Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Here!

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Yep, I’m still here and still kicking. Well sort of. With the help of copious amounts of coffee and Matevanna tea! It’s necessary in weeks like these. The end of the month finds me swamped as usual. I have the August monthly ki previews that I am kicking out (am delightfully amazed at how fluently these have come together!). I also have a fridge full of beans and cukes that are ready to process. My garden is way, way behind so thanks to my dear friends I was able to secure a load from the Eustis farmer’s market!

We have a slurry of to-dos in the next week, so much that my head is already spinning and it’s only 9 am. I’ve come to accept that this is my lot in life, for the time being. I suspect it won’t always be this hectic, or at least I hope it wont’ be. There’s enough to do that I have had to prioritize and focus my energies. I am now getting up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30……without an alarm, if this tells you something?! For long term blog readers, you may recall my extreme detest of early morning? That too has passed. In the last month I’ve started a new program of getting up early to have coffee, do chores and sit in stillness before the chaos ensues. It’s working! I’m actually looking forward to and enjoying the early morning hours. Gee, not even a month in being 39 and I’m already accomplishing more than I did in the previous 38 years! (again, chuckle, chuckle!)

My goal is to update at least once a week. (Thanks to all you AWESOME peeps that have inquired about me and asked for more blog posts, I really appreciate the interest!) The next week is filled with appointments and client sessions, swimming lessons and a final push to bring things in order before the school year begins. As my outer world has got very busy, my writing time has been diminished. The good news is I have TONS of content for when things slow down enough for me to post more regularly!

Thanks for sticking with me and do check back for more updates. I will be teaching several classes, covering Feng Shui and Clearing Clutter come fall. I have offerings in North Platte, Imperial, Lexington and Kearney! The classes will be super fun and will include new content that I’ve been working on this summer.

Have superb day and a sunny, fun week!

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