Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hell with Housework!

Today, despite my best efforts to focus, I am throwing in the towel. I've had it! (I'm actualy not mad, sad, upset or depressed, so keep reading!)

We've been on the go for 10 days. Though I try to keep order and neatness, it is a nearly impossible with the schedule and hours we've been keeping. We've had a 9th birthday, a holiday, baseball tournament, and junior rodeos. My goal was to reclaim our space, excavate the kitchen and unbury the laundry room. Instead, I went golfing this morning. I usually put off any fun/recreation until my work is done. One look around this pit reminds me the work might not be over for a very long time.............

I realized today, somewhere around hole #4, that I just as well take my vacation this week. What the heck! I'm not going anywhere but there's no reason not to take a time out, kick back and declare a strike against clutter, strewn laundry, full counters and a fridge that should be covered in yellow "caution" tape. (Its bad in there, man!) I'm pretty sure no one is going to drive to my house and say, "YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TIME OUT". On the same token I probably won't get hauled to jail for not getting the place picked up either. Its only my ego that I'm wrestling with here. The kids sure don't care! My spouse does. He's just being polite and not saying too much. He's not home enough to contribute to the mess so none of this gets blamed on him. I'm amazed that even after all the work and decluttering I did this spring, we still have a very messy abode. Its hard on me but this week, its not hard enough to make me do something about it!

Try as I might, I am literally at the end of my "go reserves". They've gone. I've felt it for a while, I just haven't admitted it. I am ready to sit by the pool and let an adorable young man bring me drinks with umbrellas in them. It's past pina colada time. Its summer. The garden is growing, the goats are fed. Who cares if my children don't have cleans socks or jeans?!

When I came this afternoon, I saw my red vintage apron with the saying, "To Hell with Housework! Let's go to Cheyenne Wyoming." What a plan. Amen sister. It won't take much for me to up and go, I think I may already be there! Traditionally, we are gettting ready for Cheyenne right about now. Chad did not enter this year, which makes me a tad sad. It is one of the rodeos I do look forward to going to. Not because of the cowboys either, there is usually a "rockin" trade show and great vendors. My pocketbook will thank me. In fact, this "staycation" may be a really, really good thing. If I just stick around here and actually do the things I WANT to do, not the things I HAVE to do, I may enjoy myself more. It seems I work when I am here. I haven't yet learned the art of letting go and hanging out when it comes to my personal space; but I am willing to try.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Soon enough the temptation to clean, clear and organize will probably kick in, it usually does. For right now though, I'm saying to hell with it. I am going to go outside and drink a raspberry tea on the glider. Then I am going to come in and shower. I may take a nap. I may just sit and stare at the clouds. I'll sit here until inspiration catches up with me. It appears I have plenty of time. Its going to be hard to top Disney World, but I'll give it my best shot.

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  1. CORRECTION: We are making that, "Let's go to Gillette", in honor of my cousin Austin! He's soon headed to the National High School Rodeo Finals. We are sooo proud of him. Just wanted to wish him good luck in Calf Roping and Team Roping with his partner, Rhyder!