Monday, April 12, 2010

This is why I am having such a hard time letting go of stuff!

My sweet baby girl. Notice the little painted nail!
I don't remember what was said, but Daddy made her grin!

I am about to return to the basement project. I promise I will write about more exciting things as soon as this is over. I am hoping this serves as some kind of support for others like me, who find themselves a lot on the sentimental side of life. I found this cap yesterday while I was cleaning. It was Pryce's fist cap and a friend got it for us as a baby gift. It has grease marks from working outside with Daddy, and lots of dirt from riding horses and playing with her dogs. We got a different camera in time to capture these little moments. I miss those tiny, chubby cheeks. I miss the baby teeth and the squeals from the back seat. I had no idea that it would be so hard to go through all of these memories yet that's all it really is............memories. I still have the girl!

With that, I am ready to return to lighten the load and release whatever is no longer supportive and useful. I can see through all the things that I've kept over the years, its really comes down to staying in one place long enought to look at every item make that judgment. I also see how much I've changed. I can hardly believe I still occupy the same body?! Did I really dig floral prints at one time? I am getting some good laughs at what I once thoughts was cool...........and so are my kids!

The storage room is quite small so I HAVE to be selective. I see now that what I most long for isn't "stuff", its experinces, memories and heart-centered connections. I don't really care much for that Winnie the Pooh cap, I just love what it reminds me of. I wouldn't be phased if I saw it on another toddlers head, I probably wouldn't even give it a second look. So out it goes! And here I go................"again, on my own, going down the only road I've ever known;" If I had White Snake, I'd be jammin to that tune right now. I guess Poison will be what takes me back today.

PS. THIS GIRL is also the reason why I will be cleaning and releasing items for many more years. I just found the "treasure" stash in her room. All the junk that I thought I was getting rid of mysteriously ended up in her room. I DO have my work cut out for me..............
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