Saturday, July 24, 2010

Full Moon Night

I usually have a picture with my posts but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't turn out tonight. I'm outside, in the reclining lawn chair with a 5-year-old sprite dozing on my lap.

The campfire is about to go out, the moon is full and bright, the coyotes are annoying Bo....its pretty close to heaven!

We've had a full day; 12 quarts of green beans canned and supper guests! No matter how much I do in a day, I relish closing the evening or in this case early morning by fire-light.
There's something deeply comforting and grounding in this ritual. No matter what stress I've carried throughout the day, five minutes meditating on those flames and my frustration melts. Truly this is one of man's greatest discoveries!!!

May the flames be burning brightly wherever you are!

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