Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Go To The Garden!

As my disorganization would have it, when I went to make crispy tacos for lunch today, I realized I was out of a few key ingredients like......lettuce. If I were out of a lot of items it would force me to drive to town to make a grocery run. Being out of one item doesn't warrant the gas.
I did have a red pepper and an onion. I can create a masterpiece with just one onion so I didn't worry. I see these situations as a way to exercise my cre8tive abilities, that said, some days are not as "sharp" as others. I can get by though and luckily my family isn't too picky (BS is excluded, she's a ranch cook's nightmare but that's another story!)

While I was chopping up the pepper and warming the meat, I remembered that I had a slew of spinach still in the garden. I figured if my family is as tired as I am, perhaps they won't notice that I slipped spinach into the taco and they would possibly eat it anyway? As I was cutting the delicious and very large leaves, I spied my ever-growing cherry tomato plant and with "adult on-set ADD" I found myself admiring the pepper plants and noticing the lavendar that has failed to take off and oh my! What's this? To my sheer delight, I noticed the red leaf lettuce that I planted in April is actually growing. *SHOCKER* I had already pulled one wilted plant and left the other because I'd gotten distracted (not a surprise at all around here). So with a skip in my step I siddled on over to the lettuce plant and pruned away! Yee Haw!

This may sound really crazy but I did forget all about growing this lettuce! Who needs a trip to the store when one can "just go to the garden"? From July through October, the living garden does become my grocery store. I send the kids out for beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes or whatever else may be growing out of control to appease the appetites of my family. There is nothing better than feasting on fresh produce that you've grown yourself from a tiny seed Mother Earth has grown for you just by dropping the seed into the ground and adding a little water!  It is one of the wonders of the world!

Dinner was amazing, by the way. We had grilled tacos, topped with red leaf lettuce, sauted onions, garlic and red peppers. I ate entirely too much and I may or may not have slipped into a dark, cool bed room to sleep it off. I'll never tell and neither will Marley, we made an agreement already!

Next on the list is tackling the mountains of laundry that have accumulated (again.......no surprise there!) I recieved what looks to be an AMAZING book from a dear friend of mine in the mail today call "The First Lamp" this will be perfect for my intention next week of living in a hammock for at least a day. (Da da, Da da, Da da.......will I really pull it off? Stay tuned to find out!)

And for those of you following my posts on facebook...there's been no further mountain lion but we did see two mysterious aircrafts over our canyon last night around 11 pm. To their surprise, we were NOT in bed. We decided to light our family fireworks on the 5th of July instead! If we believed in UFO's we'd be posting messages, photos and videos to various internet websites today. These were certainly "unidentified" or at least, not claimed by any agency or person that we've contacted. Surely they aren't looking for a mountain lion that doesn't exist? Its probably a stray dog that they were after!  Ok, enough of the sarcasm! I'm extremely pooped after wrestling with three children along the Niobrara River this weekend. I am retiring my position of "the cool mom that takes her kids on amazing adventures" to the "boring, homebody-mother that never goes anywhere fun"! If I am lucky I may have all of this crap put away in a month!

Golf is just around the corner though, so I should probably rest again! If you know my husband and read this blog, please share with him your amazement at what a hard worker I am. He's way too busy to read my posts, so hopefully my secret is safe with you!


  1. The garden looks good from what I can see. And I could use the encouragement, as I'm prone to neglect! Keep on writing...Scott

  2. Thanks Scott! I'll post a full picture soon, it seems to be coming along though the hoppers are moving in. It is easy to neglect and just walk away! I generally have lots the onions and potatoes to weeds by now but I've tried to spend at least one entire day catching up. In truth, I'd rather write! Thanks for the encouragement, it's deeply appreciated!