Monday, August 1, 2011


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Cowboy Quote of the Day: "When the solution is simple, God is answering." ~Albert Einstein

Is this not the coolest gift?!?! This gorgeous piece is the artistic cre8tion of my friend Ann. Ann is the official Johnston Family photographer and co-owner of Serendiptity Shots. She has an amazing eye for unique, fun pictures that truly captures the energy and essence of her subjects. I should add that she’s also patient and fast, she’s been capturing Ramon’s antics since she was two!)

This was my birthday gift and it truly brought tears to my eyes. Some of the quotes are from the blog, some she added because they were so uniquely ME, all of it from the heart. I LOVE it and I haven’t stopped staring at it!

Do you have a friend that really knows you and (still) loves you for just who you are? Consider yourself blessed! Though there are a lot of challenges that we face right now, the one thing we always have is each other. I don’t get to see my friend as often as I would like, I can’t just run over to her house and spew about my day, I can’t pick her up and share my triumphs over dinner but I know that she’s just a heartbeat away.

We all have challenges to deal with. We all have days that we’re just ready to close the books on and say good bye to. And we all have friends; they are the tickets that gets us through the rough spots and the companions that we share our joys and success along side of.

Here’s to the enduring ties of eternal friendship, may we all celebrate this joyful blessing!

(Thanks Annie, it was sooooo great to see you and Bob this weekend!)

PS Do any of you see the totally cool embedded name??? Bonus points if you do!


  1. Love it! And, yes, I saw the totally cool embedded name!

  2. love you and miss you--and how i wish we could just hang out more often....