Thursday, July 22, 2010

Say Cheese!

I hardly recognize this little cutie! My how the time flies. This is my little Sparky! He's three in this picture. We were on our way home from the Rapid City Stock show. I realize today that I've been doing a lot of moving and shaking and I really haven't stopped yet to "smell the roses" or enjoy spending time with my kids. Indulge me, please, I seem to be having a sentimental day! Parker just turned nine and though the dimple and the big brown eyes are still there, many of those teeth are long gone!

I do lead a busy life. I have a lot of goal, projects and plans to get done. I confess, I don't always take time to play with my kids and be totally present to them. I am about to shut off the compter, grab them and make them sit in the chair and read a book with me. The 11-year old is not excluded. He's going to whine and wiggle but that's tough. I am the Mama and I don't care!

Here's an invitation to my beloved blog readers. Stop. Take a deep breath and give your children the most amazing HUG you've ever given them. Look into their precious eyes and tell them you are glad they are here and that you love them beyond the moon and stars. See what happens next and feel free to share in the comment section! If you children are somewhere else, find them with a phone, that counts too!
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