Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details:

Here is my dynamic self getting ready for class tonight. Why the picture of me? Because I am actually not fond of looking at pictures of myself. I can be extremely self-critical and I am recognizing this tendency.

In tonight's class we talked about fear, surface fear, true fear and limiting beliefs. Sometimes we can challenge ourselves to do the "opposite" of what we normally do to root out those old beliefs. Yes, the exposure can be scarry and it can also be deeply liberating. Since I am not fond of self portraits, I purposely posed and posted one. Facing those old beliefs and replacing them with new, empowering ones is what I am working with now. And boy, do I have a few lined up! More on this in the Wisdom Wednesday post?!

Today was beautiful and busy! My mom was here for a quick visit! Pryce graduated from preschool and I got to present Dynamic U. I love my "job". (Those of you who know me can laugh at this one because you also know I don't like work!)

Here's today's highlights:
*seeing my baby girl in a tiny cap and gown (be still my beating heart and weepy eyes.)
*enjoying time with my mom ALL TO MYSELF! Thanks Ga, it was so nice to visit with you!
*having an awesome group of teachers, staff, parents and friends who come together and lovingly support our precious children. I believe that Maywood Rocks and this is a great place to be!
*being blessed with DYNAMIC students who wanted this class--it is a joy to share
*old memories that rose to the surface and the awareness of how to let them go.
*the opportunity to experience another day as me!

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