Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lost is Found!

One of the benefits of deep clearing of clutter is finding things you knew you have but forgot where it was shoved!

I've searched high and low for this cowgirl apron! There is a teeny tiny one too. Last fall I went to find them for PJ and I to wear in the kitchen. It was no where to be seen. I knew I wouldn't have tossed it out.

Yesterday, as I grabbed yet another dusty box of junk I found my cool retro cowgirl apron! Yee Haw, was I ever tickled. It was like reuniting with an old friend. The little apron used to be mine and the big one was my Mamas. I don't remember if she wore hers very much, but I do remember wearing mine. The apron and the easy bake oven may have fostered my homemaking skills at an early age! Kind of cool that I'm not "playing house" anymore, I have the REAL deal, though my oven hasn't had cookie dough in it for a good long time!

Back to the cleaning. I'm spending the day on the top level. Its time for the seasonal wardrobe sort. I couldn't stand the dust, dirty floors and counter tops anymore! Sometimes I feel like I am just running in circles---as soon as I get one room clean and organized another room starts shouting for attention. I really do believe I'll get to a pllace where 1. I can stop this obsessive madness or 2. I won't care!

Ok, break time is over, noodles are boiling, my closet awaits.......

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