Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keep on going..........

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Cowboy Quote of the day: "If you're going through hell, keep going." ~Winston Churchill

I wouldn't necessarily qualify this month as hell, but some aspect of it are darn close. In the nine star ki philosophy, the energies of this month are related to two earth. Earth energies are known for being grounded, very grounded, and sometimes they get stuck, very stuck. No matter how hard we push, shove, insist, force and move, it may not appear to glean much progress. So we stop, wait and assess. Sometimes we start something new without fully realizing the implications involved. Yet, how can we know what the "new" will be like if we aren't willing to try it out, one taste at a time taking a whomping mouth-full!

My life has certainly taken on a new direction. I'm spending my days in a much more focused, linear manner. I'm not sure I'll always be doing what I presently do, though I can say that each day seems like a monumentally different shift! I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone focus on next week. Being so busy has helped me learn to prioritize my time, do what HAS to be done today and then carve out a little shameless time for myself.

How do I do this? I've had more than a few people inquire lately. Thanks so much for the love and support via, phone, text, email and facebook messages! I feel I have the MOST FANTABULOUS people in the world in my circle! I'm also blessed with amazing clients who actually take my advice and apply it! Here's what I'm offering for those of you who are wondering how to survive quantum acceleration, and conscious evolution:

1. Do at least one thing that YOU LOVE everyday

2. Get moving, whenever you can, whenever your schedule allows, walk, run, job, bike, swim, whatever....just do something physical every day.

3. Breathe. Whatever may be bothering you now, will likely be gone in a few days. If its still hanging around, it is there to teach you something. As soon as you learn it, the issue will clear itself up.

4. Do your best to sneak away to the sanctity of your bedroom and go to sleep early (especially if you have to get up early.) Even one night a week invigorates your body.

5. Don't react. If you hear news or information that is less than supportive....just listen. With so much energy swirling around, its easy to forget where we are and what others are going through as well.

6. Don't think. Stop trying to fix what is wrong, fix others or fix yourself. Just let it be. Accept who you are right now, all the blessings you already have and be grateful for the totality of the experience.

7. Play. Play with your dog, your kids, your friends, connect with others in meaningful and enjoyable ways. Focus on being with positive people, let the toxic ones go.

8. Breathe. It's essential. Sigh if you have to, scream if you must but take a lot of long, deep breaths and smile. It's does help you relax.

9. Do only what has to be done. If you don't get everything crossed off your list, you'll probably have an opportunity to do it tomorrow. If tomorrow doesn't come, it won't really matter will it?!?!

10. Get yourself an excellent planner. My favorite is the Mom Agenda. You can have it personalized if you want to. It's hard cover, it has a pocket in the front and in the back. There is a master calendar and then a weekly one with plenty of space. Write every, single, little detail down: passwords, emails, Christmas lists, birthdays, anniversaries, to-do's, goals, play lists, play dates, football games, church meetings, and anything else that may keep you awake at night! once you write it down, do it.


And one final thought; if the world around you appears to be moving fast, let this be an invitation for you to move even more slowly, with intention and integrity. Before you know it the "hell" you are walking through right now, just might transform itself into your next heaven.