Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Cowboy Quote of the Day: "Nature is wabi-sabi's mistress." ~Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us pause with wonder. It seems I’ve been on the go for so long now, I don’t remember what it was like to have much down time. I’ve noticed that even our vacations and recreation time are filled with going, doing and exploring. One thing we can never claim is that we’re bored.

I’ve recently picked up a great little book titled “Simply Imperfect” by Robyn Griggs Lawrence (great name!) and I must say, it’s the perfect anecdote for a busy life. Though I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to embrace the principles of doing less, and doing it at a slower pace, I’d like to try. The aspect of the book that does resonate is the idea of honoring imperfection. For years, I’ve picked up random natural things to use in my decorating scheme; broken turkey eggs, pine cones, soap weed pods, wild flowers have all graced my tables, mantle and kitchen window.

Tuning into what others might dismiss as mundane and ordinary allows us to notice and appreciate aspects of our lives that would have otherwise gone undiscovered, such as this double blossomed dandelion. My special flower girl came waltzing into my office this morning and plopped it in front of my face! “I found something cool for you Mama,” she said as she handed me the single stemmed flower. “It has two on top!” She then skipped out of the office, leaving me with her find. I pondered this simple treasure for quite some time.

I realize that some people refer to these yellow plants as weeds but I’ve actually grown quite fond of them. Dandelion tea is delicious and refreshing. The roots make an especially robust, coffee flavored drink and the leaves are one of my favorite salad ingredients. Though my husband would love to spray the pesky invasion, I usually manage to persuade him to leave the boundaries past the lawn “wild and untamed”. This is where Pryce journeys out to pick me a wild bouquet in the mornings. Not on a regular basis, just when she thinks I need some flowers!

This was a loving reminder that even something as ordinary as a dandelion can hold wonder and delight if we are willing to pause long enough to contemplate and fully appreciate the gift being offered.

Lawrence shares, “Natural beauty is priceless. We can take in and appreciate a great view because we don’t have any home of owning it, and we can’t manipulate it (positively or negatively) to match our will. We don’t think we can improve on nature, so we witness it with the innocence of someone who’s powerless. With out egos out of the way, we can simply observe.”

Truly this blossom will fade and will be returned to the earth from which it grew. There’s no way to preserve it, only the image from the camera will remain and the gentle memory along with it.

We can appreciate what is here today, knowing that tomorrow, things around us may look and feel differently. Always there is an opportunity to stop, open and witness the natural beauty and abundanct blessings that are always present for those who are purposely looking.

Here’s wishing you a joyful Independence Day celebration. May the precious gifts of freedom, family and friends surround you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time, Right?

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Cowboy Quote of the Day: “Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There’s no better rule.” ~Charles Dickens

Happy First Day of Summer! For this sun-loving girl, I sure am bummed that I woke up to high winds and 56 degree temps. Brrrr! This is certainly not the way I had envisioned the first day of my favorite season.

What’s your ideal vision of summer? Mind involves a plush green, freshly mowed yard, (I secretly love the smell of cut grass), a hammock and a good book. Summer to me is fireflies and campfires flickering in a sultry, drawn out evening. Summer is rocking on the glider and staring at the moon and stars, wondering how I got so lucky to be right here. It’s the time when I get up with the sun, not because I have to but because it shines right on my face and gentle reminds me that a new day is on its way. Summer is slowly winding throughout the day, choosing what I will do or not do, focusing on nature and all of her splendor. Summer is crickets chirping, sprinklers running and weeds growing faster than my garden. Summer is laughter and lazy afternoons that wink at me and pretend to last forever. Summer always exists in my mind but I’m grateful when it finally becomes reality. Like the blossom of a flower, it’s short lived but I enjoy every moment and savor it like ice cream.

So it’s a couple of days behind. I’ve waited this long, a few more days probably won’t hurt.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keep On Trucking and then....take a break!

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Cowboy Quote of the Day:

“Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.” ~Larry Bird.

Hi folks, back to blogging! My cowboy buddy, Ross, has been sending me some fantastic quotes but sadly I haven’t taken the time to write. I could do a quick blurb here and there on my phone but the keyboard is rotten (I got the droid x for a bigger reading screen and great camera, typing is difficult!)

We’ve had a busy spell since returning from our trip to Moab. I dare say a part of me perhaps stayed behind and has yet to catch up to the present me that has been trying to find some stability. We’ve had very late nights and unusually early mornings.

Our weeks are currently filled with baseball, golf, baseball, rodeo and a bit of laundry and dishes thrown in here and there. I’ve coached my children in the art of “drop your pants and the door and then head to your bedroom because I probably won’t make it down to the basement for another month. If you want clean clothes you’d better help me out!” So far we’ve been fine, they just had to wear slightly damp baseball pants to the game the other night.

I am declaring a time out as of, well, NOW! I’ll be coasting for a few days. I have a date with a great book and a hammock, perhaps a little golf, college baseball world series, and an attempt to do as little as possible. Looking back this spring, I really pushed, I felt like I spent the entire spring climbing a big mountain, so I made a promise that I would S L O W down, savor the summer and let a few things go that I would normally push myself to get done, finish, clean up, clarify and/or complete!

Don’t get me wrong, I think agree with ‘ol Larry’s above quote but I’m pretty sure he didn’t state those words in the month of June!

Have a relaxing weekend friends!

* “Victorious rock climbers” pictured above: Chad, Josh, Parker, Pryce and Brecken! Yay…way to work hard in the desert!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We love Jeeps

Hi folks! We are on the go go go. I will be travel details when my breath catches up with me and I have a larger keyboard!

We rented a Jeep today. We have a trail to conquer. It beat the dually last year and we never made it to the top. Today....we will! I'm snapping pics like crazy and have some amazing shots to share!

Happy Trails!
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