Sunday, July 25, 2010

Found: Four Red Romas

As I was watering the tomato tanks tonight I encountered a lovely sight.

Four red orbs of bright red, tickled the tastebuds in my head.

We've waited with anticipation for just this sight,
it was really no problem to hide my delight!

"Maters," I shouted to the goats and kids,
plucking the Romas from where they had hid.

There's nothing like a garden to delight the heart;
stick a seed in the ground and watch it start.

Reaching its way, right to the sky,
bursting with colors that please the eye.

A treasure was not what I expected to see,
but oh! How glad I am that the finder was ME!

Had it been my darling girl, I'm afraid to say,
that nary a mater would have seen the next day!

She eats tomatoes like apples, without second thought,
if asked why she didn't bring them in the house, she'll shrug sheepishly and say "I forgot?"

"They were just too yummy Mama, I couldn't help it, says she with a grin"
as I spy the red juice running down her chin!

So for now these babies are safely in tow
and straight to the fridge for tomorrow's salad they'll go!

We have more coming on, the crop is not bust,
thanks to the goat that severly dampened my trust!

Forgive the excitement over our first find,
in two months from now my words of tomatoes will not be kind.

My kitchen will be filled, all counters piled high,
with 'maters bursting right up to the sky!

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