Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Dynamic Details

Every day is DYNAMIC! In the busy events and the perpetual "track meet" that we often find ourselves in  it can also be easy to loose focus and forget the fabulous things that come our way in a 24 hour span. For the next four weeks, I am facilitating a Dynamic U class. Already, we've started off with a "bang" as we recognize how powerful we REALLY are! One of our first feats together was "blowing up a phone line". Yep. We did it! True story!

It feels that sometimes we equate dynamic with a trait or even a person "outside of ourselves". Some may think that we have to "live large" and be "Rock Star Great" to be dynamic. That is soooo not the case. The fact that we recognize dynamic tendencies means that they already exist in us! What we see on the outside is simply a reflection of what is already present within.

"To support participants, family, friends, (and yes, even me!) and to stay within the consciousness of postive intentions, vibraitons and the choice to fully embrace our amazing potential, I'll be recording the Dynamic Details of the day. These highlights are a sort of gratitude list to recognize the wonderful forms and examples of how "Dynamic" has shown up in daily life.

I am inviting YOU to share your Dynamic Details in the comment section. Together we can raise the vibrations and the consciousness of our community, state, nation and planet! Recognizing what we already have, what is continually pouring in for us, and  focusig on what it IS that we do want more of , helps us attract a multitude of blessings! We don't have to work at being DYNAMIC, we ALREADY ARE! 

Here are my Dynamic Details for today:
*Surviving (with grace) my daughter's rebellion over no t.v. (I just walked away.......)
*Bio-Feedback session with my dear friend Terri
*FINALLY receiving a package I've waited for since March 31st
*Two girls offering their place in line---impressive dynamic there!
*Seeing one of my Sweet Soul Sisters!
*PJ agreeing to wait a week to have her teeny tiny ears pierced
*My spaz dog sitting right on my feet while I type this
*The idea to share in this way!!!!

I look forward to your DD's!
Shine On!

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