Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chick Update

Today is a beautiful and sunny day on the Rafter Lazy H. The warmth and light is kicking my cre8tive juices into overdrive (and I'm loving it, though I am feeling the need for a nap!)

I started this morning with every intention of heading straight for the office to continue monthly ki readings and............I got distracted. There is a craft project I've been jonesing over and I finally gave into the urge. Oooooooo, I'll be writng and posting pics on this one soon. It was FUN and messy and really COOL.

Amidst scheduling sessions and dentist appointments and various other secretarial duties, I escaped after lunch to go visit my growing flock. Some of you have asked about how they are doing and the answer is............great, and growing and pooping like crazy.

I am so ready to be able to turn them out. I don't mind cleaning their increasingly small brooder. It is a chore I am happy to take on. I just am so excited to see them running on the ground, chasing bugs, pecking and exploring their surroundings. They have no idea how much fun they are going to have in this "whole new world."

I am excited knowing a few weeks in advance what is in store for the chicks! Like most moms, I have a routine down to a near science. I remove the wet litter and add new. I do this daily. I’m blaming on the ducks. It is a good thing they are so cute because I now believe them to be the messiest birds around (aside from pigeons?)

I then remove both waters and take them to the hydrant. I scrub them clean and fill them both. I’ve caught the Cuckoo Marans perching on them more than once, I do believe they are going to be my problem birds. They better be good layers! I carefully replace the water, sit one in the brooder with them and one beside the tank for later. I have learned to be very careful. Several times I thought I had the top secured only to have the entire thing fall out of my hands and drench the tack room floor. Ooooops. (I realize after this, how much my husband does love me, by his willingness to let me keep chicks in his tack room.)

The extra water is ready so that I do not have to trek out in the night to refill it. I just switch them out. They birds go through a lot of water and a lot of food. They are growing quickly!

Its probably not a good idea to have a favorite but I do! This little dude-ette has the cutest cheeks of any chick I've seen. I love holding her. She doesn't come to me yet but I have visions of her recognizing me as something other than the "pooper-scooper lady that scares the hell out of us every time she brings the big purple thingy that picks up the wet stuff our of our house". A girl can dream right?
I bet by the time there are walls on my chicken house I am not going to miss bending over to clean out the litter. Truth is, I am anxiously awaiting the joy of having more space. I am putting the soiled litter to good use. I am really glad I bought a composter. This is going to come in very handy.

Here’s today’s Dynamic Details:
*taking time for a cre8tive project (I didn’t have the time, I made the time, and I’m really glad I did)

*involving my daughter in the mess (lucky for her, she got out of the clean-up!)

*having a major (busy) oncology specialist give me a prompt call back

*a clean brooder for my chickies

*a place to air dry my laundry


*and no raging WIND

*seeing my favorite girlfriends tonight at golf league


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