Friday, April 9, 2010

Where I go to relax!

I've been so absolutely busy that I've almost forgotten about having a nearly finished basement. My attention and energies have been focused primarily on the top level.

I subbed at MPS today and though my work-aholic self has intentions of sorting through the gianormous storage unit in front of the basement picture window, my body has other plans.

I remember now that this space was created as a place to land, rest, relax and refocus in. Its messy too and that is probably why I've avoided it! However the couch looked awfully inviting and I decided not to pass it up. So here I sit, taking a time out, releasing my instinct to push on as "daylight's burnin"! One of my children is joining me, surely the other two and the pooches will join me! Its nice to relax with the people and pets you love.

I have plans to attack the storage unit........soon. That's my April goal. This represents the last frontier of my clutter issue. I'm ready to lighten the load and simplify. Anyone interested in some wonderful treasures? C'mon by. I'm selling it all---rock bottom prices! I want my view of the canyon back!

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