Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning Munchies

One of my morning rituals is to walk out on the deck (in my pj's) and greet the day.
I never know what I'll see; sometimes a beautiful sunrise, sometimes a flock of turkeys, sometimes my dogs following a trail. I don't feel fully awake until I take several deep breaths of morning air and just stand there admiring the handiwork of the Creator. Spring, summer and fall invites me to linger a while, usually with my steaming hot Yellowstone mug, full of coffee. This is the time in my day I try not to hurry. I usually have a stack of to-do' that begin with milking Egypt, cleaning the tank, feeding and watering the chicken, duck and guineas, feeding the dogs and pulling weeds.

The earlier I get up, the longer I can linger, which is a challenging concept for a girl who lives to watch the moon! I come alive at night, its been that way for a long time. Though I'd love to plop in bed at 9, it seems virtually impossible during summer, at least not when I can light a campfire, watch lightening bugs and view the splendor of a full moon!

Thanks to the goats, I am learning to appreciate the solitude early mornings offer. I do feel that I get more done and I'm not as rushed into my day. Often it is the only time that I have to myself and to me, that is also........sacred.

This morning, its not what I saw, its what I heard! The cows were LOUD! I could hear the munching from the front door, where I snapped this photo! I had to giggle a little, the Mama in me wanted to holler, "Chew with your mouth closed," (like they would have listened!)

Normally the girls and their babies don't spend the summer in this pasture; several were late having their babies so they haven't gone down to the east canyon yet. We've certainly enjoyed their company!

The house noises have beckoned me back to the present. There is bickering over "who's doing what chores" and it makes me wonder what is in store today? Maybe I should just hang out with the cows a little longer?!

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