Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Bean Snapper

The horses were loaded and the boys hit the road for the next rodeo. My girl and I are having a bean snapping party!

We've already filled one big bowel and we're on to the second. I think there will be at least four or five altogether.

We had to stop for a "little snack" a Hershey's bar that will never become a s'more and raspberry tea. We have Alice in Wonderland plugged in. (Its a very strange movie, says Pryce. I totally agree!)

This is how we're spending our lazy Saturday afternoon. At this pace, we'll be canning 'til midnight!


  1. There's just something about that productive "snap" in each beautiful bean.

    Great job Robyn - I enjoy reading your blogs - makes me appreciate the "domestication" of my growing up days for I can truly empathize with your joys and sorrows of farm life :)

    Keep on keeping on - and may Mother Nature smile upon you! Hugs and Love - Char

  2. There is something indeed productive in the snap of those beans, like knitting, I find that canning is a meditative process and can be relaxing!

    Thank YOU, Char for taking the time to write such supportive words! I love to know that there are readers out there!

    There are certainly an abundance of experiences that come with farm life. It seems to be the one most aligned with my earthy spirit! Mother Nature makes an awesome companion!

    Hope you are enjoying a fabulous, fun summer. Hugs and Love to you too!!!! RJ