Friday, April 30, 2010

The Garden Goes In

Last night was the beginning of our garden venture. It was windy and chilly but the kids didn't seem to mind. It doesn't seem much like garden season or spring when I have to wear a heavy coat. Honestly, I wasn't even in the mood when we started.

It didn't take long before those visions of future crops started to crop up within my psyche though. I love plucking fresh veggies off the vine or pulling onions out of the ground. I have a number of new dishes to try this summer. I am mostly excited about the prospects of fresh feta cheese on thick juicy tomatoes, mozzarella piled high on fresh spaghetti sauce or licorice herb basil butter (tastebuds are watering now!)

Planting a garden takes time and maintaining it can be a lot of work, the rewards are worth it though. The beans I canned last summer have not ran out and we still have plenty of frozen sweet corn. The salsa and sauces are running low and I am hoarding my last jar of tomato soup. I'm glad canning season is just around the corner.

The work is about to begin. Gardens don't plant themselves and "ponies don't buck for free"! I've come to the conclusion no matter what I end up doing with my life, there will always be a garden involved. It is quite the miracle to put seeds in the ground and know they will sprout, grow and become food. There's something deeply nourishing about growing what goes on your table.

This will be a work in progress. The red, white, and yellow onions are in, and so is the spinach. Potatoes go in this weekend. We're adding raised beds this year in hopes of dodging the tomato blight. I'm planting a surplus, I have a few requests already coming in.

One thing is for certain, I am never bored!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's DDs (Dynamic Details)

*getting a start on the garden
*my kids cleaning up the living room and kitchen (they are a lot more talented than they let on!)
*dining on canned beans from last year's harvest (still yummy!)
*Dairy Queen ice-cream cake (so glad we just had a brithday in the house! Yum again!)
*my growing, healthy flock (kids and chickens)
*new baby calf
*FABULOUS friends!

Here's to a dynamic evening and great Friday!

Why I don't hang out fancy lingerie.............if I had any!

If I’ve lured you to this blog with the title, let me just assure you that there is nothing X-rated here. This is a down-to-earth, real issue that comes with having only a cowgirl clothes line. In short, the reason I don’t hang out fancy lingerie (if I had any) is because they would get a blow job. That’s right, they’d be blown so far into the canyon that there would be little hope of recovery. Perhaps a lucky coyote or two would end up with a new chew toy?

One of the thrills of living on the Great Plains is feeling the wind blow up your skirt. Ms. Monroe would have loved it on my deck! Our screen door, recycling bins and various other objects have fallen victim to the dastardly winds that rage across this prairie. We now have a block NAILED to the deck as a door stopper. It works fairly well, though once each summer a gale force shoots the door over the block. Chad has to unscrew the block and put the door back in place. The block of wood has been the object of more than a few swear words when I forget it is there or when someone, new to the place, inadvertently tries to kick it out of the road.

Around 8 years ago, I had visions of having a beautifully landscaped yard. I went so far as to purchase a fountain, an auspicious symbol of feng shui. The cherub decorated piece sat in my front year for a bit, though the heavy calcium deposits and wind, made it look less than auspicious. It will be used this summer to decorate the garden landscape. The theme out there is “comfy-rustic” so it will fit right in with the shingle torn shed.

Since I am not a quitter, I also purchased a cute little garden flag and pole that greeted those who entered from our side door. Quaint as it was, it lasted two whole days. The wind came up blew the flag away, along with my dreams of every having anything “light” stick around. Yes, fancy lingerie was totally out of the question.

For now it is important to state that I’ve pined for a clothes line for years, though for some reason it just keeps getting put off. We always seem to find some other project that holds more weight. Being the resourceful type of cowgirl, I use what I have on hand. For me, this is the deck railing. This system has worked though, I have lost things along the way, such as jeans. The wind come up and blew a pair off the deck and into the backyard wilderness. Apparently I was too tired and/or busy to notice. We found the 2T jeans when the kid was in a 5T. He was quite shocked and wondered where the baby was that fell out of its pants. I told him he was the baby. The puzzled look on his face indicated I had deeply confused him.

The next year produced a rare find. Remember that flag that disappeared during my first “I’m going to make this place look cheery phase?” Chad waltzed in in one winter’s night with a brightly colored something, that had been wrapped up in a soap weed in the canyon. Upon further investigation he brought it home because he thought his wife could use it as a decoration. He didn’t remember that I was the one who bought it.

Though clothing/article loss is traumatic, I should also mention that some articles of do not disappear they just fall to the ground. If we lived on pavement, it would be fine but under the deck is dirt, and when it rains dirt becomes mud. Many times a wind has come up and blown jeans off the deck only to have them land in a puddle, which requires washing them all over again. That is, unless they are steer wrestling jeans. I just hang them back up on the rail, put a rock on top and walk away. When dry, I fold them and take them to the nearest horse trailer. Those pants have no idea what is it like to be stain free and clean.

At one time, sweet nostalgia reminds me that I did have a clothes line. I haven’t always been without one. Prior to setting up the homestead here on the Rafter Lazy H, I had a sturdy clothes line in my back yard in Maywood. I used to hang everything on the line. Oh yes, I was THAT kind of girl……….. In between rodeos I hung out a week’s worth of socks and underwear. I got brave and hung out a few umbrellas (my daughter’s words for bras!) Keep in mind this is a small mid-western town. A tiny town, in a fenced in yard where I thought I was safe to "hang it all out"!

In a quick decision to travel with my husband, who would not return home for a week or two from rodeos, I hopped in the truck and forgot all about my precious essentials on the line. I was focused on getting to Cheyenne.

In addition to the wind, do you know what else really blows? It’s when you forget all about what you’ve left hanging out and then it gets handed back to you……….by an elderly, smirking neighbor. My “unmentionables” were strewn all over the neighborhood in my absence. This kind (and apparently amused) man returned them. The result, I don’t hang out like I used to! Having someone besides my husband see my “umbrellas” was too much to bear. It shut me down. I’m much more……...private than I used to be, even in this present location.

I attempted to release this haunting image last summer. After all, the only neighbors we have are the cows, horses and coyotes. I hung out a pair of trouser socks. It was successful because they did not blow away; instead they were snagged and ripped from being caught on the splinters. I found them right where they stuck. Perhaps my “cowgirl clothes line” is the reason I have an alternate method of air drying my unmentionables?  I also don’t think I couldn’t face another old man holding my socks, underwear and "umbrellas" and handing them back to me! For the past 9 years the deck rail has been a good place for drying jeans and Kool-Aid stained table clothes.

I am secretly envious of gals that have clotheslines that stand up in the ground. I wouldn’t mind having one myself someday. It might be a real thrill. I suppose if any fancy lingerie dealers happen by this blog and want to test their goods to see if they are “cowgirl worthy” they could send some pieces my way. Yes, those delicate pieces look just fine on a size 2 model in a controlled environment but can they withstand the elements? How tough are those tiny pieces? I’d be willing to test them; I’ll hang them off my deck overnight. If they are snag free and still intact 24 hours later, if they haven’t disappeared into the great abyss of my backyard canyon and don’t show up in a coyotes mouth, I’ll add a product button on my blog. I won’t wear fancy lingerie mind you, but I could at least say that I have hung some out to dry.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Follow Your Dreams..........Fearlessly!

Follow Your Dreams…………Fearlessly!

Better late than never right? I am following Ghandi’s wise counsel of “I have given up the need to be consistent” and am posting Wisdom Wednesday this afternoon. I would love to have posted earlier but it just wasn’t in the cards. Life is here and I am joyously following, enjoying and chewing every bite slowly. There’s more than a plateful too!

Today was my “town day”. I take one day per week and do as much as I can in the allotted time. This includes running errands, grocery shopping, hair appointments, library returns, dry cleaning, knitting store (FUN), and various supply gathering ventures!

There were so many Dynamic Details today that I’ll start with them and then conclude with Wisdom Wednesday’s post! Forgive the appearance of scattered thoughts, welcome to my day!

My sweet girlfriend, Barb, takes such good care of me. Once a month she beautifies my locks, gives me hugs and huge doses of LOVE and helps me reconnect to my inner and OUTER beauty. That girl is GREAT for my soul. I leave her salon feeling like a million bucks and am ready to go straight to the court house to take my driver’s license picture because I love how she fixes my hair! If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I am not real fond of having my picture taken; on these days, when I’m with her, I feel a lot better about doing so.

As a special birthday treat, Pryce got a make-over too. Barb trimmed her hair and pierced her ears. She was such a big girl. No cries, no whimpers. She asked me to put my hand over her mouth though! My baby looks so grown up!

Another treat came today and that is a Dynamic Detail AND a detail related to Wisdom Wednesday, which is if following our dreams, fearlessly. I am find each time I present the Dynamic U, I am invited to look into the old blocks, out-dated beliefs and limiting thoughts that tend to stifle my cre8tive energies. When I commit to following my intentions through a four week time frame, it is easier to see where and how I have “let myself off the hook” and perhaps not been as focused on what it is that I really want to do. I let myself get distracted by other things, responsibilities and daily life.

In truth, what I most recognize is that anytime I set out to accomplish something, I usually also am given the opportunity to meet fear head-on. This can be uncomfortable at times, because the mind usually wants to drown in the details of how I’ve failed in the past, how I am unworthy and unable to follow through. Self-pity, crashing self-esteem, doubt and judgment follow. However, I am learning, through my inner work that this is NORMAL and simply a part of being human and having emotions. These are surface reactions and often they are just pooling there, like snot, ready to be blow away. Pardon the analogy, it’s the best that I could come up with in this moment.

In the pursuit of  following our dreams, fear is a natural part of the path. It doesn’t mean that it is going to stick with you forever, it just may be there for now, until it is recognized and released. Today, I had the thought of following up on a dream of mine. I’ve had it for a long time and it won’t be a surprise to many of you since it is what I am talking about more and more. In addition to talking, and now that I am again immersed in presenting this class, I am taking the same challenge offered to the participants, do the opposite and FACE YOUR FEARS!

I have always loved writing and I have so many ideas. In my head they are all fabulous, though I have yet to send anything off for publication. I did this in the past and was rejected. I am now ready to work through and release those old reactions, limiting beliefs and FEARS! Here’s my dream………..I want to write for a living, I am ready to share the thoughts, ideas, messages, inspiration and cre8tive angles that come through my being in a more pronounced and broader way! I want to have my articles, pictures and books published. I would love to have thousands and thousands of readers! Phew, there I said it and now I am shaking!!!! (there’s something very powerful just in identifying the dream!) I have an idea for a Cre8tive Cowgirl book series too, the dream just goes on an on!

This afternoon, I took steps toward this idea in a more visible way. I am sharing with you, my readers and I also approached a fabulous lady who I think has an amazing story and philosophy to share. I am seeing a series of articles and inspirations, insight, teaching, guidance and beneficial examples of following one’s passion, doing what we love, connecting with others and keeping creativity alive! After an hour long discussion, I have not one article but a series that I think will be a blast to write and a joy to read. (Oh! I hope I am right!) I left her place deeply grateful for being willing to take this step, make this commitment and truly facing my fear, which is now turned into exhilaration and joy. Fear can easily be transformed!

There is more than I can write about on the subject of fear……….if anyone is interested. We could actually go really DEEEEEEP. If any of you reading these posts are interested in a particular subject, please let me know, email, comment or message me. I’ll be happy to do a post on what pleases you! I will also share in more depth about the article series that is coming through. I don’t know if what comes through will be of interest to others. I have a feeling it could be and the joy that comes through when I write and share from the heart makes me feel it is possible! Lord knows I need editors, proofreaders and many sets of eyes to catch mistakes that I don’t see. Oh and one other thing that I would really love…………READERS! LOTS OF ‘EM! Are you willing to help me share my dream? Do you think I have what it takes to publish articles and share with thousands of people? I am open to all opinions and thoughts, even those that may not be what I want to hear. I welcome ALL truth and I am wide open to it. I can’t do this alone. None of us can. We all need one another to help us carry and birth our dream, help it grow and share it with the world! Share yours with me! I will do what I can to help support you too.

Have a DYNAMIC evening! (and please forgive any mistakes you might see. I am typing this as fast as I can because I have a busy, full night ahead of me and I am giving myself permission to skip the editing part! What freedom when we release limits and rules!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chick Update

Today is a beautiful and sunny day on the Rafter Lazy H. The warmth and light is kicking my cre8tive juices into overdrive (and I'm loving it, though I am feeling the need for a nap!)

I started this morning with every intention of heading straight for the office to continue monthly ki readings and............I got distracted. There is a craft project I've been jonesing over and I finally gave into the urge. Oooooooo, I'll be writng and posting pics on this one soon. It was FUN and messy and really COOL.

Amidst scheduling sessions and dentist appointments and various other secretarial duties, I escaped after lunch to go visit my growing flock. Some of you have asked about how they are doing and the answer is............great, and growing and pooping like crazy.

I am so ready to be able to turn them out. I don't mind cleaning their increasingly small brooder. It is a chore I am happy to take on. I just am so excited to see them running on the ground, chasing bugs, pecking and exploring their surroundings. They have no idea how much fun they are going to have in this "whole new world."

I am excited knowing a few weeks in advance what is in store for the chicks! Like most moms, I have a routine down to a near science. I remove the wet litter and add new. I do this daily. I’m blaming on the ducks. It is a good thing they are so cute because I now believe them to be the messiest birds around (aside from pigeons?)

I then remove both waters and take them to the hydrant. I scrub them clean and fill them both. I’ve caught the Cuckoo Marans perching on them more than once, I do believe they are going to be my problem birds. They better be good layers! I carefully replace the water, sit one in the brooder with them and one beside the tank for later. I have learned to be very careful. Several times I thought I had the top secured only to have the entire thing fall out of my hands and drench the tack room floor. Ooooops. (I realize after this, how much my husband does love me, by his willingness to let me keep chicks in his tack room.)

The extra water is ready so that I do not have to trek out in the night to refill it. I just switch them out. They birds go through a lot of water and a lot of food. They are growing quickly!

Its probably not a good idea to have a favorite but I do! This little dude-ette has the cutest cheeks of any chick I've seen. I love holding her. She doesn't come to me yet but I have visions of her recognizing me as something other than the "pooper-scooper lady that scares the hell out of us every time she brings the big purple thingy that picks up the wet stuff our of our house". A girl can dream right?
I bet by the time there are walls on my chicken house I am not going to miss bending over to clean out the litter. Truth is, I am anxiously awaiting the joy of having more space. I am putting the soiled litter to good use. I am really glad I bought a composter. This is going to come in very handy.

Here’s today’s Dynamic Details:
*taking time for a cre8tive project (I didn’t have the time, I made the time, and I’m really glad I did)

*involving my daughter in the mess (lucky for her, she got out of the clean-up!)

*having a major (busy) oncology specialist give me a prompt call back

*a clean brooder for my chickies

*a place to air dry my laundry


*and no raging WIND

*seeing my favorite girlfriends tonight at golf league


Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details:

Here is my dynamic self getting ready for class tonight. Why the picture of me? Because I am actually not fond of looking at pictures of myself. I can be extremely self-critical and I am recognizing this tendency.

In tonight's class we talked about fear, surface fear, true fear and limiting beliefs. Sometimes we can challenge ourselves to do the "opposite" of what we normally do to root out those old beliefs. Yes, the exposure can be scarry and it can also be deeply liberating. Since I am not fond of self portraits, I purposely posed and posted one. Facing those old beliefs and replacing them with new, empowering ones is what I am working with now. And boy, do I have a few lined up! More on this in the Wisdom Wednesday post?!

Today was beautiful and busy! My mom was here for a quick visit! Pryce graduated from preschool and I got to present Dynamic U. I love my "job". (Those of you who know me can laugh at this one because you also know I don't like work!)

Here's today's highlights:
*seeing my baby girl in a tiny cap and gown (be still my beating heart and weepy eyes.)
*enjoying time with my mom ALL TO MYSELF! Thanks Ga, it was so nice to visit with you!
*having an awesome group of teachers, staff, parents and friends who come together and lovingly support our precious children. I believe that Maywood Rocks and this is a great place to be!
*being blessed with DYNAMIC students who wanted this class--it is a joy to share
*old memories that rose to the surface and the awareness of how to let them go.
*the opportunity to experience another day as me!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details

We've had a FUN, family weekend and tonight, I'm reflecting on the joy of being with my family---away from home, work, computer and phones (sort of!)

I love our home. Our home is also the busiest place to be sometimes. There is always much to do and I don't often take time to just sit and relax (though I'm workin on it!)

Our weekdays fo fast. Each night we cover as much ground as we can; chores, homework, baths, supper, clean-up, reading, laundry, and......more homework. We follow a strict schedule, so weekends are a refreshing and delightful break. We all need space when Friday rolls around.

So today's DYNAMIC detail is a hats off and high five to breaking our routine and having fun as a family!

*taking an overnight trip to play
*finding craft materials on sale
*my mom's visit
*having the energy to clean up from Friday
*having the energy to put everything away
*feeling the flow of cre8tive juices
*getting ready to SLEEP in my own comfy, cozy bed.....

Here's to the beginning of a DYNAMIC week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dynamic Details-- Yesterday and Today!

In the excitement of Tinkerbell's birthday yesterday, I didn't post the Dynamic Details. Instead I resolved to stay away from the computer and phone and lavish most all my attention on my girl! We had a great day and evening; I still am pinching myself over having a five-year-old.....wolf cub!

Friday's Dynamic Details: *Parker's note to his Aunt Jenny *Friends who ARE family and Family who ARE friends! *Ice Cream birthday cakes *rain to make the grass grow * Cotter's grins and giggles, Cayson's cuddles, Coy's hugs *Pake's help (what a great big brother!) *Our Tinkerbell-Wolf Cub's excitement over her fairy finds! *A partner who's supporting me in ALL of this!

Saturday's Dynamic Details: *camera hunting *sleeping in (a little!) *family time* very silly I spy games *COFFEE

Here's wishing you a Dynamic Day and all the energies to enjoy it FULLY!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Wolf Cub!

Here's our precious pumpkin girl! We're taking the day to celebrate, play and enjoy this wonderful milestone of 5 years. Wow. It seems like it hasn't taken very long to get here..............I'm sure the next five years will go just as fast!

The day of her birth we were on our way to a wedding reception. I had done a wonderful meditation and came back into present time/space alignment with the distinct awareness that she was on her way. Of coarse I didn't know that she was a she, I just knew I needed to throw that bag in!

Contractions started slowy and began to build by the time we left for the celebration in the evening. They didn't stop. I calmly shared with my husband, who had not packed his bags, that I probably needed to go have things checked out! About three hours later, we laid eyes on this beautiful baby girl for the first time. We haven't been able to take them off of her since.

Pryce Elizabeth arrived a tad early, she was due May 7th. I had no known association to the number 23, and remembered thinking that this is not a number I would have picked (ha, I know, that is not my job anyway!) It was a few weeks later when we brought her to the Frauen Ranch for the first time, it hit me.  As we drove by Grandma Ruth's gravestone, I noticed that her birthday was September 23rd. This was plenty of confirmation for my heart! Through I'm sure Grandma would LOVED to have met her great-granddaughter in person, I had a strong feeling, these two were already acquainted!

Our girl is mostly spice with a little sugar sprinkled here and there. Our lives are filled with joy, laughter and wonder as we watch her change and grow. I feel blessed to be her Mommy! I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing when she joined us here, 5 years ago. I feel like I learn from her every day, she's got so much to teach and share! I'm certain that all the mommys and daddys out there feel the same way about their babies, no matter if they are 6 months or 60 years and beyond. Children are an amazing, beautiful gift from God. The world truly is a brighter place because of each and every one of them.

By the time August 2011 rolls around and the doors of Kindergarten swing open, I probably won't be able to type at all.........too many tears, and as we know, wet computers don't function well!

The sun just popped out and I am being called to play "Princess Jasmine" and yes.............there is a wolf cub sitting right beside me, holding her stuffed wolf, Jagg, drinking chocoloate milk from a princess glass. She's asking how long we have to wait to have the cake, asking if it would be o.k. for her to open "just one little present", asking if her baby duck Feather's can come to the party too! She's using a can koozy for a magic carpet and............she's still in her pink froggie pajamas (she wants to wear them until noon!) Its going to be a fun day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details

Every day is DYNAMIC! In the busy events and the perpetual "track meet" that we often find ourselves in  it can also be easy to loose focus and forget the fabulous things that come our way in a 24 hour span. For the next four weeks, I am facilitating a Dynamic U class. Already, we've started off with a "bang" as we recognize how powerful we REALLY are! One of our first feats together was "blowing up a phone line". Yep. We did it! True story!

It feels that sometimes we equate dynamic with a trait or even a person "outside of ourselves". Some may think that we have to "live large" and be "Rock Star Great" to be dynamic. That is soooo not the case. The fact that we recognize dynamic tendencies means that they already exist in us! What we see on the outside is simply a reflection of what is already present within.

"To support participants, family, friends, (and yes, even me!) and to stay within the consciousness of postive intentions, vibraitons and the choice to fully embrace our amazing potential, I'll be recording the Dynamic Details of the day. These highlights are a sort of gratitude list to recognize the wonderful forms and examples of how "Dynamic" has shown up in daily life.

I am inviting YOU to share your Dynamic Details in the comment section. Together we can raise the vibrations and the consciousness of our community, state, nation and planet! Recognizing what we already have, what is continually pouring in for us, and  focusig on what it IS that we do want more of , helps us attract a multitude of blessings! We don't have to work at being DYNAMIC, we ALREADY ARE! 

Here are my Dynamic Details for today:
*Surviving (with grace) my daughter's rebellion over no t.v. (I just walked away.......)
*Bio-Feedback session with my dear friend Terri
*FINALLY receiving a package I've waited for since March 31st
*Two girls offering their place in line---impressive dynamic there!
*Seeing one of my Sweet Soul Sisters!
*PJ agreeing to wait a week to have her teeny tiny ears pierced
*My spaz dog sitting right on my feet while I type this
*The idea to share in this way!!!!

I look forward to your DD's!
Shine On!

I Miss This

I know that summer is getting closer and closer and I just can’t wait. I’ve longed for consistent sunshine, warm days and the joy of being able to walk right out to my garden to procure fresh veggies for lunch. I have some mouth-watering recipes that I’m excited to try out but first I need fresh tomatoes, licorice basil and soft mozzarella cheese!

What I most miss is GREEEN! I love living, green things all around me. I love looking out across the canyons and seeing a fresh carpet of rolling green grass. I even love wild sunflowers that wave to me as I walk down the road. Summer is definitely the season when I feel most vibrant and I just can't wait...............

Last night as we were walking the dogs I caught a whiff of the delicate plum blossoms. I don't know if they will survive the wind and rain that we are due to have this weekend. Pryce and I stopped for a while to bury our noses in the blossoms. They felt so fragile and soft. I loved watching her wild, untammed hair fly behind her as she ran down the road singing her newest "baby blossom" song. Images like this make my heart happy and make me really glad that I live where I do. 

Yesterday was an intense day. Though I put fourth my best effort, a lot of things didn't pan out. I could have dwelled on this and yet, the image of those blossoms and my girl running and giggling was what I went to sleep thinking of. Most of us don't feel like we can take time to smell the roses, there may be a tendency to just pick 'em and smell 'em on the run. Instead of running the next day's to-do list, I found myself drifting off into an orchard, far, far away.

Today is overcast and pretty dreary. Even the skylights that normally fill our house with natural, nourishing sunlight can't do their job if there is cloud cover. Summer's warmth, light and potential is on my mind today. I'm going to spend the morning reorganizing and putting things back in their places. I've been researching chickens, goats and gardens and instead of the kids, its Mom who has her stuf all over the table and floors!

I need to go check on the baby chicks too. By the way, I take back most of what I said in the post the other day about them being easy! The little suckers are become more work as they get bigger! I'm cleaning out their shavings often and wrangling the Cuckoo Marans. I'm convinced they've got quite a head start over the others. They are huge and loud and wild. Parker has his work cut out for him. The two black baby ducks definitely are winning a place in my heart. Oh they are precious...........and growing. I can't see a lot of growth in the chicks but the ducks have sprouted almost instantly. I still love watching their antics and I do enjoy hanging out with them, I'll enjoy it a lot more when they are settled into their cozy, spacious home and I am not bending down to constantly scoop poop! I'm pretty sure one of my kids needs to take that job on (I'd pay very well!)

Thanks for tuning in and reading! I had some wonderful messages regarding yesterday's Wisdom Wednesday post! It makes my day to know that what is coming through inspires and touches others, I love it! If there are particular topics or issues that you are interested in hearing more about, feel free to leave a comment on here, facebook or twitter!

Have a great day! If it is overcast and dreary where you are, this is a wonderful invitation to be the one generating the SUNSHINE today! Open to your light, follow your joy, share the peace! Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday post features a topic that was presented in Monday nights Dynamic U session. It’ll be a review for participants and hopefully a wonderful invitation to relax, for those of us who are “working hard to create dreams”!


There is a term called “efforting” that describes the work that we do when we try very hard to bring our wishes, hopes, desires and dreams into reality. Hard work, determination and will power certainly have their place in our society and world. Without these attributes, things wouldn’t get done and there are times we need things to be completed. I speak from experience on this one, as it has taken a tremendous amount of effort to go through an accumulation of clutter from the past 16 years of my existence!

However, the kind of effort that I speak of revolves more to what we are creating for ourselves and our families. All of us have goals, each of us is working to experience something, gain something, have something, try something, do something. I think that is why we come here in the first place, Earth is an excellent training ground!

In the past, hard work and effort has gotten me quite far. It helped raise my grades in high school, got me scholarships in college, helped me pay my bills through college and supported during a nine year teaching position. It has helped me keep a home, raise my children, make payments on a car and phone and helped me to become a Feng Shui Consultant, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, and Accredited Journey Practitioner. That’s a lot! I am thankful beyond words!

What hard work and effort doesn’t do is allow us to relax, to open and to receive. I’ve spent the majority of my life “going after what I want”, stopping at nothing sometimes to get to the end of the goal. I’ve given up sleep, rest and relaxation, precious time with family and friends, and sometimes, peace of mind and body to complete whatever mission I’ve set out to accomplish. Yes, it has served me well and there IS another way.

I recently learned this or should I say, relearned this lesson? There was a time, in the not-so-distant past when things weren’t working in my life or in my career. Most of what I had worked really hard to create, what I had pushed, shoved, and driven hard for simply wasn’t coming through. No matter what I did physically, or the positive thoughts and affirmations I held mentally or the deep release work I did emotionally seemed to have immediate results. So I did what any normal over-achiever adult would do……….I gave up! I threw my hands into the air in complete surrender. Wiped my tears, picked myself off the ground and started looking for something new. I set out to go in an entirely new direction.

I’ve honored a deep call to explore my creative energies. I started taking violin lessons. I threw myself into my home and garden and canned everything in sight! I learned to knit. I gave myself permission to dream, to explore, to create. What I found at the core of my being is that I love to write. This is what I have always loved but hadn’t honored because most of the writing I had done felt like “work” and there was effort behind it. So I quit that too! I went away from any type of writing that felt like it was hard and started writing just what felt good. I started this blog simply because………….it felt good and I enjoyed it!

This spilled over in other areas of my life as well. I started giving myself permission to do nothing (boy that is still a hard one for me!) I researched topics that I felt connected, began to really dream, explore and imagine, all without the fear of “Is this going to help me earn an income?” or “How am I going to pay for this”! I began to trust my heart, to give it permission to lead me, no matter how silly, how strange or how ridiculous I appeared. I started having a lot of FUN! Somewhere along the way, I lost all inhibition to work and to build a “career”. I quit worrying about how I would earn an income, how I would make payments, how I would be successful. I quit worrying about what I looked like, what I sounded like and what I wanted others to think of me. I just quit…………I planted a big “backwards” L on my forehead and kept on moving, creating and exploring.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always equated “quitting” with being a looser. In the past, giving up was associated with weakness. Yet in all the hard work that I’ve done, I really didn’t get the results I was seeking. Hard work and driving forces can sometimes be detrimental; they can counterbalance our bodies own ability to heal, to experience and most importantly to receive…………Yes, hard work and determination do have their place in our world, yet we can over-focus in these areas creating an imbalance that robs us of completely feeling the joy that is already all around us. Pushing can also cause tightness and constriction with further limits our desire to completely open, feel, connect and unite with others. We aren’t meant to “go it alone” yet it can feel that way if we forget we are all part of each other’s path. As we open into our creative vibrations and explore what we truly love and are passionate about, new doorways begin to open! We find ourselves in this process and………….this is what inspires others to do the same.

I don’t expect everyone to get a thrill out of baby chicks and milk goats, but the joy and excitement I feel in this experience can ripple out into the world, and like a wave, help carry others along their path of joy! One of the many gifts of really LIVING is to experience the creative joy that is already here…….its a matter of choosing to open, align and then making that inner agreement to FULLY embrace it!

What is your passion? Have you been working really hard to bring your dreams into reality? I’d like to invite you to just stop for a moment and relax. Recognize all that you already have. It is healthy and beautiful to aspire to greater heights and experiences though what you have right NOW is perfect. Each step of the way toward our goal helps us to gather our energies and rest in an awareness that leads to wholeness and truth. We are in the process of collecting all the pieces of our life’s puzzle. Though the mind may be telling us “its time” and our bodies feel the urge to jump forward, we can consciously SLOW DOWN, and recognize the tendency to push forward…………then release it. This will also save time as rushing, forcing and forging ahead can create the need to go back, recreate and fix mistakes and misperceptions (again, sharing from experience!)

I am not an expert by any means. The urge to push and put fourth effort is still very strong within my being. I have to daily “let go” and open to what is here, even if it is not something that my ego, personality or mind is wanting to experience. This spring things already look and feel much different. I am enjoying my path EVERY DAY, not just on occasion anymore. I love what comes through and I am always delighted when those vibrations resonate, lift, enhance and inspire others. I share that it is not something I do, rather these are energies that I have opened to and have agreed to allow them flow through me. I trust in the process so completely that if I had to walk away from everything tomorrow, I could do it. I am daily learning the art of “letting go”. Possessions don’t define us, titles don’t do justice in defining who we REALLY are because WHO we really are is truly beyond the ability to put into worlds! I am honored to be here, to be walking this path and connecting with so many amazing, colorful, delightful beings.

So, let me be the first to welcome you into the “Looser’s Club”! It is a wonderful sorority to belong too! Here we loose our fears, our egos, our hang-ups, our doubts, our worries, our inhibitions, our need to know. And what we gain, is freedom, joy, peace, happiness, hope, beauty, faith, trust. I hope you’ll join us soon. We’re waiting for you. Our membership is wide open~

Monday, April 19, 2010

5 years ago this week............

Change. Its the nature of the world we live in. We change, our world changes, nothing stays the same. Every now and again, we can see how far we've come when we pause to take a moment and reflect. Five years ago this week, my world was about to change in significant ways. Right about now, I was transitioning out of a full time elementary teaching position into the work of my heart, being at home to raise and care for my children, home and land. I was also being strongly guided to follow my calling as a holistic health practitioner, and Conscious Living Consultant. I look back every now and then with wonder, awe and appreciation. I had no idea how the next five years would go, I only knew that "it was time" and I was more than ready to follow my heart.

I've never been disappointed once. April 23rd, our beautiful, energetic daugher made her entrance into this world. On a brilliant full moon night at 11:30 pm, an entirely new dream was birthed for me as well. This photo was taken just prior to a beautiful rain shower, a week after her arrival here. It hardly seems like its been five years since I walked through that portal. Every day is a miracle, every day is an adventure. Again, I have no idea where I'll be in another five years or what topics will pique my interest. I only know that I'll continue to follow the direction of the sun, opening further to absorb and reflect light, love, hope, joy, peace, beauty and laughter for all those I'm connected to and those I will meet along the way!

Thank you to everyone who is reading and following this blog! Your words of encouragment and messages of support fill me with incredible joy! It is my honor and priveledge to share my experince. Here's wishing you a day filled with the brilliance of sunshine, happy vibes and hope for amazing experinces to come!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its Here!

I'm so excited! The chicken coop/goat house just arrived!

Ok, so it doesn't look like a lor right now, but it soon will. Chad and I will apply tin and flooring and we'll be for laying hens and a goat barn! Yee Haw! It feels like Christmas in April!

Updates soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Operation 'Clear the Clutter' Completed

I am rejoicing this evening! I started an intense clutter clearing, clean-up and junk detoxification one week ago today.

Its been HARD work and also gratifying on many levels. There's been many tears as I've found pictures, notes, cards and messages from my Grandma Ruth and Aunt Audrey. I miss them deeply and I now understand why I've put this off for so many years! They were extremely influential women and ones that I admire and adore still. Perhaps they've joined in and assisted in these efforts?!? I know that I haven't done this alone either. I've had amazing and wonderful support from so many sweet friends; Facebook and Twitter were huge blessings this week! Just when I needed a boost my phone would jingle and I'd see a message to make me smile, laugh out lout and thank God for the power of genuine friendship!

I am excited to see what rolls in now that more space has been created for what we do love and wish for! I've been extremely diligent in keeping only what is loved and enhances us and sorting the rest into sale, gift/donate and trash piles.

My physical body doesn't reflect it yet but energetically I feel 50 lbs lighter (maybe more!)

I feel that the release made room for the coveted intention of getting chickens; a LONG time goal that is finally here!!! The cleaning efforts spilled into outside areas as well, we tackled the tack room and small storage container by the barn. The tack room is now home to 28 little peeps!

I need to get off the couch and make this crew some grub. I've pushed a bit longer and harder because tonight, the finish line was so close! I am simply amazed at how FABULOUS this place looks! You can't see it, but I am doing a "happy dance" right here in the middle of the floor! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! I am DONE with clutter clearing and now very ready to celebrate, relax and hang out with family and friends! If you are in the area, drop by the Rafter Lazy H and sit a spell! We're ready for ya!

Finally Here!

I'm very excited to post this picture, one that I've wanted to take for a very long time!

I've wanted chickens since we moved to our place 9 years ago. Due to mant factors, the time and space just was right for us to have poultry. This didn't stop me from ordering chicken magazines and books on the subject. Over a year ago I bought a book with coop plans! I knew the building aspect was beyond my talents but I happen to know a guy who is darn handy with a saw and excellent with measuring, numbers and calculations. The challenge is finding a time when he's not busy. His wife has him really busy most of the time!

I am delighted and thrilled after years of hoping and dreaming to FINALLY have chickens. And chickens mean eggs, my mouth is already watering! I find it amusing that I rolled out of bed @ 5 am to catch the Orscheln's sale......I did NOT do this for any Christmas sale!

I honestly think the cleaning and clearing efforts helped bring this goal closer. With less things to clean and take care of, with everything in its place, I'm able to maximize my time and spend more of it doing what I really love! I'm super excited to sit on my little garden bench, a glass of iced nettle tea in hand, watching my chickens peck and scratch!

In about 20 weeks this assortment of Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Americauna, and Cuco Marans will be giving us delicious, fresh eggs! If they all live, we'll have a lot to share!

We're about to head home and get these sweet chicks placed. More pictures soon!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

This is me letting go....

12, Count 'em 12 bags of clothes, shoes and video tapes out the door today!

Only 6, yes 6 totes stand between me and freedome from clutter! The finish line is near and the toughest leg of the journey will be today. What stands before me? Memorabilia, collected since 8th grade. I'm not looking forward to it but I figure I can at least sort while sitting down. I covered a lot of ground yesterday, my feet still hurt.

Around the corner is the coveted basement bathroom. Chad will cut and glue tiles, I'll do the grouting. We'll pop the throne in and be one step closer to completion. Future projects include sink, cupboards, shelves, built in entertainment center and base trim. We'll work on those as time, energy and our budget allows. We are nearing the busy season though and soon, garden, goats and chickens will be the focus.

My final cleaning act is today. I'm going to steam the carpets. We only have three rooms upstairs left with carpet, so it shouldn't take long.

I've come to realize there is always going to be more to do. It is up to me to blow the time-out whistle and right now I'm just driven! This is due to where my ki energies are, working with themes organization and transformation. I've been waiting a long time to "feel" like doing this work. Even though I am physically exhausted, it feels really good to let go of so much clutter. I've had such a fill of it, I am also going to be ruthless in what comes in the door from now on!

Like all themes this one won't be around forever so I am aligning with it fully right now. And yes, it does appear to those around me that I am obsessed! That may not last long either.

Ok, time for me to wake up a little more! I'm hitting the shower and then on to the basement! Tally ho!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lost is Found!

One of the benefits of deep clearing of clutter is finding things you knew you have but forgot where it was shoved!

I've searched high and low for this cowgirl apron! There is a teeny tiny one too. Last fall I went to find them for PJ and I to wear in the kitchen. It was no where to be seen. I knew I wouldn't have tossed it out.

Yesterday, as I grabbed yet another dusty box of junk I found my cool retro cowgirl apron! Yee Haw, was I ever tickled. It was like reuniting with an old friend. The little apron used to be mine and the big one was my Mamas. I don't remember if she wore hers very much, but I do remember wearing mine. The apron and the easy bake oven may have fostered my homemaking skills at an early age! Kind of cool that I'm not "playing house" anymore, I have the REAL deal, though my oven hasn't had cookie dough in it for a good long time!

Back to the cleaning. I'm spending the day on the top level. Its time for the seasonal wardrobe sort. I couldn't stand the dust, dirty floors and counter tops anymore! Sometimes I feel like I am just running in circles---as soon as I get one room clean and organized another room starts shouting for attention. I really do believe I'll get to a pllace where 1. I can stop this obsessive madness or 2. I won't care!

Ok, break time is over, noodles are boiling, my closet awaits.......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's With Me?

Our Pot of Gold Is Already Here!

There’s a great shift happening right now. To me, it feels is a real sense of dedication and determination to be living a joy-filled life. Connecting with others of like mind and heart. helps us to this on a more visible level. Aside from the political and economic energies, many are feeling the urge to create and live authentic, happy lives. No matter where we are on our life path, no matter where we are in the world and no matter what work we are doing, each of us has the potential to invite, inspire and live positively. The intention and action of doing so creates viable, TRUE change in the world. We are here, at this time, for such a purpose. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, what we drive or the type of house we live in, what matters IS how we choose to live our lives and ENJOY them to the fullest every day, aside from the drama and external events that are happening within, around and through us.

To honor this wave of positive, intentional movement I'll be posting a weekly “Wisdom Wednesday”post to this blog. I’ll be sharing inspirational stories, thoughts and tips to hopefully awakend and inspire others. We are here to do this for each other! ALL of us have the potential to awaken to our true bliss and in doing so we create waves of change that ripple out into the world inviting others to continue the flow of peace, happiness, joy and vitality. Something as smile as a smile and a hello can instantly change and brighten someone’s day!

I invite you to tune in and share your inspirations in the comment section. Again, we ALL have wonderful wisdom to share. Your words and thoughts could change someone’s direction!

You can find and follow my blog at , facebook and Twitter! It is my hope to inspire and ignite your passion for living a cre8tive, authentic joy-filled life!

So who’s with me? Are you ready to consciously cre8tive more of what you do want, living intentionally and on purpose? Let’s DO THIS…………TOGETHER!

Welcome to the first post of Wisdom Wednesday:

Today’s inspiration came through while I was in the shower. This is often when ideas pop into my head and there’s no paper, pen or computer in sight! I am taking a break today from my clutter clearing today to be in my office, write notes and prepare for an afternoon session. I realized that I am really good at doing, planning and being in constant motion though I don’t often take time to just be. Doing nothing is absolutley essential to our creativity and well being, espeically when we live such busy lives.

Our society “driven”. Our worth is often measured by the amount of work we get done and how much we are able to accomplish and the titles we are able to attain. What if we weren’t able to work? What if we weren’t able to accomplish much of anything? What would we be worth then?

What we DO is often tied into self esteem but who we really ARE is much more than the work that comes through us. Giving ourselves a chance to just be allows us time to gather our energies and contemplate all the changes that have come through in the last 24 hours, days, weeks and months. Who we are NOW is not who we were yesterday or even a month ago. Change is happening so rapildy that many of us may not even recognize ourselves or the life we've created!

Taking frequent time outs are essential in replenishing our energies and reshaping our prespectives. It is easy to get caught up in the drama of life and forget why we are REALLY here. I believe we are here to experince, to learn, to share, to give, to receive and to grow, continaully. There are unlimited ways that this growth happens and we are all blessed with wonderfully unique ways of experincing it. Rarely is is the exact same for everyone, yet the changes that occur within one person do ripple out and resonate with others. Our abundance doesn't just come in the form of a healthy bank account, it comes from opening and allowing ourselves to give and receive continuoulsy. This flow is what delivers our needs and wants as well as allowing us to be channels for others around us. The internet, blogging, and places like facebook, twitter give us opportunities to expand beyond our physical locations, reaching out into the world in to connect and remind others that true abudnace lies within the collective heart.

We are not independent islands in the vast ocean of human experince, we are all in this together. Yes, we do have unique ways of expressing our energies, creativities, missions, passions and goals, that is what makes for a flavorful existence; think how boring it would be if we were all alike!

So no matter where you find yourself to be as you read this post, I invite you to take a few moments to just be. Breath in, breathe out, feel the flow. Consciously say yes to abundance, to life, to joy, to creativty! Feel this deep within your soul, like a fresh spring, ready to flow out into the world. For this moment..................just BE. All you need, all you've been looking for is already here! YOU are the pot of gold that you've been searching for!

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is why I am having such a hard time letting go of stuff!

My sweet baby girl. Notice the little painted nail!
I don't remember what was said, but Daddy made her grin!

I am about to return to the basement project. I promise I will write about more exciting things as soon as this is over. I am hoping this serves as some kind of support for others like me, who find themselves a lot on the sentimental side of life. I found this cap yesterday while I was cleaning. It was Pryce's fist cap and a friend got it for us as a baby gift. It has grease marks from working outside with Daddy, and lots of dirt from riding horses and playing with her dogs. We got a different camera in time to capture these little moments. I miss those tiny, chubby cheeks. I miss the baby teeth and the squeals from the back seat. I had no idea that it would be so hard to go through all of these memories yet that's all it really is............memories. I still have the girl!

With that, I am ready to return to lighten the load and release whatever is no longer supportive and useful. I can see through all the things that I've kept over the years, its really comes down to staying in one place long enought to look at every item make that judgment. I also see how much I've changed. I can hardly believe I still occupy the same body?! Did I really dig floral prints at one time? I am getting some good laughs at what I once thoughts was cool...........and so are my kids!

The storage room is quite small so I HAVE to be selective. I see now that what I most long for isn't "stuff", its experinces, memories and heart-centered connections. I don't really care much for that Winnie the Pooh cap, I just love what it reminds me of. I wouldn't be phased if I saw it on another toddlers head, I probably wouldn't even give it a second look. So out it goes! And here I go................"again, on my own, going down the only road I've ever known;" If I had White Snake, I'd be jammin to that tune right now. I guess Poison will be what takes me back today.

PS. THIS GIRL is also the reason why I will be cleaning and releasing items for many more years. I just found the "treasure" stash in her room. All the junk that I thought I was getting rid of mysteriously ended up in her room. I DO have my work cut out for me..............
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I used to be able to sit here!

This isn't the half of it!

I don't know that I've ever been as relieved for nightfall as I was tonight. I spent the entire day sifting through and sorting out 16 yrs woth of collections, clothing, toys, and various other items, way, way, way too numerous to mention!

The big blue box car in front of my house is now much emptier thanks to the effort. I dare say I thought about torching it more than once. I am overwhelmed with all that we've saved over the years. There were good intentions as I figured someday I'd have a use for all these things but the day has yet to arrive!

I've held on to a lot simply because I'm sentimental. I know I'll never wear my high school rodeo jacket that says, "Robyn--Goat Tying" but heck, I still think it's a cool item. I also won't part with the Great Grandmotherd old hats and purse. I never met the woman but from what I can see, she had excellent taste!
And then there's the baby stuff: Dear God, what memories. I feel like I'm throwing my babies out with just the thought of pitching the wee little cowboy boots or the darling pink poodle coat. I just want to put the kids in those items one more time and then squeeze the daylights out of them! I actually tried today and I can also report, I've reaffirmed that their questioning of my sanity. Those tears falling down my cheeks were not just a result of allergies, I miss those precious baby years. I don't miss loosing sleep!

I wish I could report that I am nearing the end but I'm not even close. My plan tomorrow is to attach the myriad of totes and go through each one. I am dreading the Christmas ones the most. Again, too much has accumulated and at the end of every season I just plunked it all back in. Yes. I am paying for my shopping sins......all month perhaps.

I will go through every room in the house by the time this is done. Life is to shoet to be cleaning around all this stuff all the time. My plan at the end includes very little. I want spaciousness and I will be living ONLY with what I love. The top level has been relatively easy to clean and organize after the last detox.
My wish is the same for the lowe level. I have visions of hanging out with the kids, crafting and creating with the girls, putting puzzles together on the table, entertaining friends on a Friday night, watching a movie and best of all sneaking downstairs to stretch out on the couch with a great book!

What aspirations, huh?! I am looking forward to being able to do this without having to navigate through trails of clutter! And who knows, if I get REALLY lucky, there just might be a little white jewel at the end!!! Its been hiding in a box for over a year......most people call it a toilet, I'll refer to it as a throne! Its installation will no longer require steps up the stairs through the house and back down the stairs again (shouldn't I be a smaller jeans size by now?) Enough distractions already, I've got to get this deal done!!!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rare Sight: a nearly empty shelf!

I'm taking a break from organizing the craft room to clean up the lunch buffet.

My goal to use up leftovers, create less waste and keep my fridge clean is getting closer! I haven't been to the store in over a week. Between Easter dinner leftovers and a big batch of lasagna, I didn't do much cooking this week. And today's meal was quite the patchwork: Pake, a pbj, Parker rest of the lasagna, Pryce, a salad with cheese, Me, the rest of the tomato soup and assortment of goodies, parmesan biscuits, chicken noodle soup and cheese slices.

Hamburger is set out for supper, along with green beans and sweet corn.

I like not wasting food. But.....I am wasting time. Back to the trenches. If you don't see another post for a while, do come look for means I fell under an avalance of JUNK and I need rescued!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nothin like an outdoor fire!

Where I go to relax!

I've been so absolutely busy that I've almost forgotten about having a nearly finished basement. My attention and energies have been focused primarily on the top level.

I subbed at MPS today and though my work-aholic self has intentions of sorting through the gianormous storage unit in front of the basement picture window, my body has other plans.

I remember now that this space was created as a place to land, rest, relax and refocus in. Its messy too and that is probably why I've avoided it! However the couch looked awfully inviting and I decided not to pass it up. So here I sit, taking a time out, releasing my instinct to push on as "daylight's burnin"! One of my children is joining me, surely the other two and the pooches will join me! Its nice to relax with the people and pets you love.

I have plans to attack the storage unit........soon. That's my April goal. This represents the last frontier of my clutter issue. I'm ready to lighten the load and simplify. Anyone interested in some wonderful treasures? C'mon by. I'm selling it all---rock bottom prices! I want my view of the canyon back!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Favorite Mag!

What happens to Easter eggs @ my house!

Due to the fact that Chad didn't want to eat egg salad for a week, he gave me the brilliant idea of pickling them for my brother's belated birthday gift.

I jazzed them up a bit by adding dill, mustard seeds, cayenne, garlic and jalapenos, and celery salt. I have no idea how it will taste. If they are good, I suspect more requests will come to me.

I'd say my canning horizons are expanding. I can also promise there will never pigs feet in those jars.......ever! Sorry Carl, I know my limits! They'll be shipped soon!

PS Save the jars for the next round!

Compost This

                                                           My Compost Buddy!

Been Waiting a long time for this!
The CHALLENGE: Keeping these two out of trouble.................a FULL time job!

Back in the saddle once again! After taking nearly two weeks to recover from our travels, I'm back to updating the blog. Thanks everyone for the messages and reminders that I hadn't posted in a while. You'll are awesome! Things have been busy here on the Rafter Lazy H.....spring does that. Too much to do and not enough time to get it all done in.

One of the intentions I've had on my list for a long time is to buy and actually use a composter. I do have a compost pile behind the barn, which is really a shorter way of saying "Robyn's dumping ground for things that didn't get used in the fridge in time". Its a fine pile that the dogs and a few brave coyotes LOVE to forage through. The wind speads the seeds and occassionally I will get a renegade squash decides to grow.

I'd been looking at several options for composting. Specifically I wanted one with a lid and one that was small enough to go on my deck. I knew that it would have to be handy, otherwise I would not use it. Our garden is close to the house but time is precious folks and if I get behind, its just way to easy to put scraps in the trash can rather than a compost bucket that takes up space on my counter (and we all know how I feel about having cleared, free counter space! see previous flung shui post if you're new to this blog or if you need a refrehser!)

In my search for chicken and goat supplies I came across a compost jr. This is just what I was searching for and cheaper than most of the others that I'd seen on the interet. Tractor Supply $119.00. The best part is that I can dump my days scraps, walking out only a few steps from the kitchen. When its full, I can roll it right through the living room, out the front door, down the steps and straight to the garden. Cool!

The best part is that the kids are involved. I have a list of compost items that go in, though they are really good about asking first. I also purchased a mini-paper shredder (for a paper making project/future post) that helps to recycle homework papers and credit card offers. In addition, we are composting cardboard, toilet paper tubes, tissues (thank you pollen!) coffee grounds, veggie peelings, tea leaves and egg shells. Some of our cooked food scraps go to our outside dogs and cats, though the idea is to use up our leftovers. I want less waste and less processed foods. I only work outside of our home on occassion so I have no excuse for convenience foods. Its not like I don't know how to cook, my challenge is planning ahead.

Within a month or so, we should have wonderful compost to bring to our garden in about 4 weeks. I'll share the experince, including any mistakes along the way. It can't be that hard to make dirt, can it?
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