Sunday, March 28, 2010


Normally I would cringe over taking my youngest to a long production but her bff is here and she's so excited (and entertained)!

This is the break in our day, which was supposed to be a lazy Sunday! Ok so much for that; the warm, gorgeous weather activated my hubby into high gear and we spent the two hour gap betwen church breakfast and Easter Pagent putting up trim in the kitchen! (Its only been a year, right?!) I am amazed at how splendidly that little piece of wood "finishes" the spaces in between the cupboards.

I certainly hope the momentum continues, we still have much to wrap up before its time for outside projects; time is of the essence.

I have a BUSY and exciting week ahead of me, maybe that's why I was wishing I could be lazy today?!?!

As soon as the pagent is over we'll likely finish the trim. I'm guessing we will run out of daylight before we run low on supplies. Chad will far outlast me in terms of energy and motivation. I do make an awesome cheerleader though!

I have so many projects popping up, it is definitely Spring, isn't it?

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