Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy Cow--Its HOT!

I don't think my temp is accurate. Its reading 107. It is on the south deck where the heat is most intense right now.

I just came in from weeding and mulching the garden. A wise woman would be in at sunrise and done by 10 or 11, but not me! Oh heavens no! I love to sweat buckets, as I catch up from being gone this am. I took another nine holes in and I don't feel at all guilty. Slight behind in my work load but try as I might, no guilt. Yep, checked again; not here!

I've checked and checked and it appears the garden is far behind. I may be canning in October. I canned a bunch of salsa and sauces in '08. The weather was cooler and we were still blessed with nice long days.

As hot and sticky as it is outside, I still love it. I love just about everything about summer. Fall is also a favorite. I savor the autumn colors and a big orange harvest moon hanging over the horizon.

There's a lot of summer yet though and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest. I have a hammock that I am going to drag out of storage next week. I figure if I can get caught up on laundry, editing and a few other to-dos then I can leisurely putter in my creative space in the afternoon. I'm really feeling the urge to get in my craft room (will have to find it first though!) I haven't done any scrapbooking in over a year so I have much to catch up with there as well (that is a much more enjoyable task though)!

I have so many ideasn plans and projects going on in my head! I just wonder when I will have the time. I've always fancied myself as an organized person but this summer, and the present ki alignment is throwing me one hellova loop. I'm adjusting just fine, I share that advice in monthly ki previews, so its not like I'm clueless. Being in the "thick" of a nine fire station though *phew*, its a doozie!

Next month should be a bit more balanced. I'm hoping to have the chicken/goat complex complete and fill it with ready to lay chickens. I miss my chicks sooo much. Camo is clucking and acting like a real hen. The guineas are a hoot to watch. They are some bug zappin birdies. I'll turn them loose in the garden soon but I want a place for them to roost. We don't have many trees for them to fly up to. They are getting along with the duck and chicken just fine; a hodge-podgy little family!

So that's the super-boring update for today! Tomorrow should be spect-tac; I'm going for a quick visit to see my mom. I have some fab junk that I found in the old red shed (pics coming). I'll have lunch with my sweet cousin Ang, back from NM, her Mama, and any other friends and family members that read this and want to join in! (My mother has likely called everyone she knows by now!)

My brother's beans are ready and being the nice sis I am, well, I can't let 'em go to waste. Part of his birthday present was Dill Beans. He's provided the beans, I'll do the rest! It'll be a fast, fun trip. And if that weren't enough, my husband is taking me to Bella Italia for supper! Yay! What a great stay-cation week! The best part is, I get to sleep in my own, comfy bed EVERY NIGHT!

More on-the-go blogging coming up!

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