Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Wolf Cub!

Here's our precious pumpkin girl! We're taking the day to celebrate, play and enjoy this wonderful milestone of 5 years. Wow. It seems like it hasn't taken very long to get here..............I'm sure the next five years will go just as fast!

The day of her birth we were on our way to a wedding reception. I had done a wonderful meditation and came back into present time/space alignment with the distinct awareness that she was on her way. Of coarse I didn't know that she was a she, I just knew I needed to throw that bag in!

Contractions started slowy and began to build by the time we left for the celebration in the evening. They didn't stop. I calmly shared with my husband, who had not packed his bags, that I probably needed to go have things checked out! About three hours later, we laid eyes on this beautiful baby girl for the first time. We haven't been able to take them off of her since.

Pryce Elizabeth arrived a tad early, she was due May 7th. I had no known association to the number 23, and remembered thinking that this is not a number I would have picked (ha, I know, that is not my job anyway!) It was a few weeks later when we brought her to the Frauen Ranch for the first time, it hit me.  As we drove by Grandma Ruth's gravestone, I noticed that her birthday was September 23rd. This was plenty of confirmation for my heart! Through I'm sure Grandma would LOVED to have met her great-granddaughter in person, I had a strong feeling, these two were already acquainted!

Our girl is mostly spice with a little sugar sprinkled here and there. Our lives are filled with joy, laughter and wonder as we watch her change and grow. I feel blessed to be her Mommy! I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing when she joined us here, 5 years ago. I feel like I learn from her every day, she's got so much to teach and share! I'm certain that all the mommys and daddys out there feel the same way about their babies, no matter if they are 6 months or 60 years and beyond. Children are an amazing, beautiful gift from God. The world truly is a brighter place because of each and every one of them.

By the time August 2011 rolls around and the doors of Kindergarten swing open, I probably won't be able to type at all.........too many tears, and as we know, wet computers don't function well!

The sun just popped out and I am being called to play "Princess Jasmine" and yes.............there is a wolf cub sitting right beside me, holding her stuffed wolf, Jagg, drinking chocoloate milk from a princess glass. She's asking how long we have to wait to have the cake, asking if it would be o.k. for her to open "just one little present", asking if her baby duck Feather's can come to the party too! She's using a can koozy for a magic carpet and............she's still in her pink froggie pajamas (she wants to wear them until noon!) Its going to be a fun day!


  1. oh my gosh....what precious pics! she had chad from the second he laid eyes on her!! and the one on the bottom CUTE!!! Give my sweetpea an extra hug from us today!! xoxoxox

  2. Hi Ann! Just now getting a chance to respond to your comment! *THANK YOU* Hard to believe our girl is already FIVE! You'll be amazed at her changes. We miss you and LOVE you lots and lots! Have a great week! xoxxoxo