Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Miss This

I know that summer is getting closer and closer and I just can’t wait. I’ve longed for consistent sunshine, warm days and the joy of being able to walk right out to my garden to procure fresh veggies for lunch. I have some mouth-watering recipes that I’m excited to try out but first I need fresh tomatoes, licorice basil and soft mozzarella cheese!

What I most miss is GREEEN! I love living, green things all around me. I love looking out across the canyons and seeing a fresh carpet of rolling green grass. I even love wild sunflowers that wave to me as I walk down the road. Summer is definitely the season when I feel most vibrant and I just can't wait...............

Last night as we were walking the dogs I caught a whiff of the delicate plum blossoms. I don't know if they will survive the wind and rain that we are due to have this weekend. Pryce and I stopped for a while to bury our noses in the blossoms. They felt so fragile and soft. I loved watching her wild, untammed hair fly behind her as she ran down the road singing her newest "baby blossom" song. Images like this make my heart happy and make me really glad that I live where I do. 

Yesterday was an intense day. Though I put fourth my best effort, a lot of things didn't pan out. I could have dwelled on this and yet, the image of those blossoms and my girl running and giggling was what I went to sleep thinking of. Most of us don't feel like we can take time to smell the roses, there may be a tendency to just pick 'em and smell 'em on the run. Instead of running the next day's to-do list, I found myself drifting off into an orchard, far, far away.

Today is overcast and pretty dreary. Even the skylights that normally fill our house with natural, nourishing sunlight can't do their job if there is cloud cover. Summer's warmth, light and potential is on my mind today. I'm going to spend the morning reorganizing and putting things back in their places. I've been researching chickens, goats and gardens and instead of the kids, its Mom who has her stuf all over the table and floors!

I need to go check on the baby chicks too. By the way, I take back most of what I said in the post the other day about them being easy! The little suckers are become more work as they get bigger! I'm cleaning out their shavings often and wrangling the Cuckoo Marans. I'm convinced they've got quite a head start over the others. They are huge and loud and wild. Parker has his work cut out for him. The two black baby ducks definitely are winning a place in my heart. Oh they are precious...........and growing. I can't see a lot of growth in the chicks but the ducks have sprouted almost instantly. I still love watching their antics and I do enjoy hanging out with them, I'll enjoy it a lot more when they are settled into their cozy, spacious home and I am not bending down to constantly scoop poop! I'm pretty sure one of my kids needs to take that job on (I'd pay very well!)

Thanks for tuning in and reading! I had some wonderful messages regarding yesterday's Wisdom Wednesday post! It makes my day to know that what is coming through inspires and touches others, I love it! If there are particular topics or issues that you are interested in hearing more about, feel free to leave a comment on here, facebook or twitter!

Have a great day! If it is overcast and dreary where you are, this is a wonderful invitation to be the one generating the SUNSHINE today! Open to your light, follow your joy, share the peace! Happy Earth Day!

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