Friday, July 30, 2010

Isante, My Trusty Steed

 I normally don't ride this guy but I wasn't in the mood to get dumped. We'd had a missing calf since Monday and though I worried the little stinker was dead, I needed to saddle up, and ride around to find him. I usually ride George, but he was really jumpy, nervous and hasn't been worked with so I nixed that plan. I saddled up Isante and started looking for proper headgear. We have an entire wall of headstalls, bits and reins. Though I am in and out of that tack room daily, I had no idea which one to use! After several text pictures to Chad asking which headstall and bit was the right one, I finally figured it out!

 *Duh* I can say that I really don't know crap sometimes. I also think this is a perfect attribute to have as my children head toward their teen years. It's down the road, Pecos will be 12 in October, Sparky is 9 and Blue Sparkle is 5; by the time they are teenages, I will be perfectly content with not knowing s*&@! 

After what seemed like hours, I headed south to the electric fence. Together, me and my short, but trusty steed  began the search. I was really glad no one had a camera, my feet were not all that far from the ground. As quickly as I had gotten on, I dismounted to disconnect the electric wire. I had mistakenly let go of the reins as I let down the electic fence. As I turned around, this seemingly calm pony jumped away from me and ran bucking back to the barn! It would have scared me if it had been a big horse, but instead I was.........humored. He didn't go far.

So, back to the barn I walked. I grabbed his reins and jumped back on. The little bugger wasn't going to buffalo me! I was on a mission and no little punk of a pony was going to scare me out of it. After a bit of juggling, additional gate opening and the penning up of one annoying dog that thinks he's really helpful (but he's really not), we did locate the baby calf and reunite him with his Mama. He was one hungry dude.

As I was riding over the hill, with the plastic sack holding vet supplies,  I had the fabulous opportuity to practice my saddle bronc skills! I do believe my Uncle Neri and his son Wyatt, would be really proud of this 'ol cowgirl. Granted, I didn't have far to fall but I totally "missed him out" When I realized that he was trying to buck, I dug my feet into the stirrups, pulled up on the reins and somehow managed to stay in the saddle throughout the four bucks (probably more like hops!)  I bet it didn't look pretty and I'm positive I didn't get a high score but I stayed on! (I was darn sore the next day too!) Little ponies are deceiving! I got on this horses because I KNEW George was going to buck with me, I didn't expect Isante to!

All in all, it's been an eventful week as ranch manager and I am hoping I get fired very soon. I got hung up in on fence. Somehow I ran a barb in my skin and it stayed there. My helpful daughter ran to the house to get plyers so I could pull it out. That is, she got plyers AFTER she took time to get a drink of water and pet both of the dogs! She asked me later if I knew what had taken her so long? Obviously, I did not so I was quite surprised when she shared this!

I'm happy to report the garden is alive and thriving, the cows and calves are all accounted for. The horses, goats, chicken, duck and guineas all appear to be in good health. I made it to Friday. Yay me! And the best news of one had a camera to take a picutre of my bronc ride!

I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I may or may not take a road trip to the east. I may or may not be driving a different car tomorrow. I may or may not be going on vacation in a week or two. Stay tuned! I still haven't made it to my beloved hammock though I have more incentive now than ever. My friend gifted me  an amazing book that I can't wait to dive into, "Old Jules Country" by Mari Sandoz. It is a collection of her stories. She is one of my favorite authors and her work always inspires me. I have a big project that I want to work on this fall. I'll share more about it as it comes to fruition.

For tonight...... here's wishing you happy trials, calm horses and a cool place to sleep.

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