bunch of salsa and sauces in '08. The weather was cooler and we were still blessed with nice long days.

As hot and sticky as it is outside, I still love it. I love just about everything about summer. Fall is also a favorite. I savor the autumn colors and a big orange harvest moon hanging over the horizon.

There's a lot of summer yet though and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest. I have a hammock that I am going to drag out of storage next week. I figure if I can get caught up on laundry, editing and a few other to-dos then I can leisurely putter in my creative space in the afternoon. I'm really feeling the urge to get in my craft room (will have to find it first though!) I haven't done any scrapbooking in over a year so I have much to catch up with there as well (that is a much more enjoyable task though)!

I have so many ideasn plans and projects going on in my head! I just wonder when I will have the time. I've always fancied myself as an organized person but this summer, and the present ki alignment is throwing me one hellova loop. I'm adjusting just fine, I share that advice in monthly ki previews, so its not like I'm clueless. Being in the "thick" of a nine fire station though *phew*, its a doozie!

Next month should be a bit more balanced. I'm hoping to have the chicken/goat complex complete and fill it with ready to lay chickens. I miss my chicks sooo much. Camo is clucking and acting like a real hen. The guineas are a hoot to watch. They are some bug zappin birdies. I'll turn them loose in the garden soon but I want a place for them to roost. We don't have many trees for them to fly up to. They are getting along with the duck and chicken just fine; a hodge-podgy little family!

So that's the super-boring update for today! Tomorrow should be spect-tac; I'm going for a quick visit to see my mom. I have some fab junk that I found in the old red shed (pics coming). I'll have lunch with my sweet cousin Ang, back from NM, her Mama, and any other friends and family members that read this and want to join in! (My mother has likely called everyone she knows by now!)

My brother's beans are ready and being the nice sis I am, well, I can't let 'em go to waste. Part of his birthday present was Dill Beans. He's provided the beans, I'll do the rest! It'll be a fast, fun trip. And if that weren't enough, my husband is taking me to Bella Italia for supper! Yay! What a great stay-cation week! The best part is, I get to sleep in my own, comfy bed EVERY NIGHT!

More on-the-go blogging coming up!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hell with Housework!

Today, despite my best efforts to focus, I am throwing in the towel. I've had it! (I'm actualy not mad, sad, upset or depressed, so keep reading!)

We've been on the go for 10 days. Though I try to keep order and neatness, it is a nearly impossible with the schedule and hours we've been keeping. We've had a 9th birthday, a holiday, baseball tournament, and junior rodeos. My goal was to reclaim our space, excavate the kitchen and unbury the laundry room. Instead, I went golfing this morning. I usually put off any fun/recreation until my work is done. One look around this pit reminds me the work might not be over for a very long time.............

I realized today, somewhere around hole #4, that I just as well take my vacation this week. What the heck! I'm not going anywhere but there's no reason not to take a time out, kick back and declare a strike against clutter, strewn laundry, full counters and a fridge that should be covered in yellow "caution" tape. (Its bad in there, man!) I'm pretty sure no one is going to drive to my house and say, "YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TIME OUT". On the same token I probably won't get hauled to jail for not getting the place picked up either. Its only my ego that I'm wrestling with here. The kids sure don't care! My spouse does. He's just being polite and not saying too much. He's not home enough to contribute to the mess so none of this gets blamed on him. I'm amazed that even after all the work and decluttering I did this spring, we still have a very messy abode. Its hard on me but this week, its not hard enough to make me do something about it!

Try as I might, I am literally at the end of my "go reserves". They've gone. I've felt it for a while, I just haven't admitted it. I am ready to sit by the pool and let an adorable young man bring me drinks with umbrellas in them. It's past pina colada time. Its summer. The garden is growing, the goats are fed. Who cares if my children don't have cleans socks or jeans?!

When I came this afternoon, I saw my red vintage apron with the saying, "To Hell with Housework! Let's go to Cheyenne Wyoming." What a plan. Amen sister. It won't take much for me to up and go, I think I may already be there! Traditionally, we are gettting ready for Cheyenne right about now. Chad did not enter this year, which makes me a tad sad. It is one of the rodeos I do look forward to going to. Not because of the cowboys either, there is usually a "rockin" trade show and great vendors. My pocketbook will thank me. In fact, this "staycation" may be a really, really good thing. If I just stick around here and actually do the things I WANT to do, not the things I HAVE to do, I may enjoy myself more. It seems I work when I am here. I haven't yet learned the art of letting go and hanging out when it comes to my personal space; but I am willing to try.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Soon enough the temptation to clean, clear and organize will probably kick in, it usually does. For right now though, I'm saying to hell with it. I am going to go outside and drink a raspberry tea on the glider. Then I am going to come in and shower. I may take a nap. I may just sit and stare at the clouds. I'll sit here until inspiration catches up with me. It appears I have plenty of time. Its going to be hard to top Disney World, but I'll give it my best shot.

Tomato Village

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We were in Brady today for the baseball tournament. We needed to win one more game to win the championship.

It was tight. Tied 2 to 2 for three innings. Tucker stole home on a wild pitch to give us a one run edge and the win! Victory is S W E E T! Hats off to Brady's team. They were tough and played great.

For someone who didn't know "jack squat" about baseball in April, I think I'm hooked now! I've had a blast watching the kids. I adore the other baseball parents, they are an awesome group to hang out with! This has been a very FUN season and I look forward to the ones to come.

Thanks Matt and Joe for coaching the team; you guys rock!

Congrats Tigers! Way to Go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Peppers n corn

I'm glad I've worked diligently the last month to mulch and weed. Today I am totally unmotivated, I am resting on my laurels, taking a break to take it all in. Its been a busy two months and this week, it caught up with me.

I'll not have the luxury of sitting back this weekend though. We have baseball games tonight and tomorrow and a Jr. Rodeo on Sunday. I have a NAJPA article begging to be written and a fabulous book to shape. I could begin ki readings as well as countless other to-dos that have been on my desk for days now! But, its summer time and I'm really starting to figure that out (so I'm not the sharpest needle in the basket!)

I savor being able to kick back and relax in the summer. I just forget from time to time that I AM THE ONE who has to DO IT!

I have grand ideas of golfing every morning next week; I may just pull it off to, the boys will be in sports camp and it is half way there so *sigh* I might as well just not go home, right?! That's my awesome excuse anyway.

The garden is coming along, perhaps its too early to say for sure but things look healthy, green and growing. I picked five Early Girl cherry tomatoes today but with BS around, they didn't stick around for a picture. I see blossoms on several and a few green orbs so I'm hoping the 'maters take off soon.

I'm sure this "lazy streak" will pass soon, perhpas in time for canning season which is just around the corner. I do look forward to it, though it is hard work. I'm out of my t. soup (red gold) and so that is motivation enough to get after it.

I see its nearly 4:30! I better hit the shower and get my game face on. Go Mayville!

Melons cukes n squash

Beans peas n corn

Onions and potatoes

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The River

Remember I said I would post pic of rainbows? Here it is. I've loved looking at rainbows since I was a young girl. Every time I see one it is always a good omen. No matter what I am doing, no matter what I am worried about, it's always turns out great. I make a wish as soon as i see one and then..............I send my hope to the clouds.

Parker's birthday was on Sat. We took a four hour tube trip down the beautiful Niobrara River. Though I would love to say it was "heaven" with an 11 and 9 year old, it was not exactly that. It was loud, it was fun but it was certainly NOT peaceful. There's something about being on the river that makes the world right though, even in the face of distraction and brother fighting.

When we got back to camp, we promptly fired up the grill and ate a quick bite. Then it commensed to rain. For a while, it poured. Parker's cake was a soggy, damp mess, so we bypassed that and went straight to opening presents (he didn't mind, this is a child that requested watermelon in lieu of cake for his 6th birthday!)

We had a fun night, in spite of the rain storm. The boys got to camp and Mama got a real bed (I used to love to camp but NOT with a cranky 5-year old. No Thanks!)

I captured tons of pictures as I stood in awe of this brilliant rainbow. I am pretty sure I know where my post of gold is!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Go To The Garden!

As my disorganization would have it, when I went to make crispy tacos for lunch today, I realized I was out of a few key ingredients like......lettuce. If I were out of a lot of items it would force me to drive to town to make a grocery run. Being out of one item doesn't warrant the gas.
I did have a red pepper and an onion. I can create a masterpiece with just one onion so I didn't worry. I see these situations as a way to exercise my cre8tive abilities, that said, some days are not as "sharp" as others. I can get by though and luckily my family isn't too picky (BS is excluded, she's a ranch cook's nightmare but that's another story!)

While I was chopping up the pepper and warming the meat, I remembered that I had a slew of spinach still in the garden. I figured if my family is as tired as I am, perhaps they won't notice that I slipped spinach into the taco and they would possibly eat it anyway? As I was cutting the delicious and very large leaves, I spied my ever-growing cherry tomato plant and with "adult on-set ADD" I found myself admiring the pepper plants and noticing the lavendar that has failed to take off and oh my! What's this? To my sheer delight, I noticed the red leaf lettuce that I planted in April is actually growing. *SHOCKER* I had already pulled one wilted plant and left the other because I'd gotten distracted (not a surprise at all around here). So with a skip in my step I siddled on over to the lettuce plant and pruned away! Yee Haw!

This may sound really crazy but I did forget all about growing this lettuce! Who needs a trip to the store when one can "just go to the garden"? From July through October, the living garden does become my grocery store. I send the kids out for beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes or whatever else may be growing out of control to appease the appetites of my family. There is nothing better than feasting on fresh produce that you've grown yourself from a tiny seed Mother Earth has grown for you just by dropping the seed into the ground and adding a little water!  It is one of the wonders of the world!

Dinner was amazing, by the way. We had grilled tacos, topped with red leaf lettuce, sauted onions, garlic and red peppers. I ate entirely too much and I may or may not have slipped into a dark, cool bed room to sleep it off. I'll never tell and neither will Marley, we made an agreement already!

Next on the list is tackling the mountains of laundry that have accumulated ( surprise there!) I recieved what looks to be an AMAZING book from a dear friend of mine in the mail today call "The First Lamp" this will be perfect for my intention next week of living in a hammock for at least a day. (Da da, Da da, Da da.......will I really pull it off? Stay tuned to find out!)

And for those of you following my posts on facebook...there's been no further mountain lion but we did see two mysterious aircrafts over our canyon last night around 11 pm. To their surprise, we were NOT in bed. We decided to light our family fireworks on the 5th of July instead! If we believed in UFO's we'd be posting messages, photos and videos to various internet websites today. These were certainly "unidentified" or at least, not claimed by any agency or person that we've contacted. Surely they aren't looking for a mountain lion that doesn't exist? Its probably a stray dog that they were after!  Ok, enough of the sarcasm! I'm extremely pooped after wrestling with three children along the Niobrara River this weekend. I am retiring my position of "the cool mom that takes her kids on amazing adventures" to the "boring, homebody-mother that never goes anywhere fun"! If I am lucky I may have all of this crap put away in a month!

Golf is just around the corner though, so I should probably rest again! If you know my husband and read this blog, please share with him your amazement at what a hard worker I am. He's way too busy to read my posts, so hopefully my secret is safe with you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

We've Reclaimed the Peas

It took the entire day but we got it handled! Peas, beans, corn, potatoes, and onions are nearly weed free. Its an awesome (and exhausting) feeling.

We're off for a little road trip. Have goats, will travel! Here's wishing you a Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check It Out!

I am sharing an awesome video and song, written and performed by a dear friend of mine, Scott Swagger. The guy is amazingly talented and worth checking out.

The link for the "I'll Be Around"  is only available today:

The video will soon be featured on Scott's website

As many of you know I LOVE music. When you know who the artists is, that makes it even better.

Scott can be found on facebook, if you are interested in following him! Watch for an interview and future posts with Scott about his music and songwriting project.