Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Follow Your Dreams..........Fearlessly!

Follow Your Dreams…………Fearlessly!

Better late than never right? I am following Ghandi’s wise counsel of “I have given up the need to be consistent” and am posting Wisdom Wednesday this afternoon. I would love to have posted earlier but it just wasn’t in the cards. Life is here and I am joyously following, enjoying and chewing every bite slowly. There’s more than a plateful too!

Today was my “town day”. I take one day per week and do as much as I can in the allotted time. This includes running errands, grocery shopping, hair appointments, library returns, dry cleaning, knitting store (FUN), and various supply gathering ventures!

There were so many Dynamic Details today that I’ll start with them and then conclude with Wisdom Wednesday’s post! Forgive the appearance of scattered thoughts, welcome to my day!

My sweet girlfriend, Barb, takes such good care of me. Once a month she beautifies my locks, gives me hugs and huge doses of LOVE and helps me reconnect to my inner and OUTER beauty. That girl is GREAT for my soul. I leave her salon feeling like a million bucks and am ready to go straight to the court house to take my driver’s license picture because I love how she fixes my hair! If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I am not real fond of having my picture taken; on these days, when I’m with her, I feel a lot better about doing so.

As a special birthday treat, Pryce got a make-over too. Barb trimmed her hair and pierced her ears. She was such a big girl. No cries, no whimpers. She asked me to put my hand over her mouth though! My baby looks so grown up!

Another treat came today and that is a Dynamic Detail AND a detail related to Wisdom Wednesday, which is if following our dreams, fearlessly. I am find each time I present the Dynamic U, I am invited to look into the old blocks, out-dated beliefs and limiting thoughts that tend to stifle my cre8tive energies. When I commit to following my intentions through a four week time frame, it is easier to see where and how I have “let myself off the hook” and perhaps not been as focused on what it is that I really want to do. I let myself get distracted by other things, responsibilities and daily life.

In truth, what I most recognize is that anytime I set out to accomplish something, I usually also am given the opportunity to meet fear head-on. This can be uncomfortable at times, because the mind usually wants to drown in the details of how I’ve failed in the past, how I am unworthy and unable to follow through. Self-pity, crashing self-esteem, doubt and judgment follow. However, I am learning, through my inner work that this is NORMAL and simply a part of being human and having emotions. These are surface reactions and often they are just pooling there, like snot, ready to be blow away. Pardon the analogy, it’s the best that I could come up with in this moment.

In the pursuit of  following our dreams, fear is a natural part of the path. It doesn’t mean that it is going to stick with you forever, it just may be there for now, until it is recognized and released. Today, I had the thought of following up on a dream of mine. I’ve had it for a long time and it won’t be a surprise to many of you since it is what I am talking about more and more. In addition to talking, and now that I am again immersed in presenting this class, I am taking the same challenge offered to the participants, do the opposite and FACE YOUR FEARS!

I have always loved writing and I have so many ideas. In my head they are all fabulous, though I have yet to send anything off for publication. I did this in the past and was rejected. I am now ready to work through and release those old reactions, limiting beliefs and FEARS! Here’s my dream………..I want to write for a living, I am ready to share the thoughts, ideas, messages, inspiration and cre8tive angles that come through my being in a more pronounced and broader way! I want to have my articles, pictures and books published. I would love to have thousands and thousands of readers! Phew, there I said it and now I am shaking!!!! (there’s something very powerful just in identifying the dream!) I have an idea for a Cre8tive Cowgirl book series too, the dream just goes on an on!

This afternoon, I took steps toward this idea in a more visible way. I am sharing with you, my readers and I also approached a fabulous lady who I think has an amazing story and philosophy to share. I am seeing a series of articles and inspirations, insight, teaching, guidance and beneficial examples of following one’s passion, doing what we love, connecting with others and keeping creativity alive! After an hour long discussion, I have not one article but a series that I think will be a blast to write and a joy to read. (Oh! I hope I am right!) I left her place deeply grateful for being willing to take this step, make this commitment and truly facing my fear, which is now turned into exhilaration and joy. Fear can easily be transformed!

There is more than I can write about on the subject of fear……….if anyone is interested. We could actually go really DEEEEEEP. If any of you reading these posts are interested in a particular subject, please let me know, email, comment or message me. I’ll be happy to do a post on what pleases you! I will also share in more depth about the article series that is coming through. I don’t know if what comes through will be of interest to others. I have a feeling it could be and the joy that comes through when I write and share from the heart makes me feel it is possible! Lord knows I need editors, proofreaders and many sets of eyes to catch mistakes that I don’t see. Oh and one other thing that I would really love…………READERS! LOTS OF ‘EM! Are you willing to help me share my dream? Do you think I have what it takes to publish articles and share with thousands of people? I am open to all opinions and thoughts, even those that may not be what I want to hear. I welcome ALL truth and I am wide open to it. I can’t do this alone. None of us can. We all need one another to help us carry and birth our dream, help it grow and share it with the world! Share yours with me! I will do what I can to help support you too.

Have a DYNAMIC evening! (and please forgive any mistakes you might see. I am typing this as fast as I can because I have a busy, full night ahead of me and I am giving myself permission to skip the editing part! What freedom when we release limits and rules!


  1. I think you are a wonderful writer with a gift to share. I think that I have been able to take away some nugget of guidance or hope or inspiration in each piece of yours that I read. Go for it!! I'm just learning about all the ways to promote my blog online (it's a part-time job!)--I feel like there is a lot of opportunity. I've gone ahead and shared your link on my FB page and asked people to check you out! Hopefully you'll get some more followers from it. Follow your bliss, girl!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet, supportive comments! I appreciate them with all of my heart. Also Thank you SOOOOO much for sharing my link! I WILL follow my bliss, that IS what it's all about! Keep shinin' sistah!

  3. You have such a gift Robyn--GO FOR IT!!!! You are such an inspiration; I have been telling you this for months now. Everytime I read one of your blogs I take something from it. Reach out to others-let them feel the same hope and peace that I feel when I read your stuff. You offer such encouragement and your words flow with positive energy, go share that with others outside of your comfort CAN do it!

  4. You are truly gifted, amazing, and I am honored to be a part of your presence. Count me in as one of your greatest cheerleaders :) I truly enjoy connecting with you in words and in spirit.

  5. Thank YOU for the wonderful comments! My heart is bursting with joy! Stepping out of my comfort zone now Darcy, one toe dipping into the new adventure with the rest of the body to follow (I think my spirit's been way ahead on this one!) Char, it is a pleasure and an honor to connect with you as well. I deeply appreciate your words and support. I need lots of cheerleaders! xoxox

  6. Robyn....follow your dreams! You have many lives to touch and encourage! I know what it's like to go out of your comfort zone but the rewards are amazing! Bette K.