Friday, June 17, 2011

Keep On Trucking and then....take a break!

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Cowboy Quote of the Day:

“Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.” ~Larry Bird.

Hi folks, back to blogging! My cowboy buddy, Ross, has been sending me some fantastic quotes but sadly I haven’t taken the time to write. I could do a quick blurb here and there on my phone but the keyboard is rotten (I got the droid x for a bigger reading screen and great camera, typing is difficult!)

We’ve had a busy spell since returning from our trip to Moab. I dare say a part of me perhaps stayed behind and has yet to catch up to the present me that has been trying to find some stability. We’ve had very late nights and unusually early mornings.

Our weeks are currently filled with baseball, golf, baseball, rodeo and a bit of laundry and dishes thrown in here and there. I’ve coached my children in the art of “drop your pants and the door and then head to your bedroom because I probably won’t make it down to the basement for another month. If you want clean clothes you’d better help me out!” So far we’ve been fine, they just had to wear slightly damp baseball pants to the game the other night.

I am declaring a time out as of, well, NOW! I’ll be coasting for a few days. I have a date with a great book and a hammock, perhaps a little golf, college baseball world series, and an attempt to do as little as possible. Looking back this spring, I really pushed, I felt like I spent the entire spring climbing a big mountain, so I made a promise that I would S L O W down, savor the summer and let a few things go that I would normally push myself to get done, finish, clean up, clarify and/or complete!

Don’t get me wrong, I think agree with ‘ol Larry’s above quote but I’m pretty sure he didn’t state those words in the month of June!

Have a relaxing weekend friends!

* “Victorious rock climbers” pictured above: Chad, Josh, Parker, Pryce and Brecken! Yay…way to work hard in the desert!

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