Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Fruits

My day has drastically improved! I survived the trailer ride (sweating profusely and looking quite pale by the time we arrived at our destination!)

Chad made a nice run in the steer wrestling with a 4.4. We went to church and then came home. I've been reading some great cook books on using fresh garden produce and had my plan set on plucking some potatoes for dinner. One of my first stopswas the garden and it wasn't to harvest either. I had six head of horses that found their way over from the barn. Chad had gone to get steers in and the rest of the "boys" were in the cool AC. After a slight freak-out, yelling and cursing and the equine, (none of which actually phased them) they were rounded up and dumped in the round pen with a huff and a puff.  (Again, totally unphased!)

I then headed to the garden to pluck our meal fixings. This isn't Mickie D's or BK, good food takes a bit of time and I warned the fam. If they were hungry they'd have to scrounge around the cupboard and see what they could find until lunch. This would actually help my cause and make them appreciate lunch because the cupboards are BARE!!!!! The kids played, Chad did some outside work and I dove into the prep and cook mode.

First was the peeling and slicing of cucumbers, which were then accompanied by onions and marinated in apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar.

Next I added potatoes, rosemary and salt to boiling water. I added peas later into the boil. During this time, I melted butter, chopped fresh basil, added licorice basil, garlic powder and pepper to the butter. After about 30 mintues, the potatoes and peas were drained then covered in herbed butter and a bit of sour cream. OH MY GOODNESS! I should have taken a picture, it was really quite beautiful but as you can imagine, by this time we were so darn hungry, we didn't really care.

These dishes joined the burgers that Chad grilled and surprisingly there were no complaints or protests. If you want your kids to eat all their lunch, without fussing and complaining. Get them up at 7 am and starve them for a while! Ok just kidding,!For anyone new to the blog, that may not get my sense of humor, I will say that the kids did have "eats" at slack; if you count Hot Tamales, sunflower seeds and Barbie fruit snacks, as food, then they were not starving.

So now for the really FUN part of my day........finding the laundry room. I'll post a picture just for fun so that you can see what I am up against.

I also have pictures coming of my fab birthday boots, and treasure hunting finds. I'd really like to just write all day...........or read, or nap or..........ok ANYTHING BUT WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO! Pray for me!

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