Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ready for Market

I've been on the east side of our garden with a watchful eye. One of the first veggies in the ground this season were onions. We've never been on the ball that fast before so when they actually lived and started to grow, I had to do some research to find out when and how to harvest and store them!

The boys, though not thrilled with their extra Saturday chore helped us pluck, clean and hauld the onions to the deck. As far as I can tell, it makes a perfect drying rack as the air will be able to circulate and it gets loads of south sun. What ever would I do without this deck? Remember it also serves as my cowgirl clothes line?!

I've been thinking about hauling our goods to a couple of farmer's markets. There's no way we'll eat all of these onions....and these are just the ones that were plucked to give the others more room!

We are now getting a steady supply of cucumbers, a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes, lots of beautiful basil and dill. We have peas and beans though we tend to eat and can most of them. The peppers are starting to come on too. Pake picked brought a long HOT one at lunch. He and his father are fans, so we'll add it to fresh salsa tomorrow.
The kitchen is all set up to process green beans. The boys head to another rodeo this afternoon so BS and I will be here snapping, blanching and canning away!

I have a lot to do outside and inside for that matter but when its time to can, everything is dropped and has to fend for itself (husband, children and pets included!)

If you are in the area and are interested in farm fresh veggies, herbs, or raw milk, stop in! We always have a fresh pitcher of tea on the table and homemade ice cream in the freezer! (The goat milk ice cream is awesome. I'm going to see if my dad will write a review for me! He enjoyed eating it during his last visit!)

Looks like the water is boiling, I'd better get moving!

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