Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Book

I think I missed my calling as a librarian! I love books, mainly resource books though. I have a hard time sitting down to read novels. I used to, in the b.c. times (before children).

I have a deep love of plants, and I dearly enjoy reading about their healing properties and remedies. I once pestered my father so long and hard about his "weed" book (with GREAT pictures) that he give me his water damaged copy. Its a favorite!

Most people see weeds as well, weeds! I don't, with the herb classes and personal training I've experienced, I see weeds as an outdoor pharmacy! Nettle for example is an amazing healing plant. Though cursed by golfers, it is one of the most refreshing "green tea" drinks around. I usually have some on hand as it will quickly restore the body after heat exhaustion from weeding, chasing goats and children! (I speak from experience you see!) Raspberry leaf tea is another divine treat, infused with lemon and honey, it makes me feel little as happy as a buzzing bee!

Other favorite subjects include folklore, cooking, crafting and decorating. My personal library is pretty predictable.

I was excited to find this one, though I have several others on the subject. This "feels" like a great book. How can I tell? I always let the good ones find me! I walked into Ft. Cody, where my boys had spied Billy The Kid and Doc Holiday guns that they "just has to have"! As I turned the corner, this title jumped out at me. I thumbed through it and took it home with me.

It will be a perfect motivational treat. I have a kitchen and laundry room to tidy up and several hours of ki readings to complete. The boys ditched me and went on holiday with their cowboy father. They are going to my one of favorite places in the universe---The Black Hills! I so wanted to go but I'm not about to leave the goats and garden, at least not until I find someone willing to do chores.

So the girls are camping out this week. I've got an office to reorganize, a daughter's room to find the bottom of (trash bags coming soon) and a craft room that's been calling my name for months. Tomorrow is town/errand/appointment day. We'll sock up on a few supplies and then burrow down here at home. The way I have it figured, we won't have to leave again until next Monday when Pecos gets his braces off! My hippie-hermit vibrations are kicking in. I do LOVE not having to go anywhere, though there is talk of a vacation coming up. The boys want to head to Tombstone, I kid you not. Mama wants to head to the island and hang with the dolphins and sea turtles, Pooh wants to go back to Yellowstone and hugs wolves, Dad wants to hit a few more rodeos. Isn't it wonderful the diversity that exists in this family! Truly laughable when you get right down to it!

We'll see what shakes down. Maybe I'll come up with a creative plan from the hammock? I still have hopes of laying in that thing......

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