Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disaster Zone...

This is just one of the many rooms I'm working hard to "refurbish".

I think I need a break.....

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  1. Did you sneak into my daughters' room and snap a photo while I'm away? So sweet of you to "refurbish" their room!

    I so need to do this when I get home. I keep saying I need to give away and yard sale away, I REALLY need to do it! You are giving me the push I need!

    As soon as I leave Paradise......sniff...sniff.

  2. OH sweet girl! Stay in Paradise a while longer! That wonderful, lovely disaster will be there when you return! Yes, after three days of constant cleaning and excavation, I am taking a slight break. However, the best plan is simple to just JUMP IN AND DO IT!

    Good luck! Here for you if you need me! xoxox